Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (PhD)

University of Texas at Austin

Date Posted: May 5, 2019
Submitted by: Claire Pope
Sustainability Topic: Curriculum
Content Type: Academic Programs
Discipline: Engineering
Program Type: Doctoral Degree


Environmental and water resources engineering is a broad discipline dedicated to addressing environmental issues in air, water, and soil. It includes a variety of sub-disciplines, such as water quality engineering, water resources engineering, outdoor and indoor air quality engineering, ocean engineering, and hazardous waste management. Sustainable engineering concepts are infused into these sub-disciplines and include the long-term environmental, economic, and social consequences of engineering practice.

The Doctor of Philosophy degree is designed for students who desire a deep understanding of the fundamentals of the field and of the potential application of these fundamentals to environmental and water resources problems. The Ph.D. is a research degree in which students learn investigative methodologies and apply them to a problem of interest. The primary requirement for a Ph.D. degree student is to present a dissertation of sufficient quality to the faculty. The dissertation is expected to present the results of the student's significant and original work in the field. The dissertation is presented to the student's supervising committee and defended orally at the end of the program.