Leading Deeper Change: The 1st Cohort of AASHE Members Share Their Experience Completing the REFOCUS Applied Learning Program

College of William & Mary, University of Illinois Chicago, University of Vermont, AASHE

Date Created: May 29, 2019
Date Posted: May 30, 2019
Submitted by: Tessie Devlin
Sustainability Topic: Coordination & Planning
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Last August, AASHE hosted a workshop on REFOCUS: a leadership development program designed to enable practitioners to generate deep organizational change and establish sustainability as a strategic priority. The eye-opening workshop inspired several members to participate in a 5-month long, guided program focused on applying the method. As leaders committed to challenging boundaries and raising the profile of sustainability within their respective institutions, they are keen to share about the value of the program and how it has impacted both their outlook and future direction.

A brief introduction to REFOCUS will also be delivered during the webinar, in addition to details on the next REFOCUS workshop that will be hosted in August at the University of Illinois at Chicago.