Transportation Plan for Furman University

Furman University

Publication Release Date: Feb. 13, 2020
Date Posted: May 13, 2020
Submitted by: Genevieve LaMarr LeMee
Content Type: Publications
Publisher: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.
Periodical Name: Sustainability
Type: Journal Article


Transportation is a huge part of any university campus, yet systems can be disconnected, funding limited, and students unaware of alternative transit options. A sustainability team of the four student coauthors developed a comprehensive sustainable alternative transportation plan in 2018 for Furman University. The plan assessed the current status of Furman's transportation system by collecting and tracking necessary, relevant data to help form a vision for a more sustainable campus transportation system and lay out strategies for attaining it. The team focused on ways to reduce carbon emissions from private car use, provide education related to sustainable transportation, and create a campus culture centered on well-being. The team interviewed more than 20 key stakeholders throughout the campus and the community and conducted a comprehensive transportation survey that had 474 student respondents. The team also gathered information and data from the wide array of existing campus transportation components and reviewed 17 other university transportation plans. The plan creates a comprehensive and integrated approach to improve mobility at Furman University. It offers a series of concrete recommendations for improving the sustainability of university transportation, which includes establishing a sustainable transit fund, transportation board, and building infrastructure improvements. These recommendations assist in driving further efforts to improve campus transportation because a comprehensive and integrated alternative transportation system is a key element in the long-term health, safety, and wellness of any university campus.