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Plastic Entanglements: Ecology, Aesthetics, Materials

  • Pennsylvania State University (PA)

The exhibition, PLASTIC ENTANGLEMENTS: Ecology, Aesthetics, Materials was on view at Penn State’s Palmer Museum of Art from February 13, 2018 to June 17, 2018 with additional commissioned and ...

University of California Irvine's PUMP2PLUG Electric Vehicle Adoption Program

  • University of California, Irvine (CA)

The UCI Pump2Plug Electric Vehicle (EV) Adoption Program is widely recognized as the first university incentive program for EV adoption through the replacement of gas-powered vehicles with electric vehicles. With ...

UC Merced's 1st Annual Earth Month Celebration

  • University of California, Merced (CA)

Earth Month was an opportunity for UC Merced organizations and departments as well as Merced Community members to come together in an effort to increase student engagement with our campus ...

Suffolk County Community College's Arbor Day Celebration!

  • Suffolk County Community College (NY)

Celebrating being recognized as a Tree Campus USA for the second year in a row. Students gathered as the award was presented to the Campus Dean. They then took advantage ...

  • Posted April 26, 2018
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Communications Networking Meeting

  • Princeton University (NJ)

The networking meeting will provide an opportunity for those engaged in communications to meet and share ideas and best practices.

  • Posted Dec. 1, 2017
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Communicating Sustainability Through Social Media

  • Colgate University (NY)
  • Lehigh University (PA)
  • University of Maryland, College Park (MD)

In order to reap the full benefits of engaging your campus community and the public in sustainability through social media, it is important to think about strategies to better leverage ...

  • Posted Dec. 1, 2017
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Exploring the Web-based Promotion of Sustainability in KBOR Institutions: Strategies for Design & Implications for Practice

  • Pittsburg State University (KS)

To more fully understand how the concept of sustainability is represented by institutions of higher education in the state of Kansas, a scoping review of web-based content through university websites ...

  • Posted Dec. 1, 2017
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Modern Sustainability

  • Kauai Community College (HI)

RECENT PROJECTS: Beach Cleanup Caddy (complete - STEM grant award pending - awaiting field testing) Assembled a cart system specifically designed for beach cleanups, outfitted with a detachable metal waste bin, wheel ...

Branding our Waste: Creating College-Specific Recycling Signage through Collaboration

  • Red River College (MB)

In an ongoing effort to improve the effectiveness of our waste and recycling programs, Red River College set about redesigning our hallway waste and recycling signage (Pitch In signs) in ...

COAST – a groundbreaking alternative transportation program at the University of Houston

  • University of Houston (TX)

COAST- Coogs on Alternative Sustainable Transportation, a new alternative transportation incentive program developed by the University of Houston’s Parking and Transportation Services department, is revolutionizing the way people commute ...

Social media for environmental sustainability awareness in higher education

  • University of Malaya

Purpose: The explosion of social media use such as Facebook among higher education students is deemed to have great potential in widely disseminating environmental sustainability awareness. The paper aims to ...

MUSC Earth Day 2017

  • Medical University of South Carolina (SC)

Charleston, SC – In celebration of Earth Day, MUSC’s Sustainability Program hosted its 9th Annual Earth Day Celebration in the MUSC Horseshoe on April 12th, 2017 from 11am – 2pm.

MUSC ...

  • Posted April 27, 2017
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University at Albany Trashion Fashion show

  • University at Albany (NY)

This is a picture of our Trashion Fashion award winners. Trashion Fashion is the annual centerpiece event of Recyclemania. The Office of Sustainability partners with the Office of Residential Life ...

  • Posted Sept. 12, 2016
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Communicating Sustainability Online: An Examination of Corporate, Nonprofit, and University Websites

  • Pennsylvania State University (PA)

Sustainability, here defined as environmental quality and well-being, has emerged as a core business strategy and a focal area of investigation among communication scholars. This study analyzed sustainability landing pages ...

  • Posted July 28, 2016
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A Big Hairy Audacious Goal: Marketing University Sustainability Credentials

  • University of Leeds (West Yorkshire)
  • St. Lawrence University (NY)
  • Ithaca College (NY)
  • University of Plymouth (Devon)
  • Bradford University (West Yorkshire)
  • Northland College (WI)
  • College of the Atlantic (ME)
  • University of Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire)

This paper explores the potential recruitment and retention benefits arising from the marketing of University of Plymouth’s sustainability credentials. It attempts this by:

  • reviewing academic and professional literature on ...
  • Posted June 27, 2016
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Rescued Food Feast

  • Arizona State University (AZ)
  • Aramark Higher Education (PA)

The Rescued Food Feast was an event held at Arizona State University and was a collaboration between the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, Aramark Higher Education, Sprouts Farmers ...

  • Posted June 11, 2016
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BEE / HOUSE / LAB International Design Competition

  • University of Manitoba (MB)

BEE / HOUSE / LAB is an international design competition hosted by the University of Manitoba and open to students and designers in the field of environmental design, architecture, landscape architecture, industrial ...

  • Posted June 10, 2016
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Plant-Powered Dining @ Cornell University

  • Cornell University (NY)

Student Sustainability coordinators sought to do something in line with these initiatives at Cornell. Many universities have adopted versions of a “Meatless Monday” program, or have an all-vegetarian dining hall ...

  • Posted June 10, 2016
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Ohio University Move-Out Sustainability Project

  • Ohio University (OH)

Each year during student Move Out week, Ohio University's Department of Recycling and Zero Waste partners with the City of Athens, Athens Hocking Recycling Center, local businesses, community non-profit ...

Development of a Novel Food Waste Collection Kiosk and Waste-to-Energy Business Model

  • University of Toledo (OH)

The US generates more than 37 million metric tons of food waste each year and over 95% of it is disposed of at US landfills. This paper describes the development ...

UC Cool Campus Challenge

  • University of California, Office of the President (CA)

In the fall of 2015, the Cool Campus Challenge (CCC) engaged nearly 20,000 staff, students and faculty at the University of California (UC) in an online pledge campaign aimed ...

Reusable water bottle for incoming freshmen

  • University of Michigan (MI)

Reusable water bottles are being provided to all incoming freshmen at the University of Michigan as a Planet Blue Sustainability initiative. The project was piloted for 3 years and is ...

University of New Hampshire Dumpster Dive

  • University of New Hampshire (NH)

The “Earth Day Dumpster Dive,” was organized by the UNH Sustainability Institute and the Zero Waste Task Force and sought to examine the waste habits of the campus community in ...

Student Recreation Center Facility Sustainability- A look at marketing messages

  • Washington State University, Pullman (WA)

The Washington State University Student Recreation Center (SRC) is committed to sustainability. They created a sustainability statement, sustainable benchmarks, and changed habits but they have not stopped there. The SRC ...

  • Posted Feb. 26, 2016
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UC San Diego vs. Preuss Ecology Club - Top Down vs Bottom Up

  • University of California, San Diego (CA)

For a university like UC San Diego (UCSD), it appears that they are at the forefront of most innovative environmental projects and objectives. However, as they continue to receive national ...

  • Posted Feb. 24, 2016
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