Environmental Studies Undergraduate Minor

New York University

Year Founded: Sept. 1, 2007
Date Posted: March 18, 2021
Submitted by: Mari Roberts
Sustainability Topic: Curriculum
Content Type: Academic Programs
Program Type: Minor
Completion: 2 years
Distance: Local Only
Commitment: Both


The Department of Environmental Studies aims to provide students with the breadth of understanding and skills necessary for resolving environmental questions and creating a sustainable future on scales ranging from local to global. It does so through integrated, problem-oriented study and a broad range of courses across disciplines and schools. The major and minor draw on NYU’s strong faculty base in the College of Arts and Science (FAS), the Center for Atmosphere Ocean Science (CAOS, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences/FAS), the Center on Environmental and Land Use Law (School of Law), the M.A. Program in Bioethics: Life, Health, and Environment (Faculty of Health), and the Environmental Conservation Education program (Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development), as well as in the Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, the Stern School of Business, the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, and the School of Medicine. The department offers opportunities to develop interests in a number of areas, including environmental science; environmental values, policy, and law; earth system science; public health; urban environmental problems; climate change; energy systems; environmental justice; and our complex relations with both domesticated and wild nature.

Learning Outcomes


The minor in environmental studies requires five 4-point courses (20 points):

Environmental Systems Science (ENVST-UA 100) Environment and Society (ENVST-UA 101) Plus three courses from the list of ES major electives.

POLICIES APPLYING TO THE MAJOR AND MINOR A course cannot satisfy more than one requirement for the environmental studies major or minor. Students must earn a C or better in all courses for the major or minor. Pass/fail courses cannot count toward the major or minor. Transfer students must complete at least half of the major or minor at NYU.

Many courses approved for the major and minor in ES are outside of the College of Arts and Science. CAS students may take up to 16 points outside the College and apply them to their degree. Students may petition for additional non-CAS credits beyond the 16-point limit through the Committee on Undergraduate Academic Standards in the Office of the Associate Dean for Students, Silver Center, Room 909; 212-998-8140; www.cas.nyu.edu/page/petitions.

No non-CAS courses can count toward the 64 credits that internal or external transfer students are required to complete in CAS (-UA) courses, even if they are approved for the major or minor in ES.

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