MPH in Environmental Health Science and Policy

George Washington University

Date Posted: Aug. 24, 2016
Submitted by: Julian Dautremont-Smith
Sustainability Topics: Curriculum, Wellbeing & Work
Content Type: Academic Programs
Program Type: Master's Degree
Completion: 2 years
Commitment: Both


The Mission of the Environmental Health Science and Policy MPH program is to educate individuals who are committed to public health protection to apply critical analytic skills to the development, implementation and evaluation of practices and policies aimed at preventing or minimizing the adverse impact of environmental and occupational hazards on human health.

Learning Outcomes

Upon Completion of the Master of Public Health program in the field of environmental health science and policy, students should possess the following functional competencies:

  • Assess environmental and occupational exposures.
  • Prevent and control environmental and occupational hazards.
  • Identify the adverse effects of chemical, biological, and physical exposures on human health.
  • Interpret epidemiologic and other research findings related to environmental risks, and assist in designing and conducting research.
  • Synthesize relevant information in order to analyze EOH policy implications and participate in policy development.
  • Synthesize relevant information in order to assess and manage environmental and occupational risks.
  • Engage in public health communication and risk communication activities.
  • Identify ethical issues in environmental health policy and practice.

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