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Energy use and CO2 emissions in the UK universities: An extended Kaya identity analysis

  • Florida International University (FL)
  • Australian National University
  • Kingston University London
  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • Universität Duisburg-Essen

We investigate the progress of the UK universities in greening their energy sources in line with the UK's goal of becoming a net-zero economy by 2050. Using the HESA ...

FY20 Energy-Efficiency Initiatives Project

  • University of Utah (UT)

The first phase of a series of campus-wide projects to target carbon reductions.

The FY20 Energy-Efficiency Initiatives project targeted industry proven low-cost, fast-payback measures focusing on carbon neutrality and energy-efficiency ...

SUNY Broome Virtual Earth Fest

  • Broome Community College (NY)

Equity: The Greatest Opportunity for the Sustainability & Climate Movements?

SUNY Broome Earth Fest Lecture – Saturday, April 24th Schedule of Events ...

  • Posted April 30, 2021
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Towards energy transition at the Faculty of Education of Bilbao (UPV/EHU): diagnosing community and building

  • University of the Basque Country

Purpose This paper aims to present the results of a study aimed at performing a first diagnosis of energy literacy and energy use in a Faculty of Education, by means ...

  • Posted April 22, 2021
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Cost Savings and Carbon Reduction through DERs -- GridMarket Facilitated Project at Paul Quinn College

  • Paul Quinn College (TX)
  • GridMarket (NY)

GridMarket worked with Paul Quinn College to help them identify and maximize their unique DER opportunities.

GridMarket -- an energy consumer advocate and distributed energy resources project facilitation platform -- conducted a ...

  • Posted Sept. 11, 2020
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Office of Sustainability Living Lab Case Study

  • Gonzaga University (WA)

The Gonzaga University Office of Sustainability is the living lab for testing renewable energy technologies on Gonzaga’s campus. The purpose of this student initiative is to push for renewable ...

A Machine Learning Based Tool for the Assessment of Energy Consumption in K-12 Schools

  • Florida Institute of Technology (FL)

Energy costs are the second highest operational expense for K-12 schools in the United States. Improving energy efficiency and moving towards sustainable school buildings not only result in substantial cost ...

Impacts of technology-guided occupant behavior on air-conditioning system control and building energy use

  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Occupant behavior is an important factor affecting building energy consumption. Many studies have been conducted recently to model occupant behavior and analyze its impact on building energy use. However, to ...

Benchmarking Energy Use at University of Almeria

  • Universidad de Almería (Almeria)
  • Universidad Internacional de La Rioja (UNIR) (la Rioja)

Several factors impact the energy use of university campus buildings. This study aims to benchmark the energy use in universities with Mediterranean climates. The University of Almeria campus was used ...

Barriers, potentialities, and actions for implementation of sustainable energy procedures in Brazilian federal universities

  • Universidade federal de Santa Maria

Many universities around the world have served as active centers for research on climate change. However, there are several barriers to their activities, stemming from the nature of research, resources ...

  • Posted April 17, 2020
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The Effects of Energy Dashboards and Competition Programming on Cyclic Electricity Consumption on a College Campus

  • Western Michigan University (MI)

This report examined issues pertaining to the efficacy and cost effectiveness of energy dashboards in the effort to influence electricity-related behavior change on college campuses. Given the increasing popularity of ...

  • Posted April 17, 2020
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The Workability of Dominican University of California (DUoC) Transitioning to a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Program Energy Supply

  • University of San Francisco (CA)

For almost 10 years Community Choice Aggregation (CCA), or community based energy programs, have been developing and or providing clean energy resources to both commercial and residential customers in various ...

  • Posted March 6, 2020
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The relationship between energy use and space use of higher educational buildings in subtropical Australia

  • Griffith University (Queensland)

With an aim to understand the impact of a variety of space usage on the building energy consumption in university campuses, this study selected 122 university buildings located in subtropical ...

  • Posted March 5, 2020
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Making the Case for Campus-Wide Energy Monitoring and Student-Led Initiatives for Implementation

  • Creighton University (NE)

We present the case for campus-wide energy monitoring, a community-engaged energy dashboard, and how these initiatives become feasible with student leadership. At Creighton University, we have developed a holistic, detailed ...

  • Posted Dec. 4, 2019
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Design of higher education teaching models and carbon impacts

  • The Open University

Purpose – This research aims to examine the main findings of the SusTEACH study of the carbon-based environmental impacts of 30 higher education (HE) courses in 15 UK institutions, based on ...

  • Posted July 19, 2019
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Design and Life Cycle Cost of a Vertical Ground Source Heat Exchange System for the Smith College Field House

  • Smith College (MA)

Committed to becoming a carbon neutral campus by 2030, Smith College is transitioning towards geothermal energy for campus heating and cooling. Energy consultants have been hired to conduct an economic ...

Delta College Living Wall

  • Delta College (MI)

The campus Health Professions Building North atrium at Delta College showcases a living wall, an architectural feature and natural ventilation system that acts as a bio filter to improve air ...

Michigan Tech Sustainability Demonstration House

  • Michigan Technological University (MI)

The goal of Sustainability Demonstration House (SDH) project is to retrofit the former University President’s residence, built in 1953, titled the Kettle-Gundlach Building into a sustainability demonstration house. The ...

AASHE Webinar: Retrofitting Existing Buildings for Energy Efficiency and Demand Response

  • Western Michigan University (MI)
  • AASHE (PA)
  • Cypress Envirosystems (CA)

This is an educational webinar presented by AASHE Business Leader Cypress Envirosystems.
Compared with new facilities, existing buildings and plants often have legacy equipment which waste energy, require more maintenance ...

  • Posted April 12, 2018
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Energy Storage Strategies for the University of New Hampshire: A Feasibility Analysis of Energy Storage Opportunities on the Durham Campus

  • University of New Hampshire (NH)

Energy storage systems manage the power supply in order to create a more resilient energy structure, incorporate cleaner energy sources, and to bring cost savings to utilities and consumers. [2 ...

  • Posted April 11, 2018
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Using Energy and Water Reduction Competitions to Effect Tangible Change

  • AASHE (PA)
  • BuildingOS (CA)

This webinar provides a better understanding of how to coordinate campus energy and water reduction competitions. Learn how to facilitate an effective competition on campus to inspire behavioral change and ...

  • Posted April 3, 2018
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Energy planning of university campus building complex: Energy usage and coincidental analysis of individual buildings with a case study

  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • Zhejiang University
  • Nanjing University of Science & Technology

As the demonstration of eco-communities, energy planning becomes more and more important for university campus. However, insufficient energy use data accumulation has been a significant barrier against fully understanding of ...

  • Posted Dec. 22, 2017
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Visualization of energy and water consumption and GHG emissions: A case study of a Canadian University Campus

  • Carleton University (ON)

Campuses, communities, and other building clusters are major users of energy and water and thus can have a significant environmental impact. Frequently, their buildings’ resource consumption is metered to various ...

  • Posted Dec. 22, 2017
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Energy use assessment of educational buildings: Toward a campus-wide sustainable energy policy

  • Texas A&M University (TX)
  • University of Florida (FL)
  • Queensland University of Technology

The purpose of this article is to assess the viability of blanket sustainability policies, such as Building Rating Systems in achieving energy efficiency in university campus buildings. We analyzed the ...

  • Posted Dec. 12, 2017
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Using indicators to profile energy consumption and to inform energy policy in a university—A case study in Ireland

  • University College Cork - National University of Ireland, Cork (Co. Cork)

The services sector has the least amount of energy end use data available, which poses significant challenges to companies within the sector attempting to benchmark their energy performance and inform ...

  • Posted June 22, 2017
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University of California, Climate Lab, Video Series Episode Five: The fight to rethink (and reinvent) nuclear power

  • University of California, Office of the President (CA)

This is the fifth episode of Climate Lab, a six-part series produced by the University of California in partnership with Vox. Hosted by Emmy-nominated conservation scientist Dr. M. Sanjayan, the ...

  • Posted May 22, 2017
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University Colloquium | Service Learning Project

  • Florida Gulf Coast University (FL)

This video was created by students for a colloquium class project to address some of the projects and initiatives FGCU does to decrease our carbon footprint within the energy sector ...

  • Posted May 15, 2017
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The Nitrogen Footprint Tool Network: A Multi-Institution Program to Research and Reduce Nitrogen Pollution

  • University of Virginia (VA)
  • Eastern Mennonite University (VA)
  • Brown University (RI)
  • Dickinson College (PA)
  • Colorado State University (CO)
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (DC)
  • University of New Hampshire (NH)
  • University of Chicago (IL)

Humans release reactive nitrogen into the environment at a rate that is 4 to 5 times as large as from natural terrestrial processes. They do this by producing and applying ...

  • Posted April 26, 2017
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Do Green Buildings Outperform Conventional Buildings? Indoor Environment and Energy Performance in North American Offices

A comprehensive post-occupancy investigation of the performance of ìgreenî and ìconventionalî office buildings has been completed. The study included occupant surveys and physical building and energy use data collected from ...

  • Posted March 20, 2017
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Promoting energy efficiency in a South African university

  • University of Johannesburg (Gauteng)

Electricity supply issues have resulted in widespread blackouts and increased utility costs in South Africa. This is placing financial pressure on universities as they have limited means of increasing their ...

  • Posted Oct. 28, 2016
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Spartan Treasure Hunt

  • Michigan State University (MI)

In these photos, Michigan State University facilities employees observe equipment while participating in a Spartan Treasure Hunt.

Net Impact Energy Efficiency Project

  • Saint Joseph's University (PA)
  • Net Impact (CA)
  • The Saint Joseph's University Net Impact Undergraduate chapter has been collaborating with R World Energy Solutions—a sustainable energy consultant to business—over the past year in order to ...

  • Posted June 11, 2016
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Powering A Bright Future Discussion Activity on Energy Issues

  • (OR)

Active, personally relevant learning is at the heart of an effective education. This activity takes students and other campus participants through a process of exploring sustainability through small group discussion ...

  • Posted April 11, 2016
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Climate Change Discussion Activity

  • (OR)

Active, personally relevant learning is at the heart of an effective education. This

activity takes students or other campus participants through a process of exploring sustainability through small group discussion ...

  • Posted April 11, 2016
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