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University of Botswana in Gaborone converts Trichilia seed into Biodiesel

  • Springboard Biodiesel (CA)
  • University of Botswana

The University of Botswana in Gaborone converts used cooking oils (produced at the University) as well as beef tallow, and trichilia seed. Trichilia seed is an inedible native seed that ...

University of Costa Rica makes biodiesel from Jack Fruit seed oil

  • Springboard Biodiesel (CA)
  • University of Costa Rica

In celebration of Campus Sustainability Month here is the University of Costa Rica in San Jose. They are conducting research on various inedible indigenous seed oils including jack fruit seed ...

Mohawk College Native Seed Orchard

  • Mohawk College (ON)

This summer WWF-Canada, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature, provided grant funding for Mohawk College to implement a Seed Orchard project to increase biodiversity on campus! By sharing the seeds ...

Plant Sale and Compost Giveback

  • City University of New York, College of Staten Island (NY)

On April 11th, as part of our Earth Month activities at the College of Staten Island (CSI). This was CSI Sustainability's second plant sale of the season and gave ...

Can public universities play a role in fostering seed sovereignty?

  • University of British Columbia (BC)
  • University of Toronto (ON)

Across Canada and the United States, public universities were founded with a mission to contribute to broad societal well-being. Yet, the capacity of public research institutions to develop and disseminate ...

Repairing our Foodshed

  • Wells College (NY)

Wells College has acted to address gaps within its local foodshed. Responding to area 'food desert' conditions, the college initiated the Aurora Farmers Market to provide community residents access to ...

  • Posted Nov. 5, 2018
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Greener Grant Week! Earth Week 2018

  • Suffolk County Community College (NY)

A week of Earth Day Events!

Students watched a seed library demonstration and then were able to take home whichever seeds they pleased. They also planted sunflower seeds. Volunteers for ...

  • Posted April 30, 2018
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Seed Diversity and Locality: Using seed libraries to explore the importance of regional crop diversity in the past and future

  • University of South Dakota (SD)

Since the Green Revolution, modern agriculture has shifted from a local to a more global industry. In order to provide food for the growing population, monocultures, or large swaths of ...

  • Posted Feb. 26, 2016
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The Seed of a Great Idea: Wells College Seed Exchange Program

  • Wells College (NY)

The Wells College Center for Sustainability and the Environment fielded an intriguing inquiry from a campus librarian who wondered what the Center thought of the idea for the college Library ...

  • Posted Feb. 26, 2016
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Transforming the Higher Education Landscape: Researching, Planting and Seed-saving Native Grasses and Wildflowers at Warren Wilson College

  • Warren Wilson College (NC)

Since 1999, students on the College's Landscaping Crew have collected native grass and wildflower seeds, established a six-acre campus nursery and acres of prairie meadow habitat, and helped restore ...