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Using emoticons to encourage students to recycle

  • Boston University (MA)

Uncovering inexpensive, simple techniques to encourage students to act in a pro-environmental manner is of critical importance. Through a four-week field study at a large, environmentally focused elementary school, it ...

Encouraging Revolving Door Usage in a Mixed-Use Building: The Influence of Visual Prompts and Descriptive Social Norms

  • Lesley University (MA)

This field experiment investigated effects of a descriptive norms-based sign combined with five footprint sticker decal prompts directing individuals to help save energy by using a revolving door, as opposed ...

  • Posted Feb. 20, 2017
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Written Messages Improve Edible Food Waste Behaviors in a University Dining Facility

  • Kansas State University (KS)


Sustainability and going green have become popular trends among foodservice organizations. Despite this interest, foodservice operations still produce large amounts of edible food waste and contribute significantly to waste ...