Environmental Systems Engineering (BS)

Pennsylvania State University

Date Posted: April 12, 2018
Submitted by: Jade Chalkley
Sustainability Topic: Curriculum
Content Type: Academic Programs
Discipline: Engineering
Program Type: Baccalaureate degree


This interdisciplinary program has two options: (1) Environmental Systems Engineering is concerned with the impact of industrial activities on the environment and the choice of cost-effective remediation strategies; (2) Environmental Health and Safety Engineering is concerned with safe and healthful design of industrial systems such that workers are protected from potentially high risk exposures associated with today's industries. The program is unique as it is designed to address critical environmental, safety and health problems of the basic industries such as those involved in the extraction, conversion, and utilization of energy and mineral resources. The human, societal, economic, ethical, and regulatory aspects of the industries' impacts on the environment, and on the workers themselves, are also addressed.

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