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Climate Action Plan

  • State University of New York at Oswego (NY)

As a signatory to the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), SUNY Oswego has made a commitment to improving the world environment. Building on the September 2009 Climate ...

Climate Action Plan

  • Carleton College (MN)

Carleton’s Climate Action Plan presents a practical approach that reflects Carleton’s current planning environment, ranging from the good fortune of our upcoming alumnisponsored wind turbine to realistic challenges ...

Sustainability at Duquesne

  • Duquesne University (PA)

At Duquesne University, the concept of sustainability is best expressed through the Catholic commitment to “the integrity of creation,” a profound respect for and fundamental attitude of reverence toward the ...

2021 Sustainability Plan

  • American University (DC)

This sustainability plan is American University’s third campus sustainability action plan. It builds on the progress (including 100% renewable electricity, carbon neutrality, and fossil fuel divestment) made with the ...

Sustainability Goals and Vision

  • Arizona State University (AZ)

ASU is committed to leading the world by example with the following sustainability goals:

Circular Resource System: Promoting Zero Waste by adapting the goods we consume to maximize their use ...

Climate Action Vision 2019

  • Barnard College (NY)

This vision is the product of a collaborative, communitywide effort. During the 2017-2018 academic year, the College hosted a “Campus Conversation” workshop series in which faculty, staff, and students worked ...

Climate Action Plan

  • Binghamton University (NY)

In September 2007, President Lois B. DeFleur signed the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), pledging to eliminate, over time, the greenhouse gas emissions associated with Binghamton University ...

Sustainability Master Plan

  • Black Hills State University (SD)

This Sustainability Master Plan represents BHSU’s desire to take their sustainability commitment to the next level. This plan sets important new goals for the university to meet by 2030 ...

Environmental Sustainability Research Centre Strategic Plan

  • Brock University (ON)

The ESRC Strategic Plan communicates our core principles and details how we will achieve our mission from 2018-2023. It is put forward amidst unprecedented environmental challenges, increasing emphasis on sustainability ...

Environmental Sustainability Plan

  • Brock University (ON)

This report builds on the University’s Sustainability Policy established in 2016 and creates a foundation for the tracking of sustainability initiatives enacted at Brock University to date. This plan ...

Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan

  • Brock University (ON)

With the issuance of this revised energy conservation and demand management plan (ECDM), Brock University is re-affirming its commitment to energy conservation and sustainable operations. The conservation and demand management ...

Sustainability Progress Report

  • California State University, Channel Islands (CA)

Living sustainably means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future. Environmental sustainability is one of the strategic priorities at CSU Channel Islands (CI). Facilities ...

Annual Sustainability Report

  • California State University, Dominguez Hills (CA)

In the 2018-19 fiscal year (FY), California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) made several important strides towards supporting sustainability on campus.

Water Action Plan

  • California State University, Long Beach (CA)

CSULB is committed to sustainability in all operations including the use of natural resources such as water. The campus aims to reduce water use as much as possible and use ...

Strategic Energy Plan

  • California State University, Long Beach (CA)

California State University, Long Beach currently has 96 buildings on its campus spread over 323 acres with a total approximate square footage of 4,400,000. The Campus has executed ...

Landscape Master Plan

  • California State University, Long Beach (CA)

This Landscape Master Plan provided for CSULB seeks to identify important aspects of the campus landscape and its systems and provide recommendation on how to preserve and enhance the campus ...

Climate Action Plan

  • California State University, Long Beach (CA)

The Climate Action Plan—developed by dedicated faculty, students and staff on our Sustainability Task Force—outlines ambitious strategies to achieve the kind of reductions needed to meaningfully address the ...

Campus Sustainability Plan

  • California State University, Monterey Bay (CA)

This plan includes 12 topic areas with Environmental Justice and Inclusion being integrated throughout the plan. The goals and recommendation in each topic area consider existing campus guiding documents and ...

Climate Action Plan

  • California State University, Sacramento (CA)

The Plan sets forth a series of practical ways that campus programs, departments and physical infrastructure can continue to move the campus and all its users further towards environmental sustainability ...

Environmental Sustainability: A Roadmap for Calvin College

  • Calvin University (MI)

In January 2016, Calvin College President Michael Le Roy indicated an interest in the feasibility of signing the Second Nature Carbon Commitment. Consequently, Vice Presidents Todd Hubers and Sally Vanderploeg ...

Diversity Report & Action Plan

  • Cleveland State University (OH)

The 2019 - 2020 Diversity Action Plan builds on the Pursuing Inclusive Excellence document of 2016 with practical objectives designed to impact diversity at CSU and move the ball forward in ...

Sustainability Action Plan

  • College of Charleston (SC)

The strategic plan is designed to guide the College's sustainability efforts. It is a comprehensive approach to normatively and empirically test and steer the process toward specific goals and ...

Sustainability Plan 2019-2021

  • College of Lake County (IL)

The College of Lake County Sustainability Plan establishes an ambitious agenda for the college to be a leader for sustainability in higher education. The Climate Action Plan sets goals for ...

Annual Sustainability Plan Performance Report

  • College of Lake County (IL)

The 2019-21 Sustainability Plan provides a streamlined format for evaluating and tracking the progress of sustainability at the College of Lake County. Each of the thirteen goals has its own ...

Strategic Plan of the Cornell University Sustainability Task Force: Proposing Cornell’s Radical Collaboration on Solutions for Sustainability

  • Cornell University (NY)

The Cornell University Sustainability Plan is administered by the Sustainable Cornell Council (SCC), the governance body for campus sustainability and climate change leadership at the Ithaca, NY campus.

Sustainability at Stanford 2020-21 Year In Review

  • Stanford University (CA)

Explore the 2020-21 academic year milestones, key initiatives, and performance metrics that underscore Stanford's pledge to meaningful progress and applied innovation on sustainability.

Zero waste policy evaluation of college campus. A case study of University of Florida.

  • University of Florida (FL)

Waste generation and disposal of that waste is as big of an issue as climate change. Different factors come into play in developed and developing world. In developing countries litter ...

Academics, Equity, and Resilience: Building Pitt’s First Climate Action Plan

  • University of Pittsburgh (PA)
  • AASHE (PA)
  • Baumgartner Urban Strategy Solutions (PA)

The University of Pittsburgh’s sustainability journey has been expounding over three decades, including the first university-wide Pitt Sustainability Plan (2018) and first AASHE STARS designation (Silver 2018); in 2021 ...

  • Posted Oct. 1, 2021
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University of Victoria Image considerations for SCI

  • University of Victoria (BC)

The University of Victoria will be recognized as a Top Performer in the 2021 Sustainable Campus Index (SCI). As part of the recognition, we are submitting several images for consideration ...

The University Of New Brunswick - Coordination and Planning

  • University of New Brunswick, Fredericton (NB)

UNB Fredericton is recognized as a top performer in this year's Sustainable Campus Index (SCI) for Coordination and Planning.

Campus Sustainability Month Tips 2021

  • AASHE (PA)

This document gives some helpful tips to get started on planning events throughout Campus Sustainability Month.

Sustainability Master Plan

  • California State University, San Marcos (CA)

Many of the goals in this document entail similar long-term, campus-wide efforts. In addition, recommendations for periodic assessment and reevaluation will enable the University to respond to and implement new ...

  • Posted Aug. 26, 2021
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McGill University, Downtown Campus, McTavish Street

  • McGill University (QC)

McTavish is a pedestrianized street on McGill's downtown campus.

McGill Board of Governors Committee on Sustainability - In December 2019, the McGill University Board of Governors approved the establishment of ...

McGill University, Downtown Campus, McCall MacBain Arts Building flying the Hiawatha Wampum Belt Flag

  • McGill University (QC)

The Hiawatha Wampum Belt flag has for centuries symbolized unity and peace between the Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, and Mohawk nations.

McGill Board of Governors Committee on Sustainability - In December ...

McGill University, Downtown Campus, McCall MacBain Arts Building flying the Hiawatha Wampum Belt Flag

  • McGill University (QC)

A picture of McGill University's iconic McCall MacBain Arts Building flying the Hiawatha Wampum Belt flag, which has for centuries symbolized unity and peace between the Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga ...

Pay As You Throw at Yale University

  • Yale University (CT)

In Spring 2019, Yale University launched a Pay As You Throw (PAYT) pilot program. PAYT is a materials management model where campus entities are charged for the amount of trash ...

2020 Sustainable Campus Index

  • AASHE (PA)

The 2020 Sustainable Campus Index (SCI) recognizes top-performing colleges and universities overall by institution type and in 17 sustainability impact areas, as measured by the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating ...

UW Sustainability Action Plan

  • University of Washington, Seattle (WA)

The Sustainability Action Plan is built on five Guiding Principles addressing student learning outcomes, research impact, diversity equity & inclusion, responsible use of our resources, and of course, decarbonization of ...

  • Posted July 15, 2021
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Higher Education’s Crucial Role: Building a Sustainable and Circular Economy

  • Barnard College (NY)
  • Association of College and University Housing Officers - International (OH)
  • APPA: Leadership in Educational Facilities (VA)
  • Society for College and University Planning (MI)
  • AASHE (PA)
  • Campus Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Association (IN)
  • Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (DC)
  • U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development
  • Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium (HEASC) (PA)
  • Rheaply, Inc (IL)
  • Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Join this webinar to learn how the circular economy* can help shape better procurement decisions and ways in which you manage your campus, facilities and supply of goods and services ...

  • Posted July 1, 2021
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Increasing University Competitiveness through Assessment of Green Content in Curriculum and Eco-Labeling in Higher Education

  • University of Novi Sad
  • Educons University

Growing environmental problems and increasing requirements of green jobs force universities around the world not only to transform their curricula but also to enrich existing ones with contents related to ...

Signaling sustainability: impact that learning how to report has on enrollment, endowment and emissions of North American higher education institutions

  • Robert Morris University (PA) (PA)
  • Connecting Environmental Professionals Ottawa

The purpose of this paper is to develop an integrated model assessing the frequency and timing between reports on the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE ...

Action learning partnerships: carbon, commerce and community co-learning at a Canadian university

  • University of Northern British Columbia (BC)
  • Prince George Chamber of Commerce (BC)
  • Carbon Realities Consulting (BC)



The purpose of this paper is to discuss an innovative course offered as a partnership between the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) (Canada), the Prince George Chamber ...

Inner Transformation for 21st-Century Futures: The Missing Dimension in Higher Education

  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras

We live in times of great global risks and problems that pose multiple wic­ked, inter­depen­dent challenges, such as climate change, environmental degradation, social ine­qualities, geopolitical tensions ...

Impact of sustainability-focused learning intervention on teachers’ agency to teach for sustainable development

  • University of Education Lahore (Punjab)
  • Beaconhouse National University

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) has been identified as a key enabler of all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Considering the vital role of ESD, a framework ‘ESD for 2030ʹ has ...

Unpacking the ESD for 2030 Toolbox

  • Portland Community College (OR)
  • AASHE (PA)

The “ESD for 2030” roadmap highlights the urgent challenges facing the planet and aims to increase the many ways that education can help build a more just and sustainable world ...

  • Posted May 27, 2021
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Sustained Relevance Through Elegance: Redesigning Higher Education from Within

  • Arizona State University (AZ)

Universities and colleges in the United States (U.S.) are in a period of rapid transformation. Driven by the need for an educated workforce, higher education institutions are responding to ...

Exploring the Capacity of Canadian Intercollegiate Athletics Departments to Engage in Environmentally Sustainable Operations

  • University of Windsor (ON)

Despite an increased understanding about the role of sports in environmental sustainability (ES), little is known about the nature of ES operations in Canadian university athletics departments. The purpose of ...

Sustainable Development at L'Université De Montréal: Transition to Sustainable Campuses

  • Universite de Montreal (QC)

On March 15, 2021, Université de Montréal's first-ever strategic plan for sustainable development was presented to the university’s assembly. The strategy was drawn up by the Sustainable Development ...

Financing university sustainability initiatives in China: actors and processes

  • Central University of Finance and Economics
  • China University of Political Science and Law

This paper aims to study the mechanism of how the public universities have funded the campus sustainability projects in China, by identifying key actors and examining the processes.

Motivators of Attendance at Eco-Friendly Events

  • Iowa State University (IA)

This study identifies the factors that attract U.S. residents to eco-friendly events. To achieve our research objective, we obtained data (N = 1,115) from a cross-national, web-based survey distributed ...

This tab provides access to data collected through AASHE’s Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System™ (STARS). STARS is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance. STARS enables meaningful comparisons over time and across institutions using a common set of measurements developed with broad participation from the campus sustainability community. Additional content and advanced benchmarking tools will be added to this tab over time.

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