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New York University - Return on Sustainable Investment Methodology

  • New York University (NY)

In 2019, the New York University Stern School of Business’s Center for Sustainable Business established two innovative ways of measuring sustainability among corporations. First, the Sustainable Market Share Index ...

Power Dialog Webinar Discussion Templates - Business

  • Bard College (NY)

Bard College's Solve Climate By 2030 Power Dialog Webinar offers discussion templates for teachers. This template is for business.

  • Posted June 12, 2020
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Sustainability Minor

  • American University (DC)

Offered by the Kogod School of Business, the Sustainability Minor provides students with a solid understanding of sustainability as it relates to the management and operations of public and private ...

  • Posted May 28, 2020
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U.S. Sustainable Food Market Generation Z Consumer Segments

  • Iowa State University (IA)

This study explores the interaction between environmental consciousness and sustainable food attributes as predictors in the market segmentation process for sustainable foods with respect to United States (U.S.) Generation ...

Why has sustainability advanced in management schools? A sociological explanation (Por que a Sustentabilidade tem avançado nas Escolas de Gestão? Uma explicação sociológica)

  • Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS

This theoretical essay aims to provide a sociological explanation for the increasing importance of sustainability principles and practices in Management Schools. It does so by approximating two theoretical perspectives. First ...

Including SDGs in the education of globally responsible leaders

  • ISAE Brazilian Business School, Higher Institute of Administration and Economics

Purpose This paper aims to contribute to the discussion of the role of education in developing a new mindset for sustainability leadership by analyzing a project of a Brazilian business ...

Should responsible management education become a priority? A qualitative study of academics in Egyptian public business schools

  • Estonian Business School (Harjumaa)
  • Université Internationale de Rabat
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University

In this paper we investigate why responsible management education (RME) should become a necessity in Egyptian public business schools. A total of 80 academics from three universities were contacted and ...

Using Short Fiction to Teach Business and Environmental Ethics

  • Sanata Dharma University

This study firstly explores Ecohumanism as the educational paradigm in today’s world. Raising environmental awareness is essential in studying economics to care for the sustainability of earth resources. Using ...

St. Lawrence University Green Café Farm To Table Course

  • St. Lawrence University (NY)

St. Lawrence University's student-run Green café class is a collaborative and multi-stakeholder venture with Dining Services, Seed to Table (student food justice club), undergraduates from across disciplines, and three ...

An assessment of socially responsible consciousness and multi-level integration of business morals, corporate social obligation and sustainability in higher education

  • Delhi Technological University

The recent developments have generated the need for sense of community building, social apprehension and inculcation of social-consciousness in the young managers and achieving this requires being a part of ...

Solar Microgrid Investment in the US: Financial Modelling Challenges for a University Based Project

  • California State University, San Marcos (CA)

Unlike economies that are still experiencing growth, established markets like the United States have a difficult time generating returns with large upside potential for investors. If an exceptional return is ...

Critical Pedagogy and Eco-pedagogy: Discussing Ethics and Radical Environmentalism at Business School

  • The Hague University of Applied Science

This article discusses critical pedagogy and ecopedagogy, which stimulate active citizenship through the lessons of environmentalism, exposing students to the critique of the underlying power structures of society. This article ...

Sustainability in management education: a Biggs’ 3P model application

  • Loyola University Maryland (MD)
  • Centro Universitário da FEI

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to assess the main factors that contribute to teaching and learning sustainability in management education (SiME), which is defined as a body of ...

Using sustainability audits to enhance responsible management education and develop personally and professionally responsible work-ready graduates

  • University of Worcester

It is widely held that responsible management education within UK business schools is lagging behind the needs of graduates in the changing world of work, leaving a UK-wide skills shortage ...

Systematic Review of Sustainable-Development-Goal Deployment in Business Schools

  • Universidad de Deusto (Bizkaia)

In 2015, more than 190 countries pledged to meet by 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) by 2030 that aim to ensure sustainable global social and economic development, and to strengthen ...

Sustainability of Indian management education institutions: Perspectives from leaders in academia

  • Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to explore perspectives of academicians in leadership positions in Indian business schools on the sustainability of management education institutions in India.

Design/methodology ...

Challenges for education for sustainability in business courses: A multicase study in Brazilian higher education institutions

  • Universidade Federal do Paraná (PR)

Purpose This paper aims to analyze the main challenges faced by two business schools and a higher education institution when implementing education for sustainability (EfS). Also, it seeks to identify ...

External facilitators as ‘Legitimizers’ in designing a master's program in sustainable business at a Swedish business school – A typology of industry collaborator roles in RME

  • Örebro University

This article offers new knowledge on the role of industry as external facilitators in the case of designing responsible management education (RME). Drawing on a case of a Swedish business ...

Education for sustainability in business and management studies: learning history of the GoGreen Pilot'12

  • Anglia Ruskin University

This doctoral study aims at investigating the contribution of the GoGreen Pilot’12 project in the process of embedding education for sustainability (EfS) in business and management studies in the ...

Sustainability-as-flourishing: teaching for a sustainable future

  • Auckland University of Technology
  • Kenvale College of Hospitality, Cookery & Events (NSW)

Purpose In a recent article, Schaefer et al. (2015) argue that cultivating appropriate beliefs and values, cultivating systems thinking and encouraging responsibility are the stages to be followed to achieve ...

Designing a Sustainable Marketing Class to Be Relevant: Fostering Engagement and Active Learning

  • Morehead State University (KY)

This paper discusses the activities and assignments of a sustainable marketing course that have been designed to show the personal as well as societal relevance of the course content to ...

Best practices for teaching green invention: Interviews on design, engineering, and business education

  • Dartmouth College (NH)
  • Alula Consulting (MT)

This study investigated best practices in teaching environmental responsibility to inventors and innovators. Because successful invention includes engineering, design, and business, best practices in all three disciplines were investigated, as ...

Organizational hypocrisy in business schools with sustainability commitments: The drivers of talk-action inconsistency

  • University of Bath

Business schools are criticized for not walking-the-talk given their sustainability rhetoric and the expectation they educate future managers to act responsibly, balancing economic aims with the social and environmental impacts ...

Professional Aspirations as Indicators of Responsible Leadership Style and Corporate Social Responsibility. Are We Training the Responsible Managers that Business and Society Need? A Cross-national Study (Las aspiraciones profesionales como indicadores del estilo de liderazgo responsable y de la responsabilidad social corporativa. ¿Estamos formando a los directivos responsables que necesitan las empresas y la sociedad? Un estudio entre países)

  • Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Madrid)

The relationship between responsible leadership (RL), identified from achievement expectations, and the importance attached to corporate social responsibility (CSR) was analyzed. In a survey of 1,833 business management undergraduates ...

A fragility approach to sustainability – researching effects of education

  • Wageningen University
  • University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz
  • WSB University in Wrocla (Wrocław)

Purpose Management education trainers are increasingly called upon to train students to devise interventions for sustainable development in business settings. Due to the dominant reductionist paradigm, these interventions may lead ...

Morphological box for ESD – landmark for universities implementing education for sustainable development (ESD)

  • Munich University for Applied Sciences (Oberbayern)
  • Wilhelm Büchner Hochschule/Mobile University of Technology

Universities have various options to implement higher education for sustainable development (ESD) into curricula and syllabi, and incorporate sustainability into students’ daily routine and life on campus. Despite considerable progress ...

Reducing carbon emissions in business through Responsible Management Education: Influence at the micro-, meso- and macro-levels

  • Nottingham Trent University
  • Keele University
  • Northumbria University (Newcastle Upon Tyne)
  • NetPositive Ltd.

There has long been an understanding that to achieve meaningful progress against sustainability challenges, action is required at multiple levels. With regards to education initiatives, these levels range from macro-level ...

Sustainability in higher education from the perspective of business ethics and corporate sustainability

  • KU Leuven
  • University of Antwerp

Aim: In this epilogue to the special issue, the author provides a reflection on the commonalities between the origins of business ethics and corporate sustainability on the one hand, and ...

Sustainability awareness in engineering curriculum through a proposed teaching and assessment framework

  • King Abdulaziz University

Engineers play a vital role in enabling the sustainable development of their societies. Thus, it is necessary to teach sustainability in universities, especially for engineering students, for a more sustainable ...

  • Posted April 17, 2020
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How green is accounting? Brazilian students’ perception

  • Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

This paper aims to evaluate the undergraduate and graduate accounting students’ perceptions of sustainable (or green) information technology (IT) and information system (IS) practices and their contribution to its implementation.

  • Posted April 17, 2020
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The Perception of Sustainability in Finance Education from Faculty-Member Perspective

  • Uppsala University

This qualitative research aims to explore what different faculty-member at different Swedish and British Universities think about the role of sustainability in the finance industry and education. The investigation is ...

  • Posted April 17, 2020
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Is management education preparing future leaders for sustainable business? Opening minds but not hearts

  • Indian Institute of Management Ranchi (Jharkhand)
  • Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

Purpose The study aims to examine whether management education can successfully cultivate the competency of empathy that is needed in future corporate leaders to promote sustainability initiatives catering to diverse ...

  • Posted March 6, 2020
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Sustainability for Brazilian management students: integrity and opportunism

  • Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo (ES)

This paper investigates the perspective of students in the undergraduate management program of a Brazilian public university regarding the notion of sustainability. A quantitative survey was carried out, and data ...

  • Posted March 6, 2020
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Competences for Environmental Sustainability: A Systematic Review on the Impact of Absorptive Capacity and Capabilities

  • University of Manchester (Lancashire)

Responsible management competences are the skills of managers to deal with the triple bottom line, stakeholder value and moral dilemmas. In this paper, we analyse how managers develop responsible management ...

  • Posted March 5, 2020
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Advancing STEM-Based Business Sustainability: Mending the Curricular Gap

  • Montana State University - Billings (MT)
  • Murray State University (KY)
  • University of Arkansas (AR)
  • RAND Corporation (CA)

Businesses are increasingly facing economic, social, and environmental sustainability challenges. Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) are needed to address business sustainability needs, yet such competencies are noticeably absent from ...

  • Posted March 4, 2020
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Cooking up a Course: Teaching sustainable marketing at MBA

  • Wageningen University

To explore how a critical course on mainstream marketing and business theory can shift the perception of sustainability as an extrinsic goal to sustainability as an intrinsic boundary condition to ...

Combining the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of teaching sustainability: the case of the business school academics

  • University of Auckland

Faculty are key to bringing about ‘bottom-up’ change for sustainability education. Yet, research is still needed on the backgrounds and experiences of change agents in universities and the challenges they ...

Learning to Change the Game: What Should Management Education for Sustainability Look Like?

  • Bard College (NY)
  • Swarthmore College (PA)

Sustainability requires business to radically reimagine how to keep the lights on, put food on the table, and provide housing, transportation, and education for a population that is headed for ...

  • Posted Dec. 4, 2019
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Going Carbon Neutral - Giving Everyone a Voice, With Students Leading the Charge

  • University of Victoria (BC)

Dr. Simon Pek and Dr. Rick Cotton will take you on Gustavson School of Business' journey to carbon neutrality. In sharing the story of this success their aim is to ...

  • Posted Dec. 4, 2019
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Business ethics, CSR, sustainability and the MBA

  • University of Ulster

The issues of business ethics, corporate social responsibility and sustainability have come to attract increasing attention in management education in recent years, at least from the perspective of potential employers ...

Ecological Economics MBA

  • Nord University

The MBA in Ecological Economics is aimed at candidates holding bachelor degrees in other fields than economics and leadership who wish to take a master level programme learning about ecological ...

  • Posted Nov. 6, 2019
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Integrated Management: How Sustainability Creates Value for Any Business

  • Duquesne University (PA)

Endorsed by the CEO of Unilever Paul Polman, John Elkington, Scholars from Harvard, MIT, Boston College, American University, The Aspen Institute, The Living Futures Institute and industry consultants. No cost ...

  • Posted Sept. 10, 2019
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Tools for Design and Sustainability

  • Dartmouth College (NH)

This is an online course on sustainable engineering and design. It includes curriculum, exercises / homeworks, and examples of student work on: - Life cycle assessment - Systems thinking (including Whole System Mapping ...

  • Posted Sept. 5, 2019
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Sustainable Energy Development MSc

  • University of Calgary (AB)

The University of Calgary’s Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Development (SEDV) is a combined offering through the Haskayne School of Business, Schulich School of Engineering and the Faculties ...

  • Posted Aug. 2, 2019
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Master of Arts in Food Studies (MAFS) - MBA Dual Degree Program

  • Chatham University (PA)

Core courses provide breadth and depth in food studies, business, and sustainable business, equipping all students with a holistic understanding of food systems and business skills. All students are expected ...

  • Posted July 10, 2019
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Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate

  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (WI)

This certificate offered through the Department of Sociology, Criminology and Anthropology will help students learn to critically evaluate how leadership in corporations act responsibly in relationship to the environment, community ...

  • Posted July 10, 2019
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Sustainability Management Certificate

  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (WI)

Students pursuing this certificate are required to take courses in sustainability management, global environmental challenges, scientific foundation, social and political foundation, and environmental management. The final requirement for the certificate ...

  • Posted July 10, 2019
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Integrated Science-Business Water Emphasis (ISBM)

  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (WI)

The Integrated Science-Business Major (ISBM) combines the disciplines of science and business into an interdisciplinary program. The ISBM provides a strong foundation in the sciences (32 credits) as well as ...

  • Posted July 10, 2019
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Corporate Environmental and Social Sustainability Certificate

  • Simon Fraser University (BC)

The business world is rapidly embracing the principles of sustainability. Whether you are looking for an edge in the job market, or seeking to understand how business can co-exist with ...

  • Posted June 14, 2019
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Sustainable Business: Joint Major in Business and Environment (BA/BEnv)

  • Simon Fraser University (BC)

Recognizing the need to adapt business practices to the opportunities and challenges of an evolving global environment, the Business and Environment Joint Major in Sustainable Business consists of core courses ...

  • Posted June 14, 2019
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