Reclamation, Environment and Conservation (BS)

University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Year Founded: Jan. 1, 1980
Date Posted: Nov. 20, 2018
Submitted by: Claire Pope
Sustainability Topic: Curriculum
Content Type: Academic Programs
Program Type: Baccalaureate degree


Reclamation, Environment and Conservation(REC) is an interdisciplinary program of applied scientific practices for restoring, reclaiming, and managing degraded habitats, landscapes, and ecosystems. Historically, REC emphasized mining-related impacts to land and water. Today, REC is inclusive of conservation-related impacts from the tundra to the tropics. Emerging ecological restoration issues range from agricultural impacts to the control of weedy exotics, from wetlands to urban renewal. The REC program at UW-Platteville, initiated in 1980, is presently the oldest four-year reclamation major in the United States. The program, strongly grounded in the traditional sciences of biology, geology, chemistry, and ecology, includes courses in communication, project management, civil engineering, agriculture, soil science, environmental law, and geographic information systems.