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Equity, Justice, & Sustainability

  • Georgia Institute of Technology (GA)

This tool helps students understand how social context can influence the success or failure of projects; as a result, students will learn to design their own projects, both local and ...

The Role of Universities in a Sustainable Society. Why Value-Free Research is Neither Possible nor Desirable

  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Oberbayern)

The current climate crisis confronts us with a deep discrepancy between knowledge and action. Therefore, this article is looking for a readjustment of the relationship between science and society. The ...

Using research methods courses to teach students about sustainable development – a three-phase model for a transformative learning experience

  • Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart/University of Applied Sciences (HFT) (Stuttgart)

Purpose Learning about sustainable development in dedicated curricula can be beneficial for students’ personal and professional development and societies alike. However, for various reasons the implementation of sustainable development modules ...

Questions that Need Answers: Resolving Data Gaps as an Opportunity for Communities and Universities

  • Sustainable Development Solutions Network (NY)

As research deepens around the sustainable economy, theoretical and analytical gaps in knowledge are becoming clearer. Universities can use this information, and their position as interdisciplinary institutions, to direct their ...

  • Posted Dec. 4, 2019
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The Power of Small Steps: Making Psychology Accessible to Practitioners Through Small Experiments

  • University of Michigan (MI)

Campus sustainability offices are often expected to create sustainable, durable cultural change without inconveniencing the students, faculty, or staff at the universities and colleges at which they work. This task ...

  • Posted Dec. 4, 2019
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Characteristics of UK higher education institutions that disclose sustainability reports

  • University of Hamburg

This study aims to focus on the following research question: Which institutional characteristics are associated with sustainability reporting by UK higher education institutions?

To answer the aforementioned research question, this ...

  • Posted Dec. 21, 2018
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Building student capacity to lead sustainability transitions in the food system through farm-based authentic research modules in sustainability sciences (FARMS)

  • Dartmouth College (NH)
  • Montana State University (MT)

Undergraduate courses provide valuable opportunities to train and empower students with the knowledge, skills, and motivation to advance society in more sustainable directions. This article emphasizes the value of bridging ...

Developing Boundary-Spanning Capacity for Regional Sustainability Transitions—A Comparative Case Study of the Universities of Augsburg (Germany) and Linz (Austria)

  • University of Marburg

The potential of universities to become ‘change agents’ for sustainability has increasingly been highlighted in the literature. Some largely open questions are how universities get involved in regional sustainability transitions ...

Developing and Testing a Method to Measure Academic Societal Impact

  • University of Kent
  • University of The South Pacific (Central Division)
  • University of Coimbra

This paper aims to extend understanding of the business and societal impact of academic research. From a business school perspective, it has taken stock of the role of academic research ...

From Basic Research to Applied Solutions: are two approaches to sustainability science emerging?

  • Arizona State University (AZ)
  • Duke University (NC)

Despite its widespread emergence and adoption, sustainability science continues to suffer from definitional ambiguity within the academe. A review of efforts to provide direction and structure to the science reveal ...

Institutionalizing Research in Sustainability in the Context of Competing University Priorities

  • Green Mountain College (VT)
  • University of California, Santa Barbara (CA)
  • AASHE (PA)

This webinar will continue the conversation started in the first "Research in Sustainability" webinar. Presenters will focus on different models and strategies that support integrating research with operations in the ...

  • Posted March 22, 2018
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Teaching Social Research Methods on an International, Collaborative Environment & Sustainability Degree Programme: Exploring plagiarism, group work, and formative feedback

International collaboration is central to the Sustainable Development agenda given environmental challenges that span national boundaries. Education for Sustainability therefore needs to account for international/intercultural understandings, such as though ...