Learning for Sustainability (PgCert)

University of Edinburgh

Date Posted: April 20, 2016
Submitted by: Julian Dautremont-Smith
Sustainability Topic: Curriculum
Content Type: Academic Programs
Program Type: Post-Graduate Certificate/Diploma
Completion: 12-24 months
Distance: Both
Commitment: Part-Time


The Postgraduate Certificate is made up of three core courses: Introduction to Learning for Sustainability, Ecosystems for Educators, and Outdoor Learning. The overall aim of the programme is to introduce learners to the key concepts that underpin Learning for Sustainability and to explore the complex relationships that exist between practice, thinking and policy at local, national and global levels.

Programme members are encouraged to reflect upon and analyse their existing understanding and practice in relation to the theories and concepts introduced in the core courses. For example, the courses will explore what Learning for Sustainability means within personal, social and environmental contexts and examine ways in which responses to such complex issues can be developed through school, community and other teaching and learning contexts.

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