Natural Resources Conservation Minor

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Date Posted: Dec. 21, 2018
Submitted by: Claire Pope
Sustainability Topic: Curriculum
Content Type: Academic Programs
Program Type: Minor


Conserving Earth’s biological diversity and safeguarding the benefits or “ecosystem services” that functioning ecosystems provide to humans are two major objectives of natural resources conservation. In this minor, students learn about the ecology of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and how these systems can be managed to conserve biodiversity and protect ecosystem functions while providing sustainable benefits to society. The minor is designed to introduce students from a variety of other disciplines related to global conservation issues, and to provide them with the knowledge and tools essential for wise stewardship of natural resources. This minor may aid students in developing their own personal commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability, making career choices, and broadening their options for graduate school and future employment. A minimum of 15 credits is required.

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