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Staff and other resources help an institution organize, implement, and publicize sustainability initiatives. These resources provide the infrastructure that fosters sustainability within an institution. Sustainability planning affords an institution the opportunity to clarify its vision of a sustainable future, establish priorities and help guide budgeting and decision making.

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Appalachian State University - The Impact Clinic

  • Appalachian State University (NC)

The Impact Clinic - The Impact Clinic at Appalachian State University is an applied learning initiative that partners teams of faculty and students with local business representatives to evaluate the business ...

9 Things You Can Do This Week to Address Racial Equity, Social Justice, and Sustainability

  • AASHE (PA)

9 things you can do this week to address racial equity, social justice, and sustainability on your campus or at your organization.

The Campus Divestment From Police College and University Toolkit

  • UnKoch My Campus (DC)

This toolkit is intended to help students create targeted letter-writing campaigns to call on their respective institutions to cut ties with police, envision a future without police presence on campus ...

Closing Racial Equity Gaps

  • University of Southern California (CA)

The Center for Urban Education at the University of Southern California identified five obstacles that stand in the way of racial equity at the system level and present five essential ...

Making the Business Case for Sustainability

  • Environmental Association for Universities & Colleges (EAUC) (Gloucestershire)
  • University of Edinburgh

Sustainability is key to institutional success over the long-term. It provides critical opportunities for value creation and risk mitigation at a time when universities and colleges are looking for ways ...

Draft Environmental Justice Framework

  • Princeton University (NJ)

We in the Office of Sustainability, as a primarily white staff in a predominately white field, recognize the inherent privilege assigned to us by a broken system. While we cannot ...

Making the Business Case for Campus Sustainability

  • Gordian (SC)

In this report, Sightlines (a Gordian company) highlights how environmental sustainability programs at higher education institutions would reduce operating costs via increased efficiency measures as well as attract sustainability-minded students ...

Dartmouth Sustainability Office Inclusivity & Diversity Action Plan

  • Dartmouth College (NH)

The Dartmouth Sustainability Office challenges and empowers Dartmouth College and our students to solve the human and environmental problems presented by a rapidly changing planet. We do this via hands ...

ACUPCC Selected Bibliography

  • Second Nature (MA)

Doctoral and Masters theses and peer reviewed research on climate commitments related to the Presidents' Climate Leadership Commitment (formerly the ACUPCC).

San Jose State University - Housing Crisis Mitigation Plan photo

  • San Jose State University (CA)

SCI 2020 Housing Crisis Mitigation Plan photo submission

San Jose State University - System-wide single-use plastics policy

  • San Jose State University (CA)

2020 SCI. System-wide single-use plastics policy highlight picture.

Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Digital Construction

  • Swinburne University of Technology

Civil infrastructure research at Swinburne is undertaken within the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Digital Construction (CSI). Infrastructure is critical to the economic wellbeing of Australia with some $30 billion ...

  • Posted Sept. 22, 2020
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Half Off Subscription to Green Building & Design (gb&d) Bimonthly Magazine for AASHE Members

  • gb&d (IL)

As an AASHE member, you are entitled to half off ($30 value) of gb&d’s bimonthly magazine. gb&d began more than 10 years ago, when its founder set out to ...

Butterworth Outer Ring Road Community Engagement Day

  • Universiti Sains Malaysia

Community engagement day held at the Bagan Dalam Butterworth. The community is a B40 community from different ethnicity such as Malay, Indian and migrant workers. Migrant workers include Rohingya, Nepalese ...

  • Posted Sept. 11, 2020
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Higher Education for Sustainability after the Sh*t Hits the Fan

  • West Chester University of Pennsylvania (PA)
  • AASHE (PA)

This webinar will engage participants in deep dialogue and a thought experiment aimed at articulating transformational climate initiatives and generating momentum for overcoming barriers to action. The science tells us ...

  • Posted Sept. 10, 2020
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The role of planning in implementing sustainable development in a higher education context

  • University of Beira Interior
  • University of Passo Fundo
  • University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz
  • Bournemouth University (Dorset)
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Universität Bonn (Köln)
  • University of Malta (Northern Harbor District)
  • Amirkabir University of Technology
  • University of the Aegean (Lesvos)
  • Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

The implementation of sustainable development in higher education is an important goal, and one which requires much planning. The many recurring problems and barriers that hinder the attainment of sustainable ...

  • Posted Aug. 28, 2020
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Integrative Approaches to Sustainable Development at University Level

  • Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
  • University of Beira Interior
  • University of Passo Fundo
  • Manchester Metropolitan University

This book documents and compares the experiences of a wide range of universities across the five continents with regard to sustainable development, making it of special interest to sustainability researchers ...

  • Posted Aug. 28, 2020
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Universities of Sanctuary Ireland (UoSI) Guidelines on Becoming a University of Sanctuary

  • Places of Sanctuary Ireland

Places of Sanctuary Ireland has a Universities of Sanctuary Ireland (UoSI) stream, a sister network to the Universities of Sanctuary UK stream, that encourages and celebrates the good practice of ...

  • Posted Aug. 28, 2020
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Universities of Sanctuary Resource Pack

  • City of Sanctuary UK

The City of Sanctuary organization has a Universities of Sanctuary stream that recognizes and celebrates universities that welcome sanctuary seekers into their communities and foster a culture of inclusion.

This ...

  • Posted Aug. 28, 2020
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Data File: 2020 Higher Education Sustainability Staffing Survey

  • AASHE (PA)

Along with publishing the 2020 Staffing Survey Report, AASHE is continuing in the tradition of making respondent data from the 2020 Higher Education Sustainability Staffing Survey available to AASHE members ...

2020 Higher Education Sustainability Professionals Survey & Report

  • AASHE (PA)

The 2020 report presents the results of the 2020 Higher Education Sustainability Professionals Survey, and serves as an update to our 2017 report. It examines the nature of sustainability positions ...

  • Posted Aug. 24, 2020
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Arrive as Intern, Depart Further on the Path to Sustainabilista

  • Auburn University (AL)
  • AASHE (PA)

Change will not happen because we care about or understand sustainability issues. Change will happen because we are equipped and empowered to act on what we care and know about ...

  • Posted Aug. 20, 2020
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On-Campus Composting: How to Start, Evolve, and Overcome Challenges

  • AASHE (PA)
  • Princeton University (NJ)
  • St. John's University, New York (NY)
  • Western Michigan University (MI)
  • Fort Lewis College (CO)
  • Colorado State University (CO)

Is your campus considering starting an on-site composting program, but doesn’t know where to start or which system to choose? Or does your campus want to grow its program ...

  • Posted July 16, 2020
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STARS Aligned: Using the Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Rating System to Report on Contributions to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

  • AASHE (PA)

This guide demonstrates how institutions can use the Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Rating System (STARS) to report on their contributions to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Posted July 13, 2020
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Integrating climate and food policies in higher education: a case study of the University of California

  • University of California, Office of the President (CA)
  • University of California, Los Angeles (CA)
  • University of California, Santa Barbara (CA)

Most climate change mitigation policies, including those of higher education institutions, do not include food system greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE). Yet the food system contributes ~30% of anthropogenic GHGE, mostly ...

  • Posted July 10, 2020
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Addressing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Business-Related Air Travel at Public Institutions: A Case Study of the University of British Columbia

  • University of British Columbia (BC)

Aviation is one of the fastest growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions, yet is not addressed in most national-, regional-, municipal-, or institutional-level climate action plans. There is a tremendous ...

  • Posted July 10, 2020
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UVM’s Roadmap to Zero Waste: Effective Strategies for Enhancing Zero Waste Management Goals at the University of Vermont

  • University of Vermont (VT)

This senior thesis seeks to provide effective strategies for enhancing Zero Waste management goals at the University of Vermont by incorporating the needs of campus stakeholders. As the global garbage ...

  • Posted July 10, 2020
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Assessing the Feasibility, Costs, and Benefits of Transitioning Part of the University of South Carolina Shuttle Fleet to an Alternative Fuel Source and Promoting Anti-idling Strategies

  • University of South Carolina (SC)

The current University of South Carolina shuttle fleet is made up of eleven (11) light duty shuttles and thirteen (13) heavy duty school buses, all of which rely on gasoline ...

  • Posted July 10, 2020
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Achieving Carbon Neutrality at Arizona State University

  • Arizona State University (AZ)

In 2019, Arizona State University achieved carbon neutrality for scope 1 and 2 emissions. Through this accomplishment, ASU seeks to inspire immediate action to address the climate emergency. Despite reaching ...

Sustainability Literacy in a Time of Socio-Ecological Crisis: Using Reaccreditation as a Leverage Point for Innovation in Higher Education

  • College of Charleston (SC)
  • University of Kentucky (KY)

This article presents a case study of innovation in sustainability education in higher education. It does so by explaining the to-date progress of a multi-year reaccreditation process begun in 2016 ...

  • Posted June 12, 2020
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National Climate Seminar: How to Solve Climate Change By 2030

  • Bard College (NY)

Hunter Lovins discusses how to solve climate change by 2030.

  • Posted June 12, 2020
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Community College Sustainability Guidebook Webinar

  • University of Hawaii Kapiolani Community College (HI)
  • Global Council Science and the Environment (DC)
  • Sustainability Curriculum Consortium (MD)

This webinar will describe the particular challenges and opportunities of teaching sustainability at community colleges. SCC advisory board member Krista Hiser will present a sneak preview of the forthcoming Community ...

  • Posted May 28, 2020
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UC Berkeley Move Out Programming 2020 - Safety During COVID-19

  • University of California, Berkeley (CA)

The UC Berkeley 2020 Student Move Out Coalition, in partnership with the City of Berkeley and UC Berkeley's Government & Community Relations office, compiled and created resources allowing for ...

  • Posted May 28, 2020
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No budget? No mandate? No problem! Sustainability from the Inside-out

  • San Mateo County Community College District Office (CA)
  • AASHE (PA)

Establishing a sustainability program is new, exciting and often arduous. Sustainability professionals, especially in higher ed, however, have proven resilient, resourceful and audacious despite lacking resources and organizational buy-in. At ...

  • Posted May 21, 2020
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Student's Club Revolutionized the Meaning of Green at a Community College!

  • Dallas College (TX)

There was a mayor change at Cedar Valley College’s (CVC) Sustainability Office this academic year. All the Sustainability Awareness events were developed and delivered by the Student’s Green ...

Greenspace Sustainability Design Town Halls and Make-A-Thon: A model for empowering campus communities to lead the design of sustainable spaces and places

  • University of Central Florida (FL)

A team of students at the University of Central Florida (UCF) (Orlando, Florida) led a partnership between UCF Student Government, the UCF Office of Sustainability Initiatives, and UCF Landscaping and ...

Carbon footprint as an environmental sustainability indicator for a higher education institution

  • University of Haripur (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)
  • Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)
  • International Islamic University (Islamabad)

This study aimed to quantify carbon footprint of the University of Haripur (UoH), Pakistan for one fiscal year (July 2016-June 2017). Primary data was collected through questionnaire surveys, interviews, personal ...

The HESFS for higher education funding, employment and sustainability

  • MEF University

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to develop a higher education funding and employment system that obviates barriers to sustainable development and helps engrain the notion of sustainability into ...

Study to promote the sustainable mobility in university

  • University of Passo Fundo

The United Nations (2030 Agenda) recognize the need to work with sustainable urban mobility problems such as traffic jams, pollution, inadequate infrastructure are becoming recurring issues in urban centers, directly ...

Lock-ins and opportunities for sustainability transition: A multi-level analysis of the Flemish higher education system

  • Uppsala University
  • Ghent University

This study aims to provide an overview of sustainability in Flemish higher education (HE) by using the multi-level perspective (MLP) on sustainability transitions for a comprehensive empirical analysis of how ...

Framework proposal for the environmental impact assessment of universities in the context of Green IT

  • Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG) (GO)

The concept of Green IT refers to sustainable technologies and information systems as well as environmentally friendly IT practices. Universities, which hold responsibility for propagating and applying knowledge, play an ...

University Social Responsibility – Good Practices of Polish Higher Education Institutions

  • Gdynia Maritime University (Gdynia)

All organizations, including Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), should be socially responsible. Therefore, the article aims to answer the following research questions: How are the principles of social responsibility implemented by ...

The Concept of Sustainability in the Romanian Top Universities’ Strategic Plans

  • Universitatea Politehnica Timisoara

The concept of sustainability has been given more and more attention lately as the effects of climate change drastically impact society and threaten the wellbeing of future generations. In this ...

Students’ perceptions of HEI regarding environmental sustainability – a comparative analysis

  • Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra (Coimbra)

Purpose This paper aims to compare the environmental sustainability practices at the campus operations between two Portuguese higher education institutions (HEIs) at different stages of the implementation of an Eco-School ...

STARS: A Student Reports for Duty

  • Swarthmore College (PA)

Project Name: STARS Name: Jasmine Xie Project Mentors: Carr Everbach, Brenna Leary Project Board Members, Faculty Advisor, and Sustainability Sage: Jason Martin, Andy Feick, Pattie Kim-Keefer, Sibelan Forrester, Heather Hassel-Finnegan ...

Brown University's Thermal Efficiency Project-1

  • Brown University (RI)
  • Ecosystem Energy Services (MA)

Brown University is a 6.5 million sq. ft. research university campus founded in 1764 in Providence, Rhode Island. Its annual energy bill is $20 million.

The campus undertook the ...

Putting sustainability research into practice on the university campus: An example from a Caribbean small island state

  • University of Zurich
  • University of Aruba

Despite increasing efforts to incorporate sustainability in curricula and practices of institutions of higher education, effective implementation remains challenging. The purpose of this study is to present an approach to ...

Sustaining a Student-Led Environmental Movement at San Diego State University: Leveraging Collaboration to Create an Environmentally Sustainable Endowment

  • San Diego State University (CA)

As the global economy grows, environmental activists increasingly work towards more environmentally sustainable investing practices, especially at higher education institutions. As Sustainability Commissioner (2019-2020) at San Diego State University (“SDSU ...

Biodiversity in the Campus Landscape: A Meta-Evaluation of Landscape Metrics and Rating Systems

  • Smith College (MA)

In the context of globally dwindling biodiversity, Smith College is in the process of developing a new Landscape Master Plan. This research analyzed approaches to landscape management rating systems and ...

Unveiling the path towards sustainability: scientific interest at HEIs from a scientometric approach in the period 2008-2017

  • Carlos III University of Madrid

Humanity has experienced the impact of an unsustainable economic model at all levels. This topic has crystallized in different summits and conferences during the 20th century. As a result of ...

This tab provides access to data collected through AASHE’s Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System™ (STARS). STARS is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance. STARS enables meaningful comparisons over time and across institutions using a common set of measurements developed with broad participation from the campus sustainability community. Additional content and advanced benchmarking tools will be added to this tab over time.

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