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BU Wind

  • Boston University (MA)
  • Edison Energy (CA)
  • ENGIE (TX)

BU Wind is a clean energy project in South Dakota that the University enabled, fulfilling a key goal of the University’s Climate Action Plan (CAP). A central element of ...

Additionality: How to Ensure Your Renewable Electricity Procurement Strategy Has Real Climate Impact

  • University of Dayton (OH)

Many higher education institutions are pursuing active decarbonization programs to demonstrate climate leadership. A key element in these programs is eliminating the climate impact of an institution's electricity procurement ...

  • Posted Jan. 21, 2022
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Carbon neutrality should not be the end goal: Lessons for institutional climate action from U.S. higher education

  • Hamilton College-Clinton.NY (NY)
  • Smith College (MA)
  • Ceres (MA)

Climate action pledges have increasingly taken the form of commitments to net carbon neutrality. Higher education institutions (HEIs) are uniquely positioned to innovate in this area, and over 800 United ...

The carbon footprint of a public university campus in Mexico City

  • Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Azcapotzalco

The Cuajimalpa campus of the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) is located in the western region of Mexico City. In 2016, its global average population (students, faculty and staff) was around ...

  • Posted Oct. 23, 2020
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Multi-Campus Collaboration Kickstarts Solar Project to Cut 100% of GHG Emissions from Electricity

  • Dickinson College (PA)
  • Lafayette College (PA)
  • Lehigh University (PA)
  • Muhlenberg College (PA)
  • CustomerFirst Renewables (MD)

Four independent colleges and universities in Pennsylvania collaborated to explore renewable energy solutions, develop a strategy, and implement a combination of onsite and large-scale offsite projects that will result in ...

Harvard's Challenge: Institutional Green Power

  • Harvard University (MA)

This case study examines the options that Harvard University has for complying with one aspect of its Climate Action Plan, which was announced in February 2018. It specifically focuses on ...

  • Posted March 1, 2019
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