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Modern industrial food production often has deleterious environmental and social impacts. Institutions can use their food purchases to support their local economies; encourage safe, environmentally friendly and humane farming methods; and help eliminate unsafe working conditions and alleviate poverty for farmers. These actions help reduce environmental impacts, preserve regional farmland, improve local food security, and support fair and resilient food systems. Dining services can also support sustainable food systems by preventing food waste and diverting food materials from the waste stream, by making low impact dining options available, and by educating its customers about more sustainable options and practices.

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Good Food, Good Data, Big Impact: Innovative Approaches to Capturing Farm to Institution Impact

  • Michigan State University (MI)
  • Real Food Challenge (MA)

Interest in purchasing and serving local foods in campus dining continues to grow, but documenting and quantifying the benefits and impacts of these purchases, including for local producers, is challenging ...

  • Posted Nov. 15, 2021
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Recycling Food Waste on the Fly: Using Black Soldier Fly to Recycle Food Waste at LSU

  • Louisiana State University (LA)

We would like to present on how LSU is using the Black Solider Fly insect to recycle the pre and post-consumer food waste from LSU, turning the waste into fertilizer ...

  • Posted Nov. 15, 2021
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Campus Farmers and Growers Networking Meeting

  • Loyola University Chicago (IL)
  • University of Utah (UT)
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (WI)

Join other campus farmers and food system advocates in creating a robust, interdisciplinary network of campus-based growers and partners at our second annual networking meeting. Find someone in your region ...

  • Posted Nov. 15, 2021
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#GCSHE 2021 Cookbook

  • AASHE (PA)

Do some cooking in the kitchen with AASHE’s first-ever, community-curated cookbook. Be careful, you may get hungry looking through all the great recipes. Happy cooking!

Comparison of Single-Use and Reusable Food Packaging Using a Life Cycle Assessment Approach

  • Michigan Technological University (MI)

This report was prepared by students at Michigan Technological University as part of the Consumer Product Manufacturing and Green Campus Enterprises to illustrate life cycle and sustabnibility by comparing single-use ...

  • Posted Oct. 22, 2021
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Strategic Plan for Sustainable Agriculture Project

  • Grand Valley State University (MI)

The GVSU Sustainable Agriculture Project is a collaboration between students, faculty, and staff to experience sustainable agriculture on the Allendale Campus. The project began with a group of students in ...

Warrior Food Distribution

  • California State University, Stanislaus (CA)

Warrior Food Distribution, a collaboration between the Stanislaus State chapter of the California Faculty Association (CFA), Student Affair's Warrior Food Pantry, and our community partner, the United Samaritans Foundation ...


  • Florida Gulf Coast University (FL)

FGCU photos for 2021 Sustainable Campus Index (SCI)

Pacific food and dining

  • University of the Pacific (CA)

Food and Dining

Bates College students working in the organic, no-till student garden.

  • Bates College (ME)

Bates College students working in the organic, no-till student garden.

LCC Students at the Learning Garden

  • Lane Community College (OR)

Lane Community College Students harvesting kale at the Learning Garden

PCC Students Visit Portlandia Farmstandia

  • Portland Community College (OR)

Students shop for fresh veggies and honey harvested on campus while visiting Portland Community College's farm stand, also referred to as Portlandia Farmstandia. This photo was taken prior to ...

Sterling College Break Free from Plastic Pledge

  • Sterling College (VT) (VT)

Sterling College proudly displays their signed #BreakFreeFromPlastic Campus pledge, which guides colleges and universities towards single-use plastic elimination and waste elimination. Sterling College, a federally designated Work College in Vermont ...

The R'Garden

  • University of California, Riverside (CA)

The R'Garden is a community garden at University of California, Riverside that is committed to increasing local food access in Riverside and emphasizing the importance of a sustainable food ...


  • Mohammed VI Polytechnic University

The SD Ambassadors 2021 organized collecting funds campaigns in the 2nd edition of UM6P Food Bank.

Sterling College EcoGather

  • Sterling College (VT) (VT)

Place-Based, Community-Focused Education - Sterling College is in the process of developing EcoGather, a higher education platform designed to advance ecological thinking and action as a foundation for building regenerative communities ...

Moving from “Sustaina-splaining” to Inclusion: Three Practitioners’ Learning Journeys

  • University of California, Santa Cruz (CA)

These are photos to support the essay titled "Moving from “Sustaina-splaining” to Inclusion: Three Practitioners’ Learning Journeys" in the "No Sustainability Without Justice" essay series.

GVSU Sustainable Agriculture Project and New City Neighbors Partnership

  • Grand Valley State University (MI)

A 30 x 168 ft. Gothic-style hoophouse was being erected at Grand Valley State University’s Sustainable Agriculture Project on November 17, 2020. Employees from Nifty Hoops, New City Neighbors ...

UCCS Food Next Door | Farm Subscription Program

  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs (CO)

The Food Next Door Farm Subscription Program at University of Colorado Colorado Springs was created to support community food security and literacy. Through the program, a participant buys a subscription ...

Farm Photos from Dickinson College

  • Dickinson College (PA)

Farming at Dickinson College

2020 Sustainable Career Panel Series: Corporate Sustainability

  • Villanova University (PA)

This panel series highlights the amazing work Villanova alumni are doing to create a sustainable future for all of us. The Corporate Sustainability panel will feature: Alex Floyd the Senior ...

  • Posted June 10, 2021
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Food Choice and Waste in University Dining Commons—A Menus of Change University Research Collaborative Study

  • Lebanon Valley College (PA)
  • Rice University (TX)
  • University of California, Santa Barbara (CA)
  • University of California, Berkeley (CA)
  • University of California, Davis (CA)

The purpose of this multi-campus research was to investigate the relationships of food type and personal factors with food choice, consumption, and waste behaviors of college students at all-you-care-to-eat dining ...

Towards an equity competency model for sustainable food systems education programs

  • Columbia University (NY)
  • Middlebury College (VT)
  • Teachers College, Columbia University (NY)
  • Tufts University (MA)
  • University of New Hampshire (NH)
  • University of British Columbia (BC)
  • American Museum of Natural History (NY)

Addressing social inequities has been recognized as foundational to transforming food systems. Activists and scholars have critiqued food movements as lacking an orientation towards addressing issues of social justice. To ...

Farming on the Campus Quad

  • Duke University (NC)
  • Green Mountain College (VT)
  • University of Colorado Boulder (CO)
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst (MA)

This article covers how universities have promoted local and organic farming by giving their students land to grow their own gardens on campus.

Reducing Scope Three Carbon Emissions Through Behavior Change & Menu Labeling

  • University of California, Berkeley (CA)

In October 2020, UC Berkeley’s Cal Dining implemented carbon emission labels to better inform customers about the carbon impact of the recipes served in the dining hall. Student researchers ...

Mitigating Carbon Emissions While Staying In Business: A Case Study of Longview Farm

  • Smith College (MA)

Smith College has aggressive goals for greenhouse gas emissions reduction and local food procurement. In an effort to understand supply chain emissions associated with food, students in the Environmental Science ...

Cascadia Cornucopia Food Forest as a prototype for food permaculture areas on campuses

  • Cascadia College (WA)

The Cascadia Food Forest is an example of an integrated learning project at Cascadia College. It was designed to facilitate learning opportunities outside the classroom. The food forest is a ...

The People’s Fridge- A Community Fridge to Reduce Food Insecurity and Food Waste

  • University of California, Merced (CA)

The People’s Fridge is a community fridge in Merced, California at a local community garden which also holds a free food distribution every Saturday called the Pop-Up People’s ...

Addressing Food and Housing Security among NC State University Students

  • North Carolina State University (NC)

Since February 2018, when a report on student hunger and homelessness on NC State University's campus was released, the campus community has generated increased resources for students, conducted ongoing ...

How Brandeis reduced our food carbon footprint over 20% in its first sustainable dining program

  • Brandeis University (MA)

This case study reviews how Brandeis harnessed the RFP and contracting process for a new dining vendor in 2019-2021 to make huge and first-ever strides in sustainability in our dining ...

Planting the Pond

  • Western Dakota Technical College (SD)

For this project, Western Dakota Tech formed an interdisciplinary team comprised of Environmental Engineering, Controlled Environment Agriculture, Electrical Trades, Computer-Aided Design, and Farm and Ranch Management students to design and ...

Bennington College Commons Renovation

  • Bennington College (VT)
  • Efficiency Vermont (VEIC) (VT)

Bennington College’s Commons building is the original center of its 1932 campus plan. This 45,120 square-foot renovation is the first substantial upgrade to the building since its inception ...

“A new understanding and appreciation for the marvel of growing things”: exploring the college farm’s contribution to transformative learning

  • Eastern Kentucky University (KY)

Campus farms and gardens can play a vital role in offering experiential and transformative learning opportunities for students in higher education. Many faculty believe that experiential education in food systems ...

Toward a Healthy and Environmentally Sustainable Campus Food Environment: A Scoping Review of Postsecondary Food Interventions

  • University of Waterloo (ON)

Interventions are urgently needed to transform the food system and shift population eating patterns toward those consistent with human health and environmental sustainability. Postsecondary campuses offer a naturalistic setting to ...

Student food insecurity and the social equity pillar of campus sustainability

  • University of Kansas (KS)

Abstract Purpose

College and university campuses serve as a vital test bed for sustainability solutions of various types. To date, though, campus sustainability efforts have focused more on the environmental ...

Can public universities play a role in fostering seed sovereignty?

  • University of British Columbia (BC)
  • University of Toronto (ON)

Across Canada and the United States, public universities were founded with a mission to contribute to broad societal well-being. Yet, the capacity of public research institutions to develop and disseminate ...

Safety and Sustainability: Reusable Dining during COVID-19

  • Northwestern University (IL)
  • Oregon State University (OR)

As part of the College and University Recycling Coalition 2021 Webinar Series, Northwestern University and Oregon State University developed and presented programs for reusable dining methods during the pandemic. The ...

  • Posted May 4, 2021
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Twinkling SNOW CROWN during Historic Winter Outbreak

  • University of North Texas (TX)

This cauliflower (Twinkle SNOW CROWN) was captured on February 14th, 2021 on snowy day at UNT(University of North Texas) Denton Community Garden. UNT community garden promotes environmental education, to ...

sustainNU Holds Hybrid Planting Workshop

  • Northwestern University (IL)

Northwestern University's Office of Sustainability's (sustainNU) first hybrid event was during Earth Month. With the help of Wild Roots, a student-run garden on campus, and Northwestern Dining, sustainNU ...

ISU Dining Compost Giveaway

  • Iowa State University (IA)

ISU Dining handed out pots, seeds, and compost to students. The compost was from our campus compost facility, which takes in food waste from our dining centers. ISU Dining contributes ...

  • Posted April 23, 2021
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A scoping review of policies promoting and supporting sustainable food systems in the university setting

  • University of Sydney (NSW)

Background Transitioning towards sustainable food systems for the health of the population and planet will require governments and institutions to develop effective governance to support the adoption of sustainable food ...

  • Posted April 22, 2021
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Seminole Dining Celebrates Earth Month

  • Florida State University (FL)
  • Aramark (PA)

Here at Seminole Dining, we’re taking it back to 1970, when Earth Day was created, to celebrate 51 years of tackling environmental issues! To do this, we are celebrating ...

  • Posted April 21, 2021
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North Texas Food Policy Alliance

  • University of Texas at Arlington (TX)

What are Food Policy Councils/Alliances? The first Food Policy Council started 30 years ago in the city of Knoxville. In the last decade Food Policy Councils (also called food ...

  • Posted April 21, 2021
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UCCS Food Next Door | Farm Subscription Program

  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs (CO)

The Food Next Door Farm Subscription Program strives to help fight hunger, promote food access, boost food literacy, and support regional farmers and ranchers in our community.

  • Posted April 21, 2021
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Predicting college students’ intention to purchase local food using the theory of consumption values

  • University of Alabama (AL)

While extensive research has been conducted on local food and consumer behavior, there is little research investigating college students’ intention regarding purchasing local food. The purpose of this study is ...

  • Posted April 8, 2021
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Teaching Sustainability Practice through Service Learning: A Case Study of Reducing Food Waste

  • University of Southern Maine (ME)
  • University of Wyoming (WY)

This case report details the collaboration and integration of three distinct courses using a service-learning approach for a grant-based environmental project at the University of Southern Maine (USM). The focus ...

  • Posted April 8, 2021
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SUNY New Paltz Pivots from Plastic Bottles to Aluminum Cans to Move Beyond Plastics

  • State University of New York at New Paltz (NY)

In the fall of 2020, Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS), which contracts on behalf of SUNY New Paltz for beverages to be distributed through vending machines and the dining services contractor ...

  • Posted Feb. 24, 2021
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How many chickens does it take to make an egg? Animal welfare and environmental benefits of replacing eggs with plant foods at the University of California, and beyond

  • University of California, Santa Barbara (CA)

Our question “How many chickens does it take to make an egg?” was inspired by the successful replacement of egg-based mayonnaise with plant-based mayonnaise in general dining at the University ...

  • Posted Feb. 19, 2021
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Higher education and food waste: assessing current trends

  • Allegheny College (PA)
  • University of Passo Fundo
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz
  • Università di Verona

Food waste is a considerable sustainability challenge, and many universities around the world are engaged in food waste prevention. University canteens offer opportunities for prevention of food waste by steering ...

  • Posted Feb. 19, 2021
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Is the college farm sustainable? A reflective essay from Davidson College

  • Davidson College (NC)

Campus farms and gardens are proliferating across college and university campuses. While they may have unique missions, at their core those missions often include promoting student learning, campus sustainability, and ...

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