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Outdoor Program Gear Purchasing: Applying Leave No Trace Ethics to Create a Circular Economy

  • Auburn University (AL)
  • University of North Carolina, Asheville (NC)

This session will explore how outdoor programs can become more sustainable in regard to purchasing, maintenance, and transportation while effectively educating the student population on these topics. Presenters are two ...

  • Posted Dec. 4, 2019
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Getting WILD! Introducing Children to Nature...Why and How

  • Cedar Valley College - DCCCD (TX)

Research has proved individuals interacting with nature are healthier, both mentally and physically. They have higher self-esteem, are more cooperative with others and perform better at work and school. However ...

  • Posted Dec. 4, 2019
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Seeing Sustainability in Your Own Backyard: Place-Based Learning and the Liberal Arts

  • Goshen College (IN)

Goshen College students have a unique opportunity to live, learn, and research at the 1,189-acre nature sanctuary called Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center. Located near Wolf Lake, Indiana, Merry ...

  • Posted Dec. 4, 2019
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Climate Change Garden at Cornell University

  • Cornell University (NY)

The Climate Change Garden at Cornell University, a permanent campus installation that demonstrates the impact of climate change on plant growth in New York state. Planning for the climate change ...

Adventure Expeditions and Interpretive Leadership

  • Fanshawe College (ON)

The Adventure Expeditions and Interpretive Leadership (Co-op) program, leading to an Ontario College Diploma, provides the training, practical skills and eco-tourism industry experience to prepare graduates for work locally, provincially ...

  • Posted July 22, 2019
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Wild Pedagogies: Touchstones for Re-Negotiating Education and the Environment in the Anthropocene

  • Northern Arizona University (AZ)
  • Simon Fraser University (BC)
  • Lakehead University (ON)

This book explores why the concept of wild pedagogy is an essential aspect of education in these times; a re-negotiated education that acknowledges the necessity of listening to voices in ...

  • Posted July 25, 2018
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College Campus Landscapes Within a Learning Ecosystem

  • University of Northern Iowa (IA)

College campus landscapes may help restore student attentional capacity for learning when intentionally viewed as educational resources or integrated with academic content.

How Learning Interdependently in Outdoor Settings can Induce a Paradigm Shift & Foster a Yearn to Protect the Natural World

  • College of Charleston (SC)

As a vice president of the College of Charleston's Outdoors Club and long-time outdoor enthusiast, I have found that exposing people to the natural world has been one of ...

  • Posted Dec. 1, 2017
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Spreadsheet: Publications related to the role of access to nature in education

  • North Lake College - DCCCD (TX)
  • Princeton University (NJ)
  • University at Buffalo (NY)
  • AASHE (PA)

Response to a 11/6/17 GreenSchools listserv request for Academic literature concretely linking access to the natural environment and enhanced educational outcomes (e.g., an evidence-based assessment of correlations ...

JMU’s Student Outdoor Adventures Program Follows "Leave No Trace" Principles

  • James Madison University (VA)

JMU’s University Recreation Department’s (UREC’s) many contributions to environmental stewardship include Adventure Program hiking, kayaking, skiing and canoeing activities that teach and follow "Leave No Trace" principles ...

Opportunity and Obligation: A Role for Outdoor Educators in the Sustainability Revolution

A primary educational challenge of the 21st century is to inspire students to become socially and ecologically conscientious citizens who are empowered, responsible members of the larger world. Outdoor educators ...

  • Posted Aug. 18, 2017
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Impact of a Wilderness Orientation Program on College Student's Life Effectiveness

Wilderness based outdoor orientation programs have been offered at colleges and universities to incoming freshmen since the 1930s. Although these programs appear to impact students in a positive way (e ...

  • Posted Aug. 18, 2017
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An On-Campus Botanical Tour to Promote Student Satisfaction and Learning in a University Level Biodiversity or General Biology Course

  • Xavier University of Louisiana (LA)

Outdoor, hands-on and experiential learning, as opposed to instruction-based learning in classroom, increases student satisfaction and motivation leading to a deeper understanding of the subject. However, the use of outdoor ...

Using an Outdoor Learning Space to Teach Sustainability and Material Processes in HE Product Design

This ‘case study’ of two jewellery workshops used outdoor learning spaces to explore both its impact on learning outcomes and to introduce some key principles of sustainable working methodologies and ...

  • Posted Feb. 20, 2017
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"Environmental awareness" and rock climbing: changing pedagogies to enhance pro-environmental graduate attributes

Geography has long been seen as having a central role in education for sustainable development, and yet the degree to which a geographical education translates to personal capacities for action ...

  • Posted Jan. 30, 2017
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UT Farm Stand

  • University of Texas at Austin (TX)

UT Farm Stand is a student-led project that provides local and organic fresh foods to the University of Texas at Austin students, faculty, and staff. Our mission is focused on ...

  • Posted June 16, 2016
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UC San Diego Earth Day: Annual Sustainability Fair & Tree Planting

  • University of California, San Diego (CA)

UC San Diego celebrated Earth Day with student organizations, campus departments and vendors at their annual sustainability fair. Tablers included: AQUAholics, ASEJA, CALPIRG, Dr. Bronner, EcoGrounds, EcoNauts, EWS, Green Office ...

The Bagley Classroom: Supporting environmental and outdoor learning at the University of Minnesota, Duluth.

  • University of Minnesota, Duluth (MN)
  • Salmela Architect (MN)

The Bagley Classroom supports learning in a 55-acre natural preserve within the University of Minnesota Duluth campus. The Bagley Nature Area has taught and inspired students about the natural environment ...

  • Posted June 23, 2011
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