PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Atmosphere/Energy

Stanford University

Year Founded: Jan. 1, 2004
Date Posted: Feb. 25, 2016
Submitted by: Monika Urbanski
Sustainability Topics: Curriculum, Air & Climate, Energy
Content Type: Academic Programs
Discipline: Engineering
Program Type: Doctoral Degree
Distance: Local Only
Commitment: Full-Time


Atmosphere and energy are linked in two primary ways. First‚ fossil-fuel energy contributes directly to air pollution and climate change. Second‚ atmospheric winds‚ solar radiation and precipitation are sources of renewable wind‚ wave‚ solar and hydroelectric power. Combining the study of Atmosphere and Energy is a natural choice because the best ways to mitigate atmospheric problems are to increase the efficiency with which energy is used‚ optimize the use of natural energy resources, and understand the effects of energy technologies on the atmosphere.

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