MS in Sustainable Design

Philadelphia University

Date Posted: Feb. 25, 2016
Submitted by: Monika Urbanski
Sustainability Topics: Curriculum, Buildings
Content Type: Academic Programs
Disciplines: Architecture, Design
Program Type: Master's Degree
Distance: Local Only
Commitment: Full-Time


The MS in Sustainable Design is an award winning degree program that offers the the opportunity to explore sustainability through different avenues of study, ranging from design exploration to applied research. The program prizes collaboration between seemingly disparate fields from architecture to construction management to engineering and employs faculty from those diverse fields to underscore the importance of interdisciplinary design in the program. The Program seeks to go beyond "green" to discover new and deeper levels of sustainability as expressed through triple bottom line thinking, resilient design and meaningful collaboration. Building on a historical strength of the University, the MSSD program features special lab and design-build courses focusing on green materials. As a graduate of the program, you will be proficient in sustainable design or participate significantly in the sustainable-design process a technically challenging, rapidly evolving and vitally important development for the future of our planet.

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