Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife major, BS in Environment and Natural Resources

The Ohio State University

Date Posted: Feb. 3, 2020
Submitted by: Genevieve LaMarr LeMee
Sustainability Topic: Curriculum
Content Type: Academic Programs
Program Type: Baccalaureate degree


The Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife (FFW) major uses basic biology to create sustainable solutions for ecosystems, habitats, and plant and animal species that are affected by human use of the environment. Students can specialize in forestry, wildlife or fisheries and aquatic sciences. Forestry, wildlife, and aquatic specialists address the biological, economic, and social aspects of managing forest lands, freshwater and coastal ecosystems, and look for ways to incorporate landscape restoration and habitat conservation into their practices. The FFW major provides coursework that is required for certification by the following professional societies: the Wildlife Society, Society of American Foresters, and the American Fisheries Society.