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Solar Microgrid Investment in the US: Financial Modelling Challenges for a University Based Project

  • California State University, San Marcos (CA)

Unlike economies that are still experiencing growth, established markets like the United States have a difficult time generating returns with large upside potential for investors. If an exceptional return is ...

The Impact of Solar-assistance on Electric Golf Carts

  • Georgia College & State University (GA)

In the Condensed Matter Research Lab at Georgia College, we conducted a real-world experiment to quantify the impact of vehicle-mounted solar panels. Our campus golf cart fleet consists of both ...

Our Solar Potential

  • University of Saskatchewan (SK)

Farm the Sun with Us is a term project led by students working on an assessment to determine the feasibility of implementing a campus solar farm. The project continues to ...

Sustainability Demonstration House Project

  • Michigan Technological University (MI)

The goal of the Sustainability Demonstration House (SDH) project is to retrofit the former president’s residence, built in 1953, titled the Kettle-Gundlach Building, into a sustainability demonstration house. The ...

Ireland’s Transition towards a Low Carbon Society: The Leadership Role of Higher Education Institutions in Solar Photovoltaic Niche Development

  • University of Limerick

Ireland is currently considered a laggard within Europe in relation to decarbonisation of its society, with future projections estimating increases in greenhouse gas emissions up to and beyond 2030. To ...

  • Posted April 29, 2019
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Sustainability Quest

  • University of Illinois at Chicago (IL)

Students Hula hooped 64 rotations for the 64 geothermal wells on University of Illinois at Chicago's campus! This was one of four stops on the Sustainability Quest to spread ...

  • Posted April 29, 2019
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Parametric analysis for cost-optimal renewable energy integration into residential buildings: Techno-economic model

  • Illinois State University (IL)
  • Hanyang University

Determining the optimum penetration of renewable energy systems and their associated aggregated technical and economic benefits is a growing concern for both researchers and policy makers. The purpose of this ...

  • Posted March 31, 2019
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Hodgdon Hall Solar Panel Project

  • Tufts University (MA)

This project, spearheaded by the Tufts Energy Group, provides a real life educational experience to the campus community to learn about and use renewable energy in an accessible fashion. The ...

  • Posted March 1, 2019
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Solar Power Professional Certificate

  • Loyola Marymount University (CA)

In this online program, students will learn the fundamentals of photovoltaic "PV" solar powered energy systems, gaining the knowledge you'll need for an entry level position with a dealer ...

  • Posted Jan. 25, 2019
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Solar and Sheep Grazing - Is it for Ewe?

  • Furman University (SC)

Does your institution have solar panels or are you thinking about installing them? Does your institution have sheep or know someone who does? If you answered 'yes' to either of ...

  • Posted Nov. 5, 2018
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Thompson Rivers University - The Solar Compass: A Case Study on Ground Mounted Solar Modules

  • Thompson Rivers University (BC)

In the summer of 2017, a collective of faculty, students, industry professionals and an innovative photo voltaic manufacturer installed North America's first ground mounted solar array. The installation is ...

  • Posted Nov. 5, 2018
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Carbon Neutral Campus: Solar Research

  • University of Illinois at Chicago (IL)

This project was set out to analyze two UIC buildings, the Student Services Building and the Pharmacognosy Field Station, in order to determine their potential for solar energy along with ...

  • Posted Aug. 10, 2018
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University of Virginia Renewable Energy

  • University of Virginia (VA)

Renewable energy (PV panels on Clemons library) helps reduce UVA's nitrogen footprint, in addition to UVA's greenhouse gas footprint.

Dickinson College Solar Array

  • Dickinson College (PA)

Dickinson’s new (2018), 12-acre solar array project—designed and built by Tesla—is projected to generate approximately 5,200,000 kwh per year, representing more than 25 percent of ...

Michigan Tech Sustainability Demonstration House

  • Michigan Technological University (MI)

The goal of Sustainability Demonstration House (SDH) project is to retrofit the former University President’s residence, built in 1953, titled the Kettle-Gundlach Building into a sustainability demonstration house. The ...

Earth Tones - Earth Day Concert and Expo

  • Appalachian State University (NC)

Appalachian State hosts an annual "Earth Tones" concert, with bands powered by solar panels, on the Duck Pond Field. Sponsored by ASUSES, the festival includes representatives from the SDSA, ASUREI ...

Asian deals for UNSW solar technology

  • University of New South Wales (NSW)

This press release describes three new technology licensing agreements between and the University of New South Wales and solar cell manufacturers in Asia. The first, a $1.7million licensing agreement ...

  • Posted Aug. 14, 2017
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UNL technology powers Nebraska solar panel startup

  • University of Nebraska - Lincoln (NE)

This press release describes an exclusive licensing agreement between University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Rare Earth Solar, a Nebraska solar panel manufacturer. The technology licensed by the University replaces the typical ...

  • Posted Aug. 14, 2017
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Reducing Carbon Emissions in a Third Level Educational Institution in Sub-Sahara Africa

  • Strathmore University

The effort to reduce carbon emissions as the arguably most prevalent cause of global warming has been a positive trend in most African countries. One of the most successful strategies ...

Designing a Photovoltaic Array for Smith College

  • Smith College (MA)

The development of distributed solar energy is an opportunity for individuals and institutions to support the growth of the clean energy economy, lower their carbon footprint, promote energy security, and ...

Solar Garden Partnership: A Renewable Energy Innovation

  • Grand Valley State University (MI)
  • Consumers Energy

Grand Valley State University (GVSU) began a renewable energy project in partnership with its local utility, Consumers Energy, after the Michigan Public Service Commission approved a Solar Garden program. This ...

Stanford achieves dramatic greenhouse gas emissions reductions to surpass state, national, and international climate targets

  • Stanford University (CA)

Stanford Energy System Innovations (SESI) is a new campus energy system powered by renewables, designed to meet the current and future energy needs of Stanford University in an environmentally, socially ...

Project Green Step 2030: Catawba College Campus Solar Energy Installation

  • Catawba College (NC)

Catawba College completed a solar energy project in 2016 that is projected to produce more solar electricity than all the other North Carolina colleges and universities combined. This was the ...

The University of Virginia as a Living Lab for Solar Energy

  • University of Virginia (VA)

Over the next five years, The University of Virginia hopes to install 1-2 megawatts of solar PV on grounds. To help prioritize projects, UVA turned to the School of Engineering ...

Sharing the Load: Aggregating Renewable Energy Purchases with Others

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA)
  • AASHE (PA)
  • CustomerFirst Renewables (MD)

The idea of pooling resources to increase bargaining power is not new. But it is being newly applied to renewable energy purchases. Now, no matter the size or location of ...

  • Posted March 9, 2017
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American University SCI Photos

  • American University (DC)
  • Posted Sept. 14, 2016
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22 kW Rooftop Array: Powerhouse Energy Campus

  • Colorado State University (CO)

The Colorado State University Powerhouse Energy Campus is located near the heart of downtown Fort Collins. The 100,000 square-foot Powerhouse Energy Campus consists of two parts; the CSU Engines ...

  • Posted June 2, 2014
  • Green Power Projects
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