Sustainability Correlate

Vassar College

Date Posted: Jan. 14, 2019
Submitted by: Claire Pope
Sustainability Topic: Curriculum
Content Type: Academic Programs
Program Type: Minor


Each 6 unit Correlate in Sustainability is designed in consultation with an advisor from the Environmental Studies Program and the ENST Director. The correlate includes (1) ENST 107 - Global Change and Sustainability or ESCI 151 - Earth, Environment, and Humanity; (2) a set of four related courses on sustainability in a division other than the one in which the student is majoring, no more than one of which is a 100-level course; (3) a 300-level seminar on sustainability chosen from a list of approved courses or ½ unit of ENST 291 combined with a ½ unit capstone project (ENST 399).

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