Graduate Minor Degree in Sustainable Agricultural Systems

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Date Posted: Feb. 25, 2016
Submitted by: Monika Urbanski
Sustainability Topics: Curriculum, Food & Dining, Grounds
Content Type: Academic Programs
Discipline: Agriculture
Program Type: Minor
Distance: Local Only
Commitment: Full-Time


The minor in Sustainable Agriculture Systems is open to students enrolled in any program within the Graduate School at the University of Minnesota. The program provides a curriculum with strong emphasis on systemic approaches to analyzing current agricultural production systems in the U.S., as well as environmental, economic, and social conditions that influence changes in agriculture. Courses designed specifically for this program integrate biology, ecology, agriculture, sociology, history, philosophy and economics. Students completing the requirements for the program receive a minor in Sustainable Agriculture Systems applicable to master's (MS and MA ) and doctoral programs.

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