International MA Program in Environmental Studies at The Porter School, Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University

Year Founded: Jan. 1, 2011
Date Posted: June 20, 2016
Submitted by: Jennifer Garr
Sustainability Topic: Curriculum
Content Type: Academic Programs
Program Type: Master's Degree
Completion: 3 semesters
Distance: Local Only
Commitment: Part-Time


The Porter School’s M.A. Program in Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University provides students with an intensive multidisciplinary exploration of environmental studies with an emphasis on Israel's unique geographic and geopolitical setting. This full-time program takes place over one year (3 semesters) and is taught in English.

Students study a broad selection of environmental subjects, and through both core courses and a range of electives, gain insight into Israel's environmental history as an individual nation and as part of the greater Middle East region. In parallel to a broad overview of environmental topics, the program focuses on the area of water, exposing students to the scientific, legal and policy aspects of one of Israel's most critical environmental issues. The program covers topics such as marine conservation, environmental policy and sustainable development, and also explores how understanding water as a shared resource is key to coexistence in the region.

The MA Program in Environmental Studies is comprised of core courses, elective courses, study trips and a final project. Course topics include environmental ethics, environmental economics, environmental policy and law, climate change in the Mediterranean Basin, marine biology and philosophical, social and political aspects of resource management.

A thesis track option is available for outstanding students. Students who are accepted to the thesis track will be required to complete a course in research methods during the fall semester of the second year, in addition to the 38 required credits for the MA Program. Students are required to work with two Thesis Supervisors on their research, each from a different discipline, and, preferably, a different faculty.

As part of the elective course offerings, students are invited to apply for an internship position with one of Israel’s leading environmental organizations, working in fields such as environmental advocacy, environmental planning, social justice, transportation and green architecture. The Business & Sustainability Concentration is a course selection offered in collaboration with the Sofaer International MBA program and the School of Management and gives students perspective and experience in the area of business management and its intersection with sustainability. The M.A. in Environmental Studies prepares graduates for careers in a wide variety of environmental sectors. Our graduates have obtained jobs in environmental consulting, national and international non-governmental organizations, civil service, environmental industrial specialists, research in think tanks, environmental education, and more.

The Porter School of Environmental Studies has long been recognized as one of Israel's most innovative environmental institutions, working to promote new areas of interdisciplinary environmental research, establish novel environmental teaching programs and strengthen the place of environmental issues on the academic and public agenda.