Date Posted: Feb. 13, 2019
Submitted by: Claire Pope
Sustainability Topic: Curriculum
Content Type: Academic Programs
Tags: forestry
Program Type: Baccalaureate degree


Students select from the following major options:

  • ecosystem restoration and management, suitable for students who would like to work to repair degraded systems or manage land for multiple values based on ecological criteria;
  • forest management, training students for careers related to managing publicly owned forestland and serving private landowners;
  • forest recreation, relating to careers focused on managing the public’s use of forestland, visitor services and public land administration; and
  • urban and community forestry, providing training for careers in urban, municipal or community forestry and landscape, and nursery- or vegetation-management professions.
  • wildland fire science, preparing you to handle the complex issues involved in fighting and preventing wildfires while understanding the natural role of fire and its prescribed use.

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