Restoring College Sports Amid COVID-19: Leveraging Climate Action

The Ohio State University, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Miami, Wake Forest University, AASHE

Date Created: Aug. 3, 2020
Date Posted: Aug. 4, 2020
Submitted by: Daita Serghi
Sustainability Topics: Campus Engagement, Public Engagement
Content Type: Videos & Webinars
Office or Department: Athletics & Recreation

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As college sports programs plan their recovery from Covid-19 impacts, leveraging existing campus assets and fan preferences opens up sports sustainability operations that generate revenues, cost savings, and significant campus/community support for moving the ball on climate action. As many professional and global sports organizations have learned, taking action to mitigate climate change helps deliver many of these benefits.

This webinar will feature several high profile collegiate athletic directors who have created sustainability assets in their athletics programs with the help of campus sustainability staff. With those assets, they have won support from corporate partners, improved student and fan relations, better aligned with their own campus’ sustainability goals, and enhanced campus sustainability leadership on and off the field.

Athletics department staff and campus sustainability professionals will both benefit from this webinar, as they look to regain traction on their internal goals amid the current health crisis. Both will benefit from new corporate partnerships based on sustainability. Both have allied interests in promoting stronger student and fan engagement. And both are integral parts of campus sustainability and climate action goals that more strongly unite athletics with every facet of campus life.

Globally, over 120 sports organizations such as the International Olympic Committee, the NY Yankees, the NY Mets, the Golden State Warriors and the NBA have committed to the UN’s Sports for Climate Action Framework.

In the US, the University of Colorado Boulder was the first US collegiate sports program to sign on. Now, even amid the Covid pandemic, The Ohio State University, Wake Forest University and the University of Miami are committing because this work is too important to forget. In this webinar you can find out how this approach can help your campus do well–by doing good!


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