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Educating for the future: How higher education in environmental management affects pro-environmental behaviour

  • University of Zaragoza
  • Montpellier Business School (Montpellier)

This study analyses whether and how environmental education determines the adoption of pro-environmental behaviours. We conducted an experiment on 222 business administration students to examine this relationship from two theoretical ...

Perceptions of Environmental Science and Management Students on Synchronous Online Teaching of Environmental Policies: Learning Experience from Southeast Asian Cohort

  • University of Greifswald
  • Thai Nguyen University Of Agriculture and Forestry

Understanding global environmental policies addresses the aim of educating individuals to become environmentally literate on pertinent issues related to sustainable development. Online classes were established recently in most public universities ...

Investigating critical community engaged pedagogies for transformative environmental justice education

  • University of Utah (UT)

Effective environmental justice education poses unique challenges to both educators and students. For students, this pursuit is cognitively challenging at best and emotionally paralyzing at worst. It requires deconstruction of ...

Engaging Students in the Development of an Atmospheric Science Course: A Discourse Analysis

  • Beijing Normal University

With increasing emphasis on learners-centered approach in teaching and learning, engaging students in course development and refinement is crucial. This study aims to foster a participatory approach in course development ...

Social Responsibility and the World of Nature: an interdisciplinary environmental studies course for inspiring whole system thinking and environmental citizenship

  • University of Colorado Boulder (CO)

Environmental educators face many challenges in university settings, including improving students’ capacity for systems thinking, the effective use of educational technology, and supporting a sense of agency for participation in ...

Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue (ICAD): Community conversations for a sustainable and equitable future

  • James Madison University (VA)

With a mission to “inspire dialogue and deliberation that shapes engaged and inclusive communities and informs sound policies,” the Institute for Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue (ICAD) at James Madison University ...

A Discussion About Environmental Justice in Vermont

  • University of Vermont (VT)

Project Green Schools was delighted to host A Discussion About Environmental Justice in Vermont in partnership with Vermont House Speaker, Conor Kennedy, Shelburne Farms, VT FEED, Hunger Free Vermont, VEEP ...

  • Posted May 9, 2022
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  • AASHE (PA)

The CLIMATE CRISIS ANTHEM is a visually and musically engaging 6:20 minute video that portrays the dire situation we all face in the current environmental breakdown.

Musical styles range ...

  • Posted May 4, 2022
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Environmental Health (BS)

  • University of Rochester (NY)

The BS in Environmental Health is designed for students with an interest in the environment as well as public health. Students who complete this program will understand how anthropogenic and ...

  • Posted April 29, 2022
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The Application of Ecological Footprint Analysis to Distance Learning University Contexts: A Case Study of the College of Education, University of South Africa

  • University of São Paulo

The Ecological Footprint (EF) analysis can be considered as an indicator for assessing the environmental impact of universities, since it indicates flow of natural resources consumption and waste generation caused ...

  • Posted April 25, 2022
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A Food-Themed Cross-Disciplinary Faculty-Staff Learning Community Enriches Place-Based Experiential Learning Curricula

  • Butler University (IN)
  • Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) (IN)
  • Indiana University

This document contains instructional resources to facilitate an 8-month Faculty-Staff Learning Community (FSLC) focused on learning and discussion to support the creation of campus farm-situated place-based experiential learning (PBEL) lessons ...

  • Posted April 25, 2022
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Summer REU in Urban Ecology and the Environment

  • City University of New York, Baruch College (NY)
  • The City University of New York (NY)
  • City University of New York, Brooklyn College (NY)

The Brooklyn Urban Ecology and Environment Program (BUEE) is a NSF-sponsored Research Experiences for Undergraduates hosted at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York. BUEE supports the training ...

  • Posted Feb. 7, 2022
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Putting the Equity in Sustainability Curriculum

  • University of Texas at Austin (TX)

This session will address some of the successes and struggles of modifying environmental curriculum to address social justice. The Environmental Justice Collective of the University of Texas at Austin's ...

  • Posted Jan. 21, 2022
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People of the Environment: Lessons Learned From an Interdisciplinary Liberal Education Course

  • Bemidji State University (MN)

A distinctive component of the Bemidji State University general education curriculum is the team-taught, interdisciplinary class People of the Environment. In 1998, the Minnesota State College and University system established ...

  • Posted Nov. 15, 2021
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Carbon neutrality should not be the end goal: Lessons for institutional climate action from U.S. higher education

  • Hamilton College-Clinton.NY (NY)
  • Smith College (MA)
  • Ceres (MA)

Climate action pledges have increasingly taken the form of commitments to net carbon neutrality. Higher education institutions (HEIs) are uniquely positioned to innovate in this area, and over 800 United ...

Zero waste policy evaluation of college campus. A case study of University of Florida.

  • University of Florida (FL)

Waste generation and disposal of that waste is as big of an issue as climate change. Different factors come into play in developed and developing world. In developing countries litter ...

Zero waste policy evaluation of college campus. A case study of University of Florida

  • University of Florida (FL)

Waste generation and disposal of that waste is as big of an issue as climate change. Different factors come into play in developed and developing world. In developing countries litter ...

  • Posted Sept. 23, 2021
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Principia College students routinely participate in multidisciplinary internships that challenge them to develop solutions to complex problems, such as biodiversity loss.

  • Principia College (IL)

Truett Sparkman, an environmental studies major with a minor in sustainability at Principia College, has a passion for the management and conservation of complex ecosystems threatened by inadequate policy regimes ...

Bates College students install solar on their coastal research facility.

  • Bates College (ME)

Bates College students install solar on their coastal research facility. This facility is now 100% solar thanks to the work of the students.

The George Mason University Arboretum

  • George Mason University (VA)

The George Mason University Arboretum cultivates curiosity, education, and well-being through stewardship of its trees, gardens, and other natural spaces. It was established in 2015, earned ArbNet Level II accreditation ...

PSU Research Photo

  • Portland State University (OR)

Photo of PSU research class for SCI

Sterling College: Southwest Field Semester

  • Sterling College (VT) (VT)

Students participating in class in the Southwest Field Semester of Sterling College, a 12-credit course that provides students 84 continuous days in the field and affords them an immersive learning ...

Sterling College: Wetland Ecology

  • Sterling College (VT) (VT)

Wetland ecology students at Sterling College visit all the major wetland types occurring in Vermont. At the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge they learn about managing wetland habitat for migratory birds ...

Climate Solutions 101

  • Project Drawdown (CA)

Climate Solutions 101 is a series of six short (10- to 30-minute) videos that not only explain the challenge of climate change but also introduce Project Drawdown's signature set ...

  • Posted Aug. 17, 2021
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M.S. in Environment and Sustainability Management

  • Georgetown University (DC)

The Georgetown Master of Science in Environment and Sustainability Management (MS-ESM) is a jointly offered degree that blends scientific knowledge with business principles—a powerful combination that will enable you ...

  • Posted Aug. 11, 2021
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How to Create a Culturally Inclusive Course and Beyond

  • Duke University (NC)

Overview The goal of this document is to provide resources and ideas for creating a culturally inclusive learning environment. This is also referred to as “culturally sustaining pedagogy,” “diversifying the ...

  • Posted July 15, 2021
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Embedding sacred ecology in sustainability solutions: The role of post-secondary environmental science programs

  • Central European University

There is increasing attention to the potential contribution of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) to addressing an unprecedented crisis in social-ecological systems. Approaches to the bridging of scientific and indigenous knowledges ...

CGHE 2020 Annual Conference webinar panel: Higher education and sustainability

  • University of Bristol
  • University College London (London)
  • International Association of Universities

Higher education institutions both impact and are impacted by global climate change and the environment. In this conference hosted by the Centre for Global Higher Education, a panel of professors ...

  • Posted May 26, 2021
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The Living Building at Nuthatch Hollow | Binghamton University

  • Binghamton University (NY)

Binghamton University's Nuthatch Hollow is a hidden oasis just a short distance from campus. Professors Pam Mischen and Carl Lipo explain how this 75-acre property is ideal for the ...

  • Posted May 26, 2021
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Sneed Prairie Restoration Project

  • Austin College (TX)

From website: "In 2001, Austin College initiated an ecosystem restoration project at a former family farm. The Clinton and Edith Sneed Environmental Research Area and Prairie Restoration site, named after ...

  • Posted May 26, 2021
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SDG Undergraduate Research Group

  • University of California, Berkeley (CA)

Launched Fall 2020, SURG (SDG Undergraduate Research Group) is an undergraduate research group affiliated with the UC Berkeley Office of Sustainability and guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We ...

Inclusive Sustainability: Collaborative Approaches through UC Santa Cruz’s People of Color Sustainability Collective

  • University of California, Santa Cruz (CA)

The People of Color Sustainability Collective (PoCSC) works to make the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) a leader in sustainability and environmental justice, in recognition of our changing demographics ...

Redefining Environmental Aesthetics at Emory University

  • Emory University (GA)
  • Herbicide Free Campus (CA)

Emory defines sustainability as relating to the quality of life, emphasizing the necessity of community health, wellbeing, and happiness. In approaching sustainability, Emory has created a comprehensive strategy to foster ...

Prairie Grass Restoration Project

  • Grinnell College (IA)
  • Herbicide Free Campus (CA)

Located in central Iowa, Grinnell College, once a prairie itself, is now indistinguishable from any other college, its land covered in swaths of fresh cut, herbicide-coated sprawling green lawns. In ...

Virtual Energy Treasure Hunt Event

  • Suffolk County Community College (NY)

In April 2021, Suffolk County Community College hosted our first US Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Treasure Hunt Event. The DOE describes the Treasure Hunt as “One of the best ...

Equity, Diversity, Justice, Inclusion Task Force, Catawba College

  • Catawba College (NC)

The Equity, Diversity, Justice, and Inclusion (EDJI) Task Force at Catawba College aims to build a campus community where all members thrive by working to cultivate critical conversations and practices ...

What's in Your Paper? Organizational Fiber Consumption and the Purchasing Decisions that Drive it

  • Pennsylvania State University (PA)

Institutions of higher education (HEI) today often pursue sustainability in a holistic manner, integrating sustainability into their day to day operations as well as their long-term strategic plans. One challenge ...

Mitigating Carbon Emissions While Staying In Business: A Case Study of Longview Farm

  • Smith College (MA)

Smith College has aggressive goals for greenhouse gas emissions reduction and local food procurement. In an effort to understand supply chain emissions associated with food, students in the Environmental Science ...

Implications of Massachusetts Climate Policy for Smith College

  • Smith College (MA)

Smith College has pledged to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. To meet this goal, Smith is considering transitioning its district energy system from steam heat generated with natural gas to ...

Climate Action Plan Sustainability Ambassador Course

  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (IL)

The Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) ambassador course was piloted in the spring 2021 semester as an opportunity for students to have a direct role in assessing and recommending building-level ...

Central Sustainability

  • Central Michigan University (MI)

Prior to 2020, Central Michigan University (CMU) lacked an Office of Sustainability, or any structures which ensured the pursuit of sustainability initiatives on campus and in the community. Two student ...

Glass Recycling at a Rural Georgia College Campus

  • Georgia College & State University (GA)

Glass has quickly become a hard to recycle material in many places in the U.S. and around the world. This is especially true for geographically rural areas with an ...

Glass Recycling at a Rural Georgia College Campus

  • Georgia College & State University (GA)

Glass has quickly become a hard to recycle material in many places in the U.S. and around the world. This is especially true for geographically rural areas with an ...

Planting the Pond

  • Western Dakota Technical College (SD)

For this project, Western Dakota Tech formed an interdisciplinary team comprised of Environmental Engineering, Controlled Environment Agriculture, Electrical Trades, Computer-Aided Design, and Farm and Ranch Management students to design and ...

The Futility and Fatality of Incremental Action: Motivations and Barriers among Undergraduates for Environmental Action that Matters

  • Ithaca College (NY)

Monty Hempel was deeply engaged with the impact of sustainability education on student values and behavior. An important question that he posed was How can sustainability education provide a sound ...

Influence of landscape management practices on urban greenhouse gas budgets

  • Boston University (MA)
  • Brown University (RI)

With a lack of United States federal policy to address climate change, cities, the private sector, and universities have shouldered much of the work to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and ...

SUNY Broome Virtual Earth Fest

  • SUNY Broome Community College (NY)

Equity: The Greatest Opportunity for the Sustainability & Climate Movements?

SUNY Broome Earth Fest Lecture – Saturday, April 24th Schedule of Events ...

  • Posted April 30, 2021
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Ecological Restoration on BCIT Burnaby Campus

  • British Columbia Institute of Technology (BC)

The ecological restoration of Parking Lot O on the BCIT Burnaby campus is well under way. What was a gravel parking lot is being transformed into a landscaped natural area ...

  • Posted April 30, 2021
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‘Business as Usual’: Critical Management Studies and the Case of Environmental Sustainability Education

  • University of Queensland (QLD)
  • University of South Australia

The inclusion of sustainability and ethics teachings in management education for many seems a positive step forward for creating more environmentally just and ethically sound managers. However, the type of ...

  • Posted April 22, 2021
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The Cruel Optimism of Transformative Environmental Education

  • University of British Columbia (BC)

The article is a reflection on the author's experience teaching a Master's seminar in Philosophical Debates in Environmental Education. It frames the attachment to transformative environmental education as ...

  • Posted April 22, 2021
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