Adventure Expeditions and Interpretive Leadership

Fanshawe College

Date Posted: July 22, 2019
Submitted by: Genevieve LaMarr LeMee
Sustainability Topic: Curriculum
Content Type: Academic Programs
Program Type: Associate (2-year) degree
Completion: 2 years


The Adventure Expeditions and Interpretive Leadership (Co-op) program, leading to an Ontario College Diploma, provides the training, practical skills and eco-tourism industry experience to prepare graduates for work locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally as Interpretive Naturalist leaders.

Students will develop knowledge and skills in a variety of areas related to the industry including marketing, business, communication strategies and media, ecological practices and principles, flora and fauna, geology, group assistance and guiding, environmental interpretation and education, professional ethics, management of national and heritage of natural areas, interpretive techniques and wilderness first aid.

The program is built on 3 pillars: Adventure Expedition, Interpretive Naturalist, and Business Entrepreneurship. Successful graduates will have the opportunity to learn and grow in each of these areas.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates will reliably demonstrate the ability to: 1. Perform interpretive naturalist activities using ecological, environmental and geographical concepts related to flora, fauna, and wildlife. 2. Instruct and safely guide others in eco-tourism activities and adventure expeditions such as canoeing, snowshoeing, backpacking, and camping. 3. Design, deliver, and evaluate meaningful interpretive programs for a variety of audiences. 4. Develop and present a marketing plan for eco-tourism and adventure expeditions. 5. Develop a business plan capitalizing on opportunities in the adventure expeditions and eco-tourism industries. 6. Provide safe environments for interpretive and outdoor activity by using current and relevant risk management concepts and strategies. 7. Complete all work in compliance with the appropriate ethical, legislative and regulatory requirements of the eco-tourism and adventure-tourism industries.