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University of Wisconsin-Madison, AASHE, Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium (HEASC)

Date Created: Aug. 14, 2019
Date Posted: Aug. 15, 2019
Submitted by: Tessie Devlin
Sustainability Topic: Public Engagement
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Universities are looking for new ways to benefit their local communities. Communities are looking for smart solutions to constantly changing problems. Both strive to become more resilient, sustainable, and attractive to future generations. Hear from representatives of the Mayors Innovation Project and the EPIC-Network (EPIC-N) share about a new level of partnership that helps communities realize unimaginable results. Presenters will share anecdotes and ideas that can help inspire change. Come join us and learn how we can all start doing something better today.

The Mayors Innovation Project is a national peer-learning network for mayors and city government leadership. We promote “high-road” policy and governance in cities through equity, sustainability, and efficient democratic government. We provide high-quality peer-learning events, policy research and technical assistance to cities in our network. A key approach in our technical assistance has been applying behavioral science research to concrete challenges faced by member cities. We have found that as governments interact with residents, often through small “nudges,” they can improve outcomes for education, health, equity, the environment, city finances and more. As we work to expand our technical assistance capacity, we hope to engage with more researchers interested in connecting with cities.

EPIC-N is the nonprofit association of institutions that have adopted the award-winning EPIC Model for university-community partnership. The EPIC Model is based on the University of Oregon’s Sustainable City Year Program, which began in 2010. More universities across the country began adaptations of “the Oregon Model” each subsequent year, mostly through an annual training workshop and conference. In 2015, these programs decided to formally call this award-winning university-community partnership model the EPIC Model and declared EPIC-N as the professional network of universities following the key tenets of the EPIC Model. In 2018, EPIC-N was formally incorporated as a 501c3.

This webinar is organized in collaboration with the Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium (HEASC).