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The Neuroscience Community Has a Role in Environmental Conservation

  • University of South Dakota (SD)

We previously argued that the neuroscience community has a role in environmental conservation because protection of biodiversity and the specialized behavioral adaptions of animals is essential to understanding brain structure ...

Human Ecology (MPS)

  • Cornell University (NY)

The common focus of the field is the study of fibrous materials and their use as apparel, as engineering structures (such as composite materials), in biomedical applications, and in home ...

  • Posted Dec. 17, 2020
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Environmental Toxicology Graduate Specialization

  • Michigan State University (MI)

The Environmental Toxicology Graduate Specialization is a multidisciplinary dual-PhD program in Environmental and Integrative Toxicological Sciences (EITS) that provides students an advanced toxicology graduate education and research opportunities related to ...

  • Posted Dec. 17, 2020
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The Biochemistry Cell Culture Facility at CU Boulder: Avoided costs and other benefits resulting from shared equipment in collaborative research space

  • University of Colorado Boulder (CO)

With scientists experiencing intense competition for federal biomedical research funding, efficiency and cost-saving measures are powerful tools to maximize the impact of those research dollars. The large environmental footprint of ...

  • Posted Feb. 15, 2018
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Schoolcraft College Biomedical Technology Center - New Technologies Integrated with Sustainable Features

  • Stantec Consulting, Ltd. (WA)

Schoolcraft College's Livonia, Michigan campus recently completed construction of a state-of-the-art Biomedical Technology Center. The design integrates new technologies with sustainable features to enhance the curriculum and learning environment ...

  • Posted Feb. 26, 2016
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PhD in Bioengineering

  • University of California, Berkeley (CA)

Graduate degrees in bioengineering are jointly offered by UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco. This interdisciplinary programs combines the resources in biomedical sciences at UCSF with the excellence in engineering ...

  • Posted Feb. 25, 2016
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