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Demystifying Sustainability Behaviors on College and University Campuses: A Mixed Methods Analysis

  • State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (NY)

In response to the growing threat posed by climate change, colleges and universities are implementing interventions to engage students and employees with achieving sustainability and greenhouse gas emission reduction goals ...

Let's Get Sorted: The Path to Zero Waste at Pomona College

  • Pomona College (CA)

This senior thesis in environmental analysis explores the Zero Waste ideal and its practical application to a college campus. Given the growing global trash crisis and its grave environmental, social ...

Personal waste management in higher education: A case study illustrating the importance of a fourth bottom line

  • Pennsylvania State University (PA)

Purpose This paper aims to propose a quadruple bottom line approach for higher education leaders who must decide whether to accept sustainability initiatives that do have not have a business ...

Expanding Student Engagement in Sustainability: Using SDG- and CEL-Focused Inventories to Transform Curriculum at the University of Toronto

  • University of Toronto (ON)
  • London School of Economics and Political Science

The Expanded Student Engagement Project (ESE) has developed three comprehensive inventories which aim to increase student knowledge of sustainability-related course content and increase student engagement in on- and off-campus, curricular ...

  • Posted March 15, 2019
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We Want Black Students, Just Not You: How White Admissions Counselors Screen Black Prospective Students

  • Florida Gulf Coast University (FL)

Most historically and predominantly white institutions (HPWIs) now desire some number of black students on their campuses. However, recent theoretical scholarship suggests that HPWIs’ desire for and willingness to embrace ...

  • Posted Nov. 13, 2018
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Pathways to carbon neutral energy systems at the University of California, Davis

  • University of California, Davis (CA)

To achieve carbon neutrality by 2025 the University of California, Davis (UCD) seeks to eliminate its dependence on fossil energy sources. This study outlines a methodology to identify optimal equipment ...

Designing a Proxy Carbon Price Strategy for Smith College

  • Smith College (MA)

This thesis to Design a Proxy Carbon Price Strategy for Smith College was written to internalize the social cost of carbon emissions into financial decision-making. A proxy carbon price is ...

Towards a universal carbon footprint standard: A case study of carbon management at universities

  • University of Southampton

Organisations of all types are significant contributors to international greenhouse gas emissions. The business case for supporting low-carbon practices is gathering pace, alongside the regulatory demands imposed through carbon emission ...

Connecting Competences and Pedagogical Approaches for Sustainable Development in Higher Education: A Literature Review and Framework Proposal

  • Tecnológico de Monterrey (Nuevo Leon)
  • Gävle University College
  • University of Toulouse

Research into and practice of Higher Education for Sustainable Development (HESD) have been increasing during the last two decades. These have focused on providing sustainability education to future generations of ...

  • Posted April 16, 2018
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Infusing Sustainability in Higher Education in Ireland: The Green Curriculum Model (GCM) and the Dispositions, Abilities and Behaviours (DAB) Competency Framework

  • Dublin City University

There are numerous sustainability challenges facing the world today, including: climate change, pollution, consumerism and poverty. To make the world a more sustainable and better place to live in, humanity ...

  • Posted April 11, 2018
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Recapturing the learning opportunities of university sustainability indicators

  • Tulane University (LA)

Reconfiguring student involvement in university sustainability assessments and reporting can create important learning opportunities. In the 1990s, students conducted campus environmental audits and assessments, which were often the first step ...

  • Posted March 29, 2018
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Green for All? Gender Segregation and Green Fields of Study in American Higher Education

  • Cornell University (NY)
  • Harvard University (MA)

Using the example of green fields of study in higher education, which emerged largely in response to the growing prominence of the environmental movement over recent decades, this article posits ...

  • Posted Feb. 28, 2018
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Relocating Education for Sustainability: From the campus to the community

  • Kent State University (OH)

For 25 years, higher education has been challenged to provide a path toward sustainability. This challenge is both lofty and necessary. During this time, higher education has yet to make ...

A comparative study of the efficacy of intervention strategies on student electricity use in campus residence halls

  • Radford University (VA)

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine whether, and how, electricity consumption by students in university residence halls were impacted through three intervention strategies.

Design/methodology/approach: The ...

The Drivers Behind Edible Food Recovery Programs at Institutions of Higher Education

  • Messiah College (PA)

Food waste is a multi-faceted issue that affects societies on a social, economic, and environmental level. In 2014, more than 38 million tons of food were thrown away in the ...

The Nitrogen Footprint Tool Network: A Multi-Institution Program to Research and Reduce Nitrogen Pollution

  • University of Chicago (IL)
  • University of New Hampshire (NH)
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (DC)
  • Colorado State University (CO)
  • Dickinson College (PA)
  • Brown University (RI)
  • Eastern Mennonite University (VA)
  • University of Virginia (VA)

Humans release reactive nitrogen into the environment at a rate that is 4 to 5 times as large as from natural terrestrial processes. They do this by producing and applying ...

  • Posted April 26, 2017
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Beyond Interpersonal Competence: Teaching and Learning Professional Skills in Sustainability

  • Arizona State University (AZ)

Successful careers in sustainability are determined by positive real-world change towards sustainability. This success depends heavily on professional skills in effective and compassionate communication, collaborative teamwork, or impactful stakeholder engagement ...

  • Posted April 25, 2017
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Green cities and ivory towers: how do higher education sustainability initiatives shape millennials’ consumption practices?

  • University of Michigan (MI)

College-educated millennials, motivated by a preference for vibrant, walkable neighborhoods with access to good public transportation, are helping to drive an economic resurgence in many American cities. At the same ...

  • Posted Aug. 22, 2016
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Doubling Energy Efficiency at the University of Michigan by 2030

  • University of Michigan (MI)
  • Johnson Controls, Inc (WI)

Approximately 84 million Americans spend their days in colleges, universities, and public or private primary and secondary schools. The commercial building sector, which includes educational institutions, accounts for 18.44 ...

Water Conservation at the University of Houston

  • University of Houston (TX)

A group of University of Houston students enrolled in Energy & Sustainability with similar interests in water conservation investigated a potential water-saving solution for the University of Houston.

Their research ...

Finding Heart: Generating and Maintaining Hope and Agency through Sustainability Education

  • Colorado Mountain College (CO)

In his landmark book Native Science (2000), indigenous educator Gregory Cajete eloquently articulates the motivations and questions that drive this study. For Cajete, effective education of our time entails “finding ...

Learning Through Eating: Bringing Campus Dining Operations into an Introductory Environmental Science Course

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (WI)

Sustainability initiatives in higher education often flourish as the result of cross-functionality of teaching, research, and operational staff. At the University of Wisconsin - Madison, the Nelson Institute for Environmental Resources ...

  • Posted Feb. 24, 2016
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Evaluating Penn's Green Living Certification: Successes and Recommendations for Improvement

  • University of Pennsylvania (PA)

As Penn's first environmental certification program aimed at rewarding students' personal behaviors, the Green Living Certification program has the potential to affect behavior change and promote a culture of ...

  • Posted Feb. 24, 2016
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Analysis of Student Behaviors Impacting Carbon Emissions Through Community Based Social Marketing Research

  • Oberlin College (OH)

Academic institutions cannot achieve climate neutrality through technology alone; members of the college community must also be engaged in creating a culture of sustainability. This research project employed a community-based ...

  • Posted Feb. 24, 2016
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Growth or Decline? The Form and Function of the Sustainability Agenda in Higher Education

  • University at Albany (NY)

Literature on organizational strategy in higher education suggests that colleges adapt to new circumstances based on differing motivations: some colleges are seeking new growth strategies while others are trying to ...

  • Posted Feb. 24, 2016
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Fostering Sustained Energy Behavior Change And Increasing Energy Literacy In A Student Housing Energy Challenge

  • University of Hawaii at Manoa (HI)

We designed the Kukui Cup challenge to foster energy conservation and increase energy literacy. Based on a review of the literature, the challenge combined a variety of elements into an ...

  • Posted Feb. 24, 2016
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Converting university spending to greenhouse gas emissions: A supply chain carbon footprint analysis of UC Berkeley

  • University of California, Berkeley (CA)

This senior thesis study calculates a supply chain carbon footprint for UC Berkeley based on procurement expenses in fiscal year (FY) 2009. The study presents recommendations to reduce supply chain ...

  • Posted Feb. 24, 2016
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Student-Driven Energy Independence: A Case Study of Humboldt Energy Independence Fund

  • Humboldt State University (CA)

This thesis is an evaluative case study of the Humboldt Energy Independence Fund (HEIF). I use this case study to locate the Humboldt Energy Independence Fund within a broader movement ...

  • Posted Feb. 24, 2016
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Where Meaning Lies: Student Attitudes and Behaviors related to Sustainability in College

  • New York University (NY)

While sustainability is a national priority, an intriguing gap seems to exist between peoples' perceptions of sustainability as an issue and their levels of actual engagement. This study aimed to ...

  • Posted Feb. 24, 2016
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Shifting from Saying to Doing: Evaluation of an Environmental Course Designed to Create Environmental Change Agents

  • Tufts University (MA)

This study evaluated a semester-long environmental course designed to enable students to become environmental change agents. Sixteen undergraduate students self-selected into the program course, which integrated social science-focused materials with ...

  • Posted Feb. 24, 2016
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EVs with PVs: Analysis of Electric Vehicle Integration at Stanford University Using Solar PV Panels

  • Stanford University (CA)

As electric vehicles (EVs) are growing in popularity, Stanford University realizes that there may be great value in providing EV charging spots on campus for commuters and residents who switch ...

  • Posted Feb. 24, 2016
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Food and Fuel: Biogas Potential at Broward Dining Hall

  • University of Florida (FL)

Biogas, a sustainable natural gas equivalent, can be produced from food waste using anaerobic digestion. Large amounts of food waste are produced at campus dining halls. The goals of the ...

  • Posted Feb. 24, 2016
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