MA in Sustainable Urban Development

DePaul University

Year Founded: Jan. 1, 2013
Date Posted: Feb. 25, 2016
Submitted by: Monika Urbanski
Sustainability Topic: Curriculum
Content Type: Academic Programs
Program Type: Master's Degree
Completion: 2 years
Distance: Local Only
Commitment: Both


The Master of Arts in Sustainable Urban Development (MASUD) is a 13-course interdisciplinary graduate degree. There are 11 required courses and 2 electives, the latter to be selected from a suite of DePaul's applicable courses with the consent of a MASUD faculty member. A full time student will take 2 years to complete the program. The program explores contemporary policy issues and technical processes in United States cities, with a particular focus on Chicago. The core courses, SUD 401-404, explore the concepts, practices, and tools for sustainable urban planning by focusing on issues linked to housing, transportation, infrastructure, community and economic development practices, brownfields, green infrastructure and urban design. Students will also be instructed in the spatial analysis and digital mapping techniques of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) by the faculty of Chicago's largest Department of Geography. The MASUD program is "hands on" and incorporates both an internship (100 hrs) and an opportunity to work on GIS projects with non-profit, corporate and governmental clients throughout the Chicago area. Required Courses include:Sustainable Urban Development 401: Sustainable Urban DevelopmentSustainable Urban Development 403: Brownfields Redevelopment: Practice & ImplementationSustainable Urban Development 501: Internship Geography 441: GIS for Community DevelopmentPublic Service 571: Metropolitan Planning and DevelopmentSociology 402: Statistics for the Social SciencesOptional Electives include:Environmental Science 506: Earth Resources and Human SocietyLiberal Studies 404: The CityPublic Health 503: Introduction to Environmental HealthPublic Service 511: Sustainable Development and Non-Governmental OrganizationPublic Service 573: Urban and Community DevelopmentReal Estate 798: Sustainable Buildings and Real Estate

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