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University of Northern Colorado Student Leadership for Environmental Action Fund (Student LEAF)

  • University of Northern Colorado (CO)

Student LEAF is a student driven environmental action fund run by a committee of 7 students advised by one faculty and one facilities staff member.

The mission of Student LEAF ...

University of Memphis - Green Fee

  • University of Memphis (TN)

The Sustainability Fee, commonly known as the Green Fee, at the University of Memphis, was initiated by students and launched in 2007. The purpose of the fee is to support ...

Developing a Green Fund

  • University of Nebraska - Lincoln (NE)

The Green Fund at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln (UNL) is a pool of money that is available to all students to do projects on campus that relate to creating ...

  • Posted Dec. 1, 2017
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Leveraging Student Activity Fees to Catalyze High Impact Sustainability Projects

  • Bowling Green State University (OH)
  • Sightlines (CT)

According to the AASHE Campus Sustainability Revolving Loan Funds Database, the growth of Green Revolving Funds (GRFs) has exploded to include over 80 institutions representing over $100 Million. Techniques behind ...

  • Posted Dec. 1, 2017
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Students Contribute Record-Breaking $6 Million to Student Green Energy Fund

  • University of South Florida (FL)

The purpose of the Student Green Energy Fund is to provide an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to present formal proposals to a governing Fund Council with the goal ...

McGill University's Sustainability Projects Fund

  • McGill University (QC)

The Sustainability Projects Fund (SPF) is a crown jewel of McGill University’s sustainability efforts and a best-practice model for universities. The SPF’s main goal is to build a ...

Johnson County Community College Student Sustainability Committee

  • Johnson County Community College (KS)

As a broadly effective, innovative, engaging, and replicable project, Johnson County Community College’s Student Sustainability Committee [the SSC, the Committee] is a compelling and powerful tool for developing student ...

Bike Rentals, Education and Outreach: Creating student-led jobs, leadership positions, and access at a commuter college.

  • Portland Community College (OR)

The Bike Program funded 100% by student activity fees was launched in January 12, 2012 to increase access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable transportation at the PCC Cascade Campus. Through ...

  • Posted Nov. 18, 2016
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Supporting Solar Energy through a Student-Financed Renewable Energy Initiative

  • Appalachian State University (NC)
  • Second Nature (MA)
  • Midwest Renewable Energy Association (WI)

The "Solar University Network: Innovation in Solar Energy Finance & Development" case study series highlights higher education investment in solar energy projects. The purpose of these case studies is to ...

  • Posted Sept. 12, 2016
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New Student Sustainability Fee Impacts Buildings, Research, and Student Activities

  • Frostburg State University (MD)

A part of the newly implemented Student Sustainability Fee was allocated to competitive grants open to students, faculty and staff. In the first round of competition, the fee was able ...

Framing Sustainability for the Free, Frugal, and Fit & Fabulous

  • Utah State University (UT)

Selling Utah State University students on a new ‘Blue Goes Green’ fee to fund sustainability projects on campus has involved connecting sustainability with the students’ desires for freedom, saving money ...

  • Posted Aug. 23, 2016
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Student-Driven Energy Independence: A Case Study of Humboldt Energy Independence Fund

  • Humboldt State University (CA)

This thesis is an evaluative case study of the Humboldt Energy Independence Fund (HEIF). I use this case study to locate the Humboldt Energy Independence Fund within a broader movement ...

  • Posted Feb. 24, 2016
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Student Green Fund Implementation in U.S. Colleges and Universities from 1973-2010

  • Harvard University (MA)
  • University of Vermont (VT)

College campuses across the U.S. and abroad have seen a growth of student campaigns to take institutional action on climate change. The campus sustainability movement, an outgrowth of the ...

  • Posted Feb. 24, 2016
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Student Green Funds: 1997 - 2009

  • University of Texas at Austin (TX)

While all institutions and individuals share an obligation to pursue their daily activities in recognition of future generations under the sustainability concept, institutions of higher education have a unique responsibility ...

  • Posted Feb. 24, 2016
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Green Action Fund

  • University of Colorado Colorado Springs (CO)

The Green Action Fund is a student-initiated, student-funded, student-led committee that aims to reduce the ecological footprint of UCCS. They promote sustainable environmental, social and economic values through student-sponsored projects ...

  • Posted June 19, 2015
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Implementation of a Student Sustainability Fund at Missouri State University

  • Missouri State University (MO)

The purpose of the Student Sustainability Fund (hereafter referred to as the SustainaFund) is to provide the means to implement student-initiated projects on the Missouri State University-Springfield campus that focus ...

The Campus Sustainability Fund at the University of Washington

  • University of Washington, Seattle (WA)

The Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) is a student-funded and student-led initiative which launched in the fall of 2010 at the University of Washington (UW) with the mission of fostering campus ...

  • Posted June 24, 2011
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