Sustainability Studies

Otterbein University

Year Founded: Aug. 1, 2009
Date Posted: May 22, 2019
Submitted by: Jamie Kuder
Sustainability Topic: Curriculum
Content Type: Academic Programs
Program Type: Baccalaureate degree
Completion: 4 years
Distance: Local Only
Commitment: Both


Otterbein University's sustainability studies undergraduate program aims to prepare tomorrow’s decision-makers need to understand environmental processes, and have critical thinking skills related to the analysis and interpretation of impacts related to environmental policies. Global environmental issues related to climate, agriculture, resource management and sustainability are in the headlines daily. These issues affect political decisions, business decisions and have far-reaching social impacts. Skills learned within this program will enable students to evaluate both the short-term and long-term implications of human actions that affect the earth’s environment.

Learning Outcomes

Sustainability studies focuses on the evolving 'green economy'. Graduates will have exciting new career options as the country transitions from a fossil fuel based energy and economy infrastructure to one that integrates more sustainable and renewable energy sources. Students will explore concepts such as benefits and limitations of various renewable/sustainable energies, changes in energy infrastructure related to new sources of energy, and societal issues related to these changes. The Humanities/Social Sciences track is designed for a student whose interests are related to the economic and social changes that are likely to occur as our fossil fuel based economy evolves to include more sustainable forms of energy and resources. There are also studies in technology fields (land use and planning, engineering technology, physical sciences, etc.) related to building, planning, energy conservation, new resource development, etc.