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Educating for Sustainability Webinar Series - The Why and How of Transformative Learning

  • AASHE (PA)
  • Northwest Earth Institute (OR)

This webinar will provide the context around why transformative learning and deeper engagement in sustainability issues are important. The ways we learn and engage are critical to fostering the skills ...

  • Posted March 20, 2018
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A proposal of a Balanced Scorecard for an environmental education program at universities

  • Santa Catarina State University

By developing and implementing environmental concerns in its principles and infrastructure, universities are becoming increasingly active in promoting societal changes towards sustainable development. These environmental concerns are translated into comprehensive ...

Environmental Interpretation & Education Minor

  • Unity College (ME)

The environmental interpretation and education minor offers students the opportunity to explore the fields of formal and non-informal learning environments, how people learn, the needs of diverse audiences and the ...

  • Posted Jan. 25, 2018
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Fostering connectedness to nature in higher education

  • Pennsylvania State University (PA)

Environmental thinkers and educators have argued for the importance of celebrating our connectedness to nature, or the perception of being part of, rather than separate from, the natural world. Using ...

  • Posted Dec. 13, 2017
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If a tree falls: business students' reflections on environmentalism

  • The Hague University of Applied Science

Environmental advocacy has a difficult position within environmental education (EE) and education for sustainable development (ESD). Proponents of pluralistic approaches to education see advocacy as a form of indoctrination. However ...

  • Posted Dec. 11, 2017
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Spreadsheet: Publications related to the role of access to nature in education

  • North Lake College - DCCCD (TX)
  • Princeton University (NJ)
  • University at Buffalo (NY)
  • AASHE (PA)

Response to a 11/6/17 GreenSchools listserv request for Academic literature concretely linking access to the natural environment and enhanced educational outcomes (e.g., an evidence-based assessment of correlations ...

The Atlantic Salmon Restoration Program at Fleming College, Lindsay, Ontario

  • Fleming College (ON)

The Fleming College Salmonid Hatchery aims to ensure the future sustainability of Atlantic salmon in Lake Ontario by maximizing genetic diversity in stocked fish. The Atlantic Salmon Restoration Program has ...

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD): The turn away from ‘environment’ in environmental education?

  • University of Amsterdam | Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

This article explores the implications of the shift of environmental education (EE) towards education for sustainable development (ESD) in the context of environmental ethics. While plural perspectives on ESD are ...

University foodservices’ potential for providing environmental education to students

  • University of Otago


University foodservices are potentially well placed to foster environmental education in a non-classroom setting and so could have the power to benefit communities through producing environmentally literate graduates. Buy-in ...

Community-level environmental projects as learning tools for planners: a case study of graduate planning students

Despite the potential environmental impact of urban planning, there is little research on Environmental Education (EE) in the context of urban planning curricula. This study follows graduate planning students’ learning ...

Strategies Toward the Inclusion of Environmental Education in Educator Preparation Programs: Results from a National Survey

  • Trinity University (TX)
  • University of Texas at San Antonio (TX)

A national study was conducted to investigate the inclusion of environmental education (EE) into educator preparation programs across the United States. Responses from teacher educators in institutions of higher education ...

  • Posted April 27, 2017
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In what ways are teacher candidates being prepared to teach about the environment? A case study from Wisconsin

There is an urgent need for primary and secondary students to develop awareness, knowledge, attitudes, and an environmental ethic necessary to undertake environmental issues and problems. The need to adequately ...

  • Posted April 25, 2017
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Pre-Service Teachers and Climate Change: A Stalemate?

  • James Cook University (Queensland)

Findings from the second phase of a study of pre-service teachers’ attitudes to environmental education and knowledge of climate change are reported in this paper. A sample of 87 pre-service ...

  • Posted June 20, 2016
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