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Towards a common future: revising the evolution of university-based sustainability research literature

  • University of Beira Interior
  • University of Passo Fundo
  • University of Campinas
  • Hiroshima University
  • Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
  • Universidade Federal Fluminense
  • University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz
  • Bournemouth University (Dorset)
  • University of Wroclaw/Uniwersytet Wrocławski (Wrocław)
  • University of Minho
  • Universidade federal de Santa Maria
  • University of Belgrade
  • University of the Aegean (Lesvos)
  • Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

The field of sustainability has evolved considerably since the report “Our Common Future” was published in 1987. Whereas matters related to sustainable development used to be of marginal interest in ...

Sustainable Literary Competence: Connecting Literature Education to Education for Sustainability

  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Ecocritical scholarship has always had pedagogical ambitions. It is commonly assumed that education based on ecocritical readings of literature will change the attitudes and actions of pupils and students and ...

  • Posted April 21, 2021
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Critical Sustainabilities: Negotiating Sustainability’s Discursive Maze in the Classroom

  • Texas State University, San Marcos (TX)

“Sustainability” features in numerous discourses, each of which frames the issue according to its particular worldview(s). Thus there is no singular sustainability conception, but multiple sustainabilities that compete with ...

Environmental Writing and Rhetoric Minor

  • State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (NY)

Writing, reading, and presentation skills are essential to students' success during college and beyond. The EWR minor encourages students to develop fluency and expertise in these skills and other 21st ...

  • Posted Dec. 17, 2020
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Power Dialog Webinar Discussion Templates - Literature

  • Bard College (NY)

Bard College's Solve Climate By 2030 Power Dialog Webinar offers discussion templates for teachers. This template is for literature.

  • Posted July 9, 2020
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Environmental Writing Minor

  • Chatham University (PA)

Students are exposed to the writing process but also gain entrance to the worlds of ecology and policy, enabling them to support their language skills with fact-based substance.

  • Posted July 10, 2019
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Nature Writing MFA and MA

  • Western Colorado University (CO)

The Nature Writing MFA and M.A. analyze the human development of nature writing and explore the progression of the anthropocene and environmental writing. Western's program is low-residency and ...

  • Posted May 22, 2019
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Seeking sustainability competence and capability in the ESD and HESD literature: an international philosophical hermeneutic analysis

  • University of Otago (Otago)
  • University of Vechta
  • Leuphana University of Lüneburg

Education for sustainable development (ESD) and higher education for sustainable development (HESD) are complex, multidisciplinary fields of enquiry, drawing on concepts and terms from different disciplines and languages. Although the ...

  • Posted Feb. 26, 2019
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Can relational values be developed and changed? Investigating relational values in the environmental education literature

  • University of Vermont (VT)
  • York University (ON)

The possible dynamism of relational values is of extreme interest to sustainability scholars and practitioners, yet the fledging field of relational values has seen few research on whether interventions of ...

  • Posted Jan. 11, 2019
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Literature and the Environment Specialization

  • University of California, Santa Barbara (CA)

How does literature affect environmental values and practices? Can a novel or poem make a more sustainable world? Environment literary criticism focuses on the ways in which literature shapes and ...

  • Posted Dec. 13, 2018
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