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Understanding the factors influencing recycling behavior in college students: the role of interpersonal altruism and environmental concern

  • National Taichung University of Science and Technology
  • Ming Chuan University
  • National Quemoy University

The purpose of this study is to develop and empirically test a model that can predict factors affecting student recycling behavior. The theoretical model was based on motivation, place attachment ...

The effect of information source on higher education students’ sustainability knowledge

  • Michigan State University (MI)
  • University of Michigan (MI)

When it comes to what higher education students know about sustainability, where they learn matters. In this study, we explore the extent to which students’ level of sustainability knowledge differed ...

Undergraduates in a Sustainability Semester: Models of social change for sustainability

  • Michigan State University (MI)

This was a qualitative case study aimed to understand the impact of sustainability education on undergraduate students after one term of course enrollment. It was found that while students’ models ...

Infusing Sustainability into the Curriculum

  • Swarthmore College (PA)

Name: Colin Donahue Project Mentors: Carr Everbach Project board Members: Carr Everbach, Aurora Winslade, Joy Charlton, Betsy Bolton, James Padilioni, Jason Martin

The climate crisis represents one of the greatest ...

"Worry and Hope: What College Students Know, Think, Feel, and Do About Climate Change"

  • University of Hawaii System Office (HI)

There is an urgent need for a comprehensive assessment of climate literacy across higher education institutions in the United States. In addition, there is a need for both research and ...

The Futility and Fatality of Incremental Action: Motivations and Barriers among Undergraduates for Environmental Action that Matters

  • Ithaca College (NY)

Monty Hempel was deeply engaged with the impact of sustainability education on student values and behavior. An important question that he posed was How can sustainability education provide a sound ...

Exploring the consistency of ethical perceptions by business and economics higher education students: Looking from academia towards the corporate world

  • Universidade do Porto
  • University of Minho

Understanding how business and economics higher education students ethically appraise corporate behaviour nowadays may contribute to anticipating how they will behave in the future as corporate actors and leaders. At ...

Fostering Sustainability Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviours through a Tutor-Supported Interdisciplinary Course in Education for Sustainable Development

  • University of Hamburg

Extant research into the efficacy of—especially interdisciplinary—higher education for sustainable development (HESD) is limited. A need exists to investigate students’ development of sustainability knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours. Furthermore ...

How Teaching Affects Student Attitudes towards the Environment and Sustainability in Higher Education: An Instructors’ Perspective

  • The American College of Greece (Aghia Paraskevi)

In the rapidly changing, 21st century globalized world, with increasing environmental pressures and challenges, education for the environment and sustainability is a priority at all levels; from kindergarten to higher ...

First steps towards sustainability? University freshmen perceptions on nature versus environment

  • University of Bayreuth

The Global Earth Overshoot Day, the date when all annually available natural resources are consumed, is set for July this year. For densely populated European countries like Germany or Switzerland ...

Transformative Sustainability Education in Higher Education: Activating Environmental Understanding and Active Citizenship Among Professional Studies Learners

  • Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts (Tel Aviv District)

Transformative sustainability education (TSE) is an uncommon pedagogical practice in higher education, even though it has a positive impact on student learning and behavioral change. This qualitative case study explored ...

Sustainability survey to assess student perspectives

  • Indiana State University (IN)

The purpose of this study is to assess environmental concern at a Midwest university, analyze trends in concern over time and determine the effect of the development of a campus ...

Approaches to teaching and learning for sustainability: Characterizing students’ perceptions

  • University of Cadiz

Sustainability needs to become part of the training of prospective teachers as they will be responsible for educating future generations from this perspective. In this regard, the study objective was ...

Marketing and communicating sustainability through college athletics: the effects of pro-environmental initiatives on the belief-attitude-intention hierarchy

  • Elon University (NC)
  • Florida State University (FL)

This study examines the psychological mechanism of consumers’ environmentally responsible behaviors in college sport. The research is guided by a belief-attitude-intention (B-A-I) hierarchy model. The results revealed that consumers who ...

Responsible Management Education as Socialization: Business Students’ Values, Attitudes and Intentions

  • Nazareth College (NY)
  • Macquarie University (NSW)
  • University of Melbourne (Victoria)

The growing interest in sustainable development in all sectors of the economy has fostered a noteworthy shift toward responsible management education (RME). This emerging view underscores that business schools provide ...

Emotional reactions to climate change and associated coping strategies: a grounded theory study on graduate students of sustainability-related programmes

  • Uppsala University

Climate change is happening. Yet this phenomenon does not only concern the environment, but also has various notable and important psychological implications for individuals in particular and society in general ...

Coping With Climate Change: Examining Emotional Effects and Searching for Solutions

  • University of Vermont (VT)

Inspired by experiences with college students and my own reckoning of the climate crisis, I sought to understand the indirect psychological impacts of climate change on UVM students and what ...

Student perceptions of reflection and the acquisition of higher-order thinking skills in a university sustainability course

  • McMaster University (ON)

Sustainability challenges are complex and call for the effective development of knowledge, skills, and abilities in current and new leaders. New offerings in higher education provide sustainability training to complement ...

Green Building, Green Behavior? An Analysis of Building Characteristics that Support Environmentally Responsible Behaviors

  • Texas Tech University (TX)

This study examines the environmentally responsible behaviors (ERBs) of undergraduates (n = 575). ERBs were measured in an online survey and the influence of situational context on behavior was explored at ...

Worry and Hope: What College Students Know, Think, Feel, and Do about Climate Change

  • University of Hawaii System Office (HI)

“Colleges and universities can only thrive if society and the biosphere are healthy. Any institution that is so shortsighted as to pursue its ends without taking into account the interests ...

Funding Campus Sustainability through a Green Fee—Estimating Students’ Willingness to Pay

  • Manhattan College (NY)

Many higher education institutions promote sustainability by instilling environmental awareness within college students, the innovators of the future. As higher education institutions face budgetary constraints to achieve greener campuses, green ...

  • Posted April 23, 2021
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Climate change advocacy: exploring links between student empowerment and civic engagement

  • Illinois State University (IL)
  • Northern State University (SD)

This study identified the attitudes and behaviors of college students regarding their advocacy for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Specifically, perceptions of climate change were assessed and advocacy activities were ...

  • Posted April 23, 2021
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Waste Separation Behaviour of College Students under a Mandatory Policy in China: A Case Study of Zhengzhou City

  • University of Surrey
  • Henan Agricultural University (Henan)

The need for effective solid waste management (SWM) is an important environmental and public health issue. As a key way of minimizing municipal solid waste (MSW), source separation has in ...

  • Posted April 22, 2021
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Long-Term Impact of Study Abroad on Sustainability-Related Attitudes and Behaviors

  • University of Florida (FL)
  • University of Tennessee at Knoxville (TN)

Using study abroad as a vehicle for sustainable education is a growing trend. However, an examination of the impact of study abroad on participants’ sustainability-related attitudes and behaviors years after ...

  • Posted April 22, 2021
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Students, sustainability and education: Results from a survey of students in higher education around the world

  • Students Organising For Sustainability (SOS-UK)

Between April and October 2020, SOS International invited higher education institutions and student-facing organisations to send out a survey designed to gather insight into student experiences of sustainability and education ...

  • Posted April 21, 2021
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How An Arboretum Outreach Activity Changed Students’ Attitudes Towards Sustainable Development

  • Penn State Brandywine (PA)

In Fall 2017, Penn State Brandywine kicked off an initiative titled Sustainovation, emphasizing programming and community collaborations through sustainability and innovation. The campus identified Tyler Arboretum as a community partner ...

  • Posted April 21, 2021
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Defining social change as social action: higher education’s role in addressing social change

  • University of Greenwich

Social issues that need addressing have never been in short supply and, despite regular calls for action, some of them recur with unfortunate regularity. Higher education institutions have a key ...

  • Posted April 8, 2021
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Dealing with global environmental change: the design and validation of the GEC attitude scale

  • Monash University (VIC)
  • University of Vigo
  • University of A Coruña (a Coruña)

Global Environmental Change (GEC) refers to alterations in the structure and functioning of Earth Systems arising from the detrimental effects of human activities in the biophysical and socioeconomic spheres. This ...

  • Posted April 8, 2021
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Students’ attitude toward sustainability and humanitarian engineering education using project-based and international field learning pedagogies

  • University of San Diego (CA)

Environmental sustainability and social contexts are becoming increasingly important concepts. The infusion of sustainability and humanitarian engineering (HE) into the academic core curriculum is often challenging. This study aims to ...

  • Posted April 8, 2021
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Mathematics Applied to the Economy and Sustainable Development Goals: A Necessary Relationship of Dependence

  • Universidad de Murcia (Murcia)

Higher education must include training in sustainability to make all actors aware of the serious problems our planet is facing. Mathematics plays an important role in the achievement of the ...

  • Posted April 8, 2021
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Predicting college students’ intention to purchase local food using the theory of consumption values

  • University of Alabama (AL)

While extensive research has been conducted on local food and consumer behavior, there is little research investigating college students’ intention regarding purchasing local food. The purpose of this study is ...

  • Posted April 8, 2021
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The Buzz about Bee Campuses: Student Thoughts Regarding Pollinator Conservation

  • Louisiana State University (LA)
  • The Ohio State University (OH)
  • University of Kentucky (KY)
  • USDA (IL)

The decline of insect pollinators in North America is alarming because it may have broad effects on multiple industries and ecosystem health (Gallai et al. 2009, Potts et al. 2010 ...

  • Posted April 8, 2021
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Impact of higher education imparted by Indian universities on the pro-sustainability orientation of students

  • Symbiosis International University (Maharashtra)

The purpose of this study is to test a model on pro-sustainability orientation (PSO) among the students and comparison of the levels of PSO among the first-year and the second-year ...

  • Posted Feb. 19, 2021
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An exploratory study of students’ perceptions of environmental issues as social work practice and their understanding of environmental justice

  • Boise State University (ID)
  • Indiana University

As environmental crises continue to rise, the profession of social work in the US is being called to incorporate environmental justice content in the training and education of social workers ...

  • Posted Feb. 19, 2021
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Decoupling responsible management education: Do business schools walk their talk?

  • Seattle University (WA)
  • Western Michigan University (MI)
  • Georgia Institute of Technology (GA)
  • University of Mississippi (MS)
  • Berry College (GA)
  • Kennesaw State University (GA)

Corporate scandals in recent decades have prompted business schools to advance programs to better develop the next generation of responsible business leaders. Despite these efforts, some scholars have raised concerns ...

  • Posted Feb. 19, 2021
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Perceptions of interconnected sustainability: Students’ narratives bridging transition and education

  • University of Helsinki

As sustainability becomes a focal point and important aspect of educational development in several disciplines and universities globally, it is important to critically reflect on the different utilisations of sustainability ...

Investigation of the attitudes of first-year-students towards sustainability and environmental awareness at Széchenyi István University

  • Széchenyi István University

At the Apáczai Csere János Faculty, we have been teaching environmental and sustainability education in teacher training for over 20 years. Trainee teacher are prepared for their future profession - including ...

Internal stakeholders' perspective on lean energy and environmental sustainability: the case of Notre Dame University - Louaize

  • Notre Dame University - Louaize

This study will contribute to the understanding of the relationship between Energy and Environmental Sustainability (EES) Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviours in order to recommend actions to be undertaken by the ...

Predictors of public transport use among university students during the winter: A MIMIC modelling approach

  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The current study aimed to examine attitudinal factors underlying the use of public transport in winter among university students. A self-administered questionnaire survey was conducted among 441 students at the ...

Impact of personality traits and university green entrepreneurial support on students' green entrepreneurial intentions: the moderating role of environmental values

  • Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology
  • Mohammad Ali Jinnah University
  • Iqra University

Purpose The earth needs to go green as it clarifies that humans should adopt a sustainable lifestyle that will be friendly to the environment and society. The emerging stream of ...

Environmental knowledge, attitudes and behavior of higher education students: a case study in Portugal

  • University of Coimbra

The main purpose of this research study is to explore higher education students’ environmental knowledge, attitudes and behavior. To achieve this goal, a questionnaire was conducted among the students of ...

Investigating the impact of problem-oriented sustainability education on students’ identity: A comparative study of planning and liberal arts students

  • Erasmus University Rotterdam

This study uses a grounded theory lite approach to investigate the changes in identity of planning and liberal arts students who studied sustainability in a problem-oriented environment. It was found ...

Mapping the intervention of sustainable design studio using multidimensional scaling and pathfinder networks

  • Eskişehir Technical University

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to investigate undergraduate industrial design students’ perception of sustainable design concepts and how their conceptualization evolves as a function of their attendance to ...

Business students’ value priorities and attitudes towards sustainable development

  • Aalto University

Business students of today are future executives in companies and governments. Therefore, their education for sustainability needs to be carefully considered. However, very little is known about business students in ...

Exploring emerging learning needs: a UK-wide consultation on environmental sustainability learning objectives for medical education

  • University of Bristol
  • University College London (London)
  • University of Hull
  • Centre for Sustainable Healthcare (Oxford)

Objectives: This study aimed to engage wide-ranging stakeholders and develop consensus learning objectives for undergraduate and postgraduate medical education.

Methods: A UK-wide consultation garnered opinions of healthcare students, healthcare educators ...

The use of evidence-informed sustainability scenarios in the nursing curriculum: Development and evaluation of teaching methods

  • University of Plymouth (Devon)

Background Climate change and resource scarcity pose challenges for healthcare in the future, yet there is little to raise awareness about these issues in the nursing curriculum and nurses are ...

A cohort study of sustainability education in nursing

  • University of Plymouth (Devon)

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to assess the contribution of scenario-based learning aimed at raising awareness of sustainability in health-care practitioners. The Lancet Countdown on Climate Change calls ...

Integrating Environmental Sustainability Content Into an RN-to-BSN Program: A Pilot Study

  • University of Michigan-Flint (MI)

BACKGROUND: The link between environmental sustainability, climate change, and health outcomes makes environmental sustainability an important topic for educators to include in nursing curricula.

METHOD: Students completed a sustainability in ...

Worthy of debate: discursive coherence and agreement in the formation of the field of sustainability in higher education

  • Northwestern University (IL)

This article explores the development of shared understanding in the field of environmental sustainability in higher education—a field that began with social movement pressure surrounding contentious issues and evolved ...

When Legitimacy Shapes Environmentally Responsible Behaviors: Considering Exposure to University Sustainability Initiatives

  • Emory University (GA)
  • Oberlin College (OH)
  • University of Chicago (IL)

This study examines how perceptions of the legitimacy of university sustainability efforts—support by the administration (authorization) or from students’ peers (endorsement)—as well as the physical context in which ...