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Toxic Art: Sustainable Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage for Pigment Production

  • Ohio University (OH)
  • Rural Action (OH)

This exemplary sustainability project utilizes an Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)-to-Paint Pigment treatment technology developed by Guy Riefler and John Sabraw at Ohio University to simultaneously benefit the environment, the ...

Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (MS)

  • University at Buffalo (NY)

Students pursuing the EWRE degree follow a single set of course requirements with considerable flexibility in selection of elective classes.

Some of the top priorities concerning environmental engineers are the ...

  • Posted Sept. 5, 2019
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A Six Mile-Long Living Laboratory: Publishable Student Research to Foster Sustainability and Resilience in Austin’s Waller Creek

  • University of Texas at Austin (TX)

Over the past decade, a comprehensive approach to research in Waller Creek—the urban stream that bisects The University of Texas at Austin—was developed by faculty in the College ...

Analyzing Ecological Integrity: An Assessment of Princeton University’s Natural Areas

  • Princeton University (NJ)

How can aerial images be used to interpret land use-changes? What can lake sedimentation tell us about erosion patterns? To what extent do forest patches act as stream buffers? How ...

Watershed UGA: A living laboratory transforming campus and community through teaching, research and service

  • University of Georgia (GA)

Watershed UGA created a vision and framework for using the campus as a living laboratory to advance sustainability through teaching, research, public service and outreach, and university operations. We are ...

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Earth Week

  • University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (WI)

The Sustainability Office celebrated Earth Day with an entire week of activities recognizing the relationship each individual has with the environment. A variety of interactive events included garden and greenhouse ...

  • Posted April 28, 2017
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Parkerson Mill Creek restoration after one growing season

  • Auburn University (AL)

This is Parkerson Mill Creek one growing season after completion of the stream restoration project.

Watershed UGA: Creating a University-wide Culture of Sustainability

  • University of Georgia (GA)

Thanks to funding and inspiration from the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, in 2015 the University of Georgia and its community partners have created a vision and framework for using campus ...

  • Posted June 11, 2016
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Duke Water Reclamation Pond

  • Duke University (NC)

After a severe drought in 2007, Duke spearheaded water reclamation projects across campus. The 5.5 acre reclamation pond collects storm water from 22% of Duke's main campus, over ...

  • Posted June 10, 2016
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Watershed UGA; A living laboratory transforming campus and community through teaching, research and service.

  • University of Georgia (GA)

This case study will introduce a new initiative at the University of Georgia, Watershed UGA, designed to engage the campus community in sustainability through campus watersheds. This transformative university-wide model ...

  • Posted Feb. 26, 2016
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Environmental Challeges and Sustainable Solutions of Natural and Built Environments

  • Princeton University (NJ)

Success of integrating sustainable practices into curricula requires communication, collaboration, and coordination of education, research, university staff, and community partnerships. Princeton University Environmental Studies Program is implementing a "Real World ...

  • Posted Feb. 26, 2016
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A Plan for the Restoration and Revitalization of East Campus Creek

  • James Madison University (VA)

James Madison University's East Campus Creek, an intermittent tributary of Blacks Run and part of the greater Chesapeake Bay watershed, has become degraded as a result of channel reconstruction ...

  • Posted Feb. 24, 2016
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Watershed UGA

  • University of Georgia (GA)

With funding from the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, the University of Georgia (UGA) is leveraging a current town/gown campus stream restoration initiative to create a transformative experience in sustainability ...