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Preparedness of higher education institutions for achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4: the case of Nepalese universities

  • Tribhuvan University of Nepal

The purpose of this paper is to assess the quality of education, research, and governance of Nepalese higher education institutions (HEIs) as a supplement to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 4 ...

Using Short Fiction to Teach Business and Environmental Ethics

  • Sanata Dharma University

This study firstly explores Ecohumanism as the educational paradigm in today’s world. Raising environmental awareness is essential in studying economics to care for the sustainability of earth resources. Using ...

Engineers Changing the World: Education for Sustainability in Romanian Technical Universities—An Empirical Web-Based Content Analysis

  • Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu
  • Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi (Iași)
  • University Politehnica of Bucharest
  • Universitatea Tehnică din Cluj-Napoca (Cluj)

Without a doubt, we are living in interesting times, characterized by both continuous economic development and improved standard of living, but also uncertainty, increased pollution, and environmental degradation, which means ...

Learning to change: Transformative knowledge for building a sustainable bioeconomy

  • University of Hohenheim

The transition towards a bioeconomy is considered a powerful approach to combating current trends of unsustainability. To date, the concept has been widely perceived as a predominantly technical endeavor. This ...

Understanding facility management decision making for energy efficiency efforts for buildings at a higher education institution

  • University of Washington, Seattle (WA)
  • Institut Teknologi Bandung (Jawa Barat)

Education buildings, as the third highest consumer of energy in the United States, provides significant opportunities to lower greenhouse gas emissions by increasing energy efficiency (EE). Higher education institutions (HEIs ...

Bringing an entrepreneurial focus to sustainability education: A teaching framework based on content analysis

  • Nord University
  • Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Rio Grande do Sul (IFRS) - Campus Viamão (RS)

Research on sustainability education has neglected to integrate entrepreneurial skills into other relevant competences such as foresight, complex problem-solving, and interdisciplinarity. Previous research highlights possible convergences between sustainability education and ...

An analysis of university sustainability reports from the GRI database: an examination of influential variables

  • University of Cadiz

In the business context, many papers have examined whether certain variables can affect sustainability disclosure practices. However, research on universities has mainly been addressed to explore the extent of sustainability ...

  • Posted April 30, 2019
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Recent trends in sustainability reporting by German universities

  • University of Hamburg

Voluntary sustainability reporting in the higher-education sector is still in its early stages. To better understand it, we looked at all 401 German universities to examine the specific contents of ...

  • Posted Oct. 23, 2018
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Sustainability and engagement: strange bedfellows in the undergraduate textbook

  • Michigan State University (MI)
  • Pacific University (OR)

This paper aims to examine the textual coverage of the topic of public engagement in leading English language sustainability textbooks.

In this paper, the authors’ findings are based on a ...

  • Posted Oct. 23, 2018
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Communicating sustainability: A content analysis of website communications in the United States

  • Chatham University (PA)
  • University of Nevada Las Vegas (NV)

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate how institutions of higher education (IHEs) in the USA communicate sustainability through their websites. Specifically, the authors compare how and to what ...

  • Posted July 25, 2018
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Is it even espoused? An exploratory study of commitment to sustainability as evidenced in vision, mission, and graduate attribute statements in Australian universities

  • Griffith University (Queensland)

Since Agenda 21 and the United Nations' Decade for Education for Sustainable Development published, higher education institutions have been recognized as playing a critical role in shifting our society's ...

  • Posted Jan. 30, 2017
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Strategic Planning for Sustainability in Canadian Higher Education

  • McMaster University (ON)
  • University of Saskatchewan (SK)

This paper reviews representations of sustainability in the strategic plans of Canadian higher education institutions (HEIs). A content analysis of the strategic plans of 50 HEIs was undertaken to determine ...

  • Posted Jan. 30, 2017
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Campus sustainability governance in Canada: A content analysis of post-secondary institutions’ sustainability policies

  • University of Saskatchewan (SK)
  • Dalhousie University (NS)


This paper aims to provide an overview of a content analysis of sustainability policies from Canadian post-secondary education institutions. The paper reports findings on the orientations to sustainability evident ...

  • Posted April 20, 2016
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Automating Key Steps in the STARS Rating Process: Using Content Analysis to Perform Sustainability Course Inventories

  • University of Florida (FL)

This presentation focuses on a practical and innovative approach to conducting the sustainability course survey that is required of the STARS rating system. If you are a sustainability coordinator or ...

  • Posted Feb. 26, 2016
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