Certificate in Environmental Sustainability and Business

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Date Posted: June 13, 2018
Submitted by: Jade Chalkley
Sustainability Topic: Curriculum
Content Type: Academic Programs
Program Type: Undergraduate Certificate/Diploma


The Certificate in Environmental Sustainability and Business consists of a supporting course structure (at the 100 and 200 level) that is complementary to the campus' existing general education requirements, consistent with current credit-load requirements and will not delay a student's graduation. Well-advised students will be able to meet the supporting course requirements of the certificate by satisfying the existing campus general education program.

The main component of the certificate program is comprised of 16 credits at the upper level (300 and 400 numbered courses), including an intensive business internship or co-op experience. It is the internship/co-op experience that ensures our EMBI certificate is not just "one more certificate" that carries little meaning to employers.