BS Resource Conservation

University of Montana

Date Posted: June 10, 2022
Submitted by: Lillian Makhoul
Sustainability Topics: Curriculum, Grounds
Content Type: Academic Programs
Program Type: Baccalaureate degree


Effective resource conservation requires broad training and the ability to integrate and communicate across disciplines. The B.S. in Resource Conservation is an interdisciplinary, interdepartmental major that prepares students for the myriad opportunities that now exist in environmental conservation, natural resource management, and efforts to build sustainable livelihoods and communities. The Resource Conservation degree provides both breadth and depth in the natural and social sciences while also allowing students the flexibility to specialize based on their interests and career goals. Our dedicated faculty advise students within ten tracks (areas of emphasis within the major) that reflect current and emerging professions within the field of resource conservation. These tracks enable students to focus on specific disciplines such as ecology, hydrology, or policy, or to build interdisciplinary knowledge in fields such as wildland fire management or international conservation. Because the Resource Conservation curriculum is flexible, many students participate in field courses and programs, study abroad, do internships, and conduct research, further enriching their education and preparing them for jobs and graduate studies.

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