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Staff and other resources help an institution organize, implement, and publicize sustainability initiatives. These resources provide the infrastructure that fosters sustainability within an institution. Sustainability planning affords an institution the opportunity to clarify its vision of a sustainable future, establish priorities and help guide budgeting and decision making.

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Boldly Sustainable: Hope & Opportunity for Higher Education in the age of Climate Change Membership Required

  • National Association of College & University Business Officers (DC)

Sustainability is a powerful strategy for higher education to achieve renewal, reformation, and relevance in the 21st century. Boldly Sustainable examines how colleges and universities can leverage their commitment to ...

  • Posted 11 months, 1 week ago
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Quantitatively Assessing the Role of Higher Education in Global Sustainability Membership Required

  • University of Toronto (ON)

Three analytical methods are used to examine three primary questions to address an observed scarcity of literature that quantitatively and empirically assesses the role of higher education in global sustainability ...

  • Posted 11 months, 1 week ago
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The World's Most Sustainable University 2020 + 2050: Creating a Vision for Sustainable Universities Membership Required

  • University of London

A presentation using Prezi that envisions what the sustainability of a university could be in 2020 in comparison with 2050.

  • Posted 11 months, 2 weeks ago
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A Higher Calling for Higher Education Membership Required

Education and knowledge resources are more available today than ever before. However, humanity’s two main conflicts - coexistence with nature and coexistence with each other - remain unresolved. We need a ...

  • Posted 11 months, 4 weeks ago
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Looking through the “greenwashing glass cage” of the green league table towards the sustainability challenge for UK universities Membership Required

Purpose – This paper aims to critically focus on the UK's People & Planet's “green league table” in order to explore to what extent such league tables contribute to ...

Identifying Strength and Weakness of Sustainable Higher Educational Assessment Approaches Membership Required

  • Universiti Putra Malaysia

Sustainable Higher Education (SHE) is regarded as one of the most influential medium of facilitating sustainable development movement in the world. SHE assessment approaches are tools or frameworks which assesses ...

Ohio State University Sustainability Goals Project and Campus As A Living Laboratory Digital Archive Membership Required

  • The Ohio State University (OH)

Undergraduates in the Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability (EEDS) major at The Ohio State University (OSU) complete a capstone course where student research teams analyze specific action priorities of the ...

Sustainabiliy Impact Fund Membership Required

  • Northwestern University (IL)

This project is a student-led initiative to allow Northwestern alumni to donate to supporting sustainability initiatives on our campus. Titled the Sustainability Impact Fund, this initiative includes directed fundraising efforts ...

The Big Ten Prospectus: Aligning Sustainability with Collective Mission Level Priorities Membership Required

  • Purdue University (IN)
  • Pennsylvania State University (PA)
  • University of Maryland, College Park (MD)
  • University of Iowa (IA)
  • University of Michigan (MI)
  • Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, Central Office (NJ)
  • University of Illinois at Chicago (IL)
  • University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (MN)
  • Indiana University Bloomington (IN)
  • Northwestern University (IL)
  • University of Nebraska - Lincoln (NE)
  • Michigan State University (MI)
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (IL)
  • University of Texas at Austin (TX)
  • The Ohio State University (OH)
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (WI)

With higher education facing ongoing budget cuts, top to bottom reviews of programs and policies, and critical questions regarding the value of a college education, we—as sustainability professionals—must ...

Students and Sustainability: Mechanism for making Green Leaders Membership Required

  • Ball State University (IN)

Introduction: Lead primarily by student initiative, a sustainability program has evolved into a new program whose mechanics are meant to make action, foster sustainable leaders, and educate a sustainable culture ...

Students for Sustainability Membership Required

  • University of Arizona (AZ)

The University of Arizona’s Students for Sustainability program empowers students, builds leaders, and pursues institutionalized sustainability. The program embodies the University’s 100% student engagement model through its organizational ...

UW Green Greek Representative Program Membership Required

  • University of Washington, Seattle (WA)

Officially launched in November 2015, the Green Greek Representative Program (GGRP) is a student run program working through UW EcoReps and supported by UW Sustainability to make the Greek Community ...

Sustainable Carolina Leadership Program Membership Required

  • University of South Carolina (SC)

The Sustainable Carolina Leadership Program is a sustainability-focused, student professional development program at the University of South Carolina, . It was conceived and developed over the course of six years to ...

Mohawk College Environmental Management Plan Membership Required

  • Mohawk College (ON)

In 2011, Mohawk College was the first college in Ontario, Canada to release a comprehensive Environmental Management Plan (EMP) that laid out steps to enhance campus sustainability and set a ...

UW Admissions Modernization and Paper Reduction Membership Required

  • University of Washington, Seattle (WA)

After years of planning, the University of Washington’s Admissions Office switched to paperless digital admissions process for most prospective students in 2015, with plans to expand it to all ...

The Sustainable Office Program - SOP Membership Required

  • California State University, Northridge (CA)

The Sustainable Office Program (SOP) is designed to assess department offices all over campus and categorize each office into four levels of sustainability. The four levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold ...

Utility-Scale Solar Farm for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Membership Required

  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (IL)

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is proud of its sustainability initiatives, and Facilities & Services (F&S) is honored to support the campus wide Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP). The ...

Empowering Students, Sustaining the University: The Southwestern Environmental Studies Capstone Experience Membership Required

  • Southwestern University (TX)

Southwestern University’s Environmental Studies department has created a unique curricular program for their capstone students that allows them to identify aspects of the university where the social, economic, and ...

Fostering the incorporation of sustainable development in higher education. Lessons learned from a change management perspective Membership Required

  • Leuven University College
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology

In research and literature about integration of sustainable development in higher education, particular attention is given towards barriers for change and critical success factors, mainly with a focus on organisational ...

What lies beneath the surface? The hidden complexities of organizational change for sustainability in higher education Membership Required

  • University of Brighton

Higher education institutions have an important role to play in the transition towards a more sustainable global society. In this context, many universities have embarked on a journey towards ‘sustainability ...

Process framework for identifying sustainability aspects in university curricula and integrating education for sustainable development Membership Required

  • University of Turku

Sustainability aspects in higher education must be enhanced with more concrete actions. Universities are globally required to have quality assurance to secure and improve teaching and learning, and they use ...

Integrated management systems for enhancing education for sustainable development in universities: a memetic approach Membership Required

  • University of Turku

There is a need for new approaches for enhancing education for sustainable development in universities. Memetics, which is about effective pathways of communication, could be such a new, promising approach ...

Diffusion of sustainability reporting in universities: current situation and future perspectives Membership Required

  • Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

Universities play a key role in the development of society, and their involvement in sustainable development will be crucial in changing current practices in society towards sustainable development. Thus, information ...

Union College's Presidential Green Grants: Empowering our community to make a more sustainable world Membership Required

  • Union College - NY (NY)

Our greatest resource as an institution is the creativity and energy of our community. Union College’s Presidential Green Grant (PGG) program leverages this creativity and energy by supporting novel ...

Learning Outcomes and Assessment for Undergraduate Students Membership Required

  • James Madison University (VA)

James Madison University (JMU) developed student learning outcomes and a corresponding assessment instrument to measure the change in undergraduate students’ environmental stewardship reasoning and knowledge over time. In consultation with ...

An approach to the implementation of sustainability practices in Spanish universities Membership Required

Sustainability issues in higher educational institutions have attracted increasing levels of attention from both the public and policy makers in recent decades. A number of previous studies have called for ...

Sustainable universities – a study of critical success factors for participatory approaches Membership Required

Participatory approaches can be seen as a requirement, but also as a benefit to the overall paradigm change towards sustainable development and contribute towards the integration of sustainability concept into ...

Implementation of sustainability in universities as perceived by faculty and staff – a model from a Swedish university Membership Required

Education for sustainable development creates new challenges for universities where faculty and staff are expected to prepare students to meet complexities in society and take responsibility for sustainability, which scientists ...

Comparing Sustainable Universities between the United States and China: Cases of Indiana University and Tsinghua University Membership Required

  • Indiana University Bloomington (IN)
  • Temple University (PA)

It is widely accepted that universities can play critical roles in promoting sustainability. In the United States and China, many universities have initiated sustainability programs. Employing Indiana University, Bloomington, the ...

Sustainability Reporting in Higher Education: Interconnecting the Reporting Process and Organisational Change Management for Sustainability Membership Required

  • Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
  • Utrecht University
  • University of Leuven

Although there has been a considerable increase in the publication of sustainability reports in the corporate world in the last decade, sustainability reporting in higher education institutions is still in ...

Institutional Framework for Student-Led Sustainability Initiatives Membership Required

  • University of Nebraska - Lincoln (NE)

The Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC) is a self-sustaining committee within the Association for Students of the University of Nebraska (ASUN), otherwise known as UNL’s Student Government. The framework of ...

Restructuring our Sustainability Advisory Committee to Increase Stakeholder Engagement and Advance Sustainability Membership Required

  • Missouri State University (MO)

In support of the University’s Sustainability Vision Statement, the Sustainability Advisory Committee created four new subcommittees, corresponding to the major STARS categories: Academics, Engagement, Operations and Planning and Administration ...

UBC Okanagan Whole Systems Infrastructure Plan - Aspiring toward Regenerative Sustainability Membership Required

  • University of British Columbia (BC)

This case study describes how UBC Okanagan created and leveraged an opportunity to develop an innovative, holistic campus sustainability plan that responds to UBC’s regenerative aspirations; what the Plan ...

The Virginia Tech Green RFP Program Membership Required

  • Virginia Tech (VA)

Student engagement is an important factor in advancing sustainability at Virginia Tech. The University created the “Request for Proposal for Sustainability Initiatives from Student Organizations Program (Green RFP Program)” to ...

Implementing Sustainability in the Classroom at Université Laval Membership Required

  • Universite Laval (QC)

Université Laval has embraced a global approach to sustainability education. Although sustainability has been addressed in the classroom by individuals in the past, it is now being articulated with a ...

Lowell Canal Bridges TIGER Grant: Campus-Community Partnerships Leveraging Transformative Change Membership Required

  • University of Massachusetts Lowell (MA)

The University of Massachusetts Lowell (UMass Lowell) is a fast growing university nestled within our host community of the City of Lowell, Massachusetts. Lowell enjoys an authentic urban character structured ...

Green Restaurant Certification for Dining Halls and Restaurants Membership Required

  • Green Restaurant Association (MA)

Search over 500 restaurants to view the thousands of green steps they have implemented. Review the Green Restaurant® Education Section. Use the standards as a guidelines to help you make ...

Bringing KTH’s Environmental Performance to an Internationally Leading Level Membership Required

  • Royal Institute of Technology

This report analyses the types of international ratings/rankings available for universities to measure their sustainability performance. Sustainability has become an increasing topic of interest for universities to attract students ...

Framing a Turkish Campus Sustainability Assessment System Membership Required

  • Pennsylvania State University (PA)

Sustainable campus design and planning in Higher Education requires an entire action plan and coordination of physical, educational, and social systems. Many institutions in the world are defining their sustainable ...

Campus sustainability efforts: A study of the long-term impact of college and university sustainability programs Membership Required

  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs (CO)

The topic of this study is a new approach to understanding the effectiveness of campus sustainability efforts at American colleges and universities. A series of national sustainability organizations rate effectiveness ...

University of Minnesota, Morris student leads implementation of the Student Engagement Leadership Forum on Sustainability (SELFsustain) across the University of Minnesota-system Membership Required

  • University of Minnesota, Morris (MN)
  • University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (MN)
  • University of Minnesota, Rochester (MN)
  • University of Minnesota, Crookston (MN)
  • University of Minnesota, Duluth (MN)

The University of Minnesota (U of M) is leading the way in cultivating student-driven sustainability leadership across Minnesota -- from the prairies to Lake Superior. For five years, U of M ...

Sustainability in Higher Education: Analysis and Selection of Assessment Systems Membership Required

  • Technical University of Delft

There is a noticeable increase in interest with regards to sustainability in higher education. As institutions investigate, implement and market sustainability efforts, there is a myriad of sustainability assessment methodologies ...

Raise Your Voice: Environmental Justice at Capilano Membership Required

  • Capilano University (BC)

The idea for this event was to have an open idea sharing and focusing event regarding sustainability and environmental justice on campus. It was a chance to bring students together ...

A Model for Creating a Campus Sustainability Plan Membership Required

  • California State University, Northridge (CA)

There are ample excellent reasons why all workplaces should create a sustainability plan, including most importantly the health of the planet. Climate change threatens the biosphere, ocean, atmosphere, our water ...

Carbon Neutral ExpoSaludable Fair Event in Bolivia Membership Required

  • Berea College (KY)

We calculated the carbon emissions released during the ExpoSaludable fair in Bolivia to offset our footprint by planting trees in Santa Cruz, the city where the event takes place. The ...

Sustainability Peer Educator Program - Simon Fraser University Membership Required

  • Simon Fraser University (BC)

Program Vision: Students are confident, informed, and active sustainability leaders who have the skills and experience to advance sustainability at and beyond SFU.

The Sustainability Peer Education program empowers students ...

Earning Capacity of Sustainable Education - A Review of Current Perceptions Regarding the Salaries, Under-employment and Over-education of Higher-Education Graduates and their Potential Application in Sustainability Assessments Membership Required

  • University of Central Arkansas (AR)
  • Technical University of Delft

There is a growing need to understand the economic returns of degrees as a function of a sustainable institution. The empirical data presented in this paper suggests that there is ...

The Urgent Need for Universities to Comprehensively Address Global Climate Change Across Disciplines and Programs Membership Required

  • Minot State University (ND)

I review the status of scientific, political, and moral problems of global climate change (GCC) and, based on lessons from environmental and sustainability programs in universities, demonstrate that universities have ...

PhD Thesis: Sustainability reporting as a tool for management control and organisational change in higher education Membership Required

The pursuit for a sustainable society has received increased attention over the last decades, due to global problems the world has been confronted with, such as population growth, climate change ...

UC Irvine Styrofoam Recycling Pilot Program Membership Required

  • University of California, Irvine (CA)

As UC Irvine strives to become a Zero Waste campus by 2020, the Facilities Management Sustainability Team of student workers has become more innovative in the ways to divert materials ...

This tab provides access to data collected through AASHE’s Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System™ (STARS). STARS is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance. STARS enables meaningful comparisons over time and across institutions using a common set of measurements developed with broad participation from the campus sustainability community. Additional content and advanced benchmarking tools will be added to this tab over time.

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