Ecological Planning Certificate

University of Pennsylvania

Date Posted: Sept. 27, 2018
Submitted by: Claire Pope
Sustainability Topic: Curriculum
Content Type: Academic Programs
Discipline: Design
Program Type: Graduate Certificate/Diploma


Interest in Ecological Planning has been increasing in recent years along with the growing awareness of the impacts of climate change on the world’s ecosystems, wildlife, and human settlements. The availability of water and managing stormwater and wastewater have become critical issues in planning for the future of human settlements. Of paramount importance is for students to understand the role of natural cycles (hydrologic, carbon, nitrogen, etc.) and the varying carrying capacity of different landscapes to support human settlements. Jobs in sustainability are becoming popular both in the public sector (e.g. Philadelphia’s Office of Sustainability) and in the private sector (e.g. environmental compliance officers and consulting firms). The Certificate in Ecological Planning draws on courses within the School of Design, the Environmental Studies Program, and other schools to offer students an interdisciplinary approach to Ecological Planning.

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