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Wrestling With the Invisibility Cloak: Catalyzing Student Action and Creating Office Recognition

  • Amherst College (MA)
  • Boston University (MA)
  • Smith College (MA)
  • University of Southern Maine (ME)
  • Villanova University (PA)

As sustainability officer's we often lead from behind, supporting students as a silent or invisible partner. This enables them to bring awareness to issues and take ownership over the ...

  • Posted Nov. 5, 2018
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Campus Controversies: How Should Sustainability Offices Respond?

  • Dartmouth College (NH)

Election results, sexual misconduct allegations, racist graffiti, controversial op-eds, poorly worded emails are resulting in cycles of anger, backlash, emotional release, exhaustion and division on many of our campuses. At ...

  • Posted Nov. 5, 2018
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147 Practical Tips for Teaching Sustainability: Connecting the Environment, the Economy, and Society 2nd Edition

  • Colorado State University (CO)

Forewords by David Orr and by AASHE's inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Dr. Anthony “Tony” Cortese in recognition for his tremendous impact in advancing sustainability in higher education.

While ...

  • Posted Sept. 19, 2018
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Global academic conferencing: A semi-virtual approach

  • University of Graz

Scholars and their institutions contribute significantly to global warming by flying to conferences. An intercontinental return flight in economy class can be compared with burning a ton of fossil carbon ...

  • Posted Sept. 12, 2018
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Water Audit: Campus Housing Residence Halls Restrooms

  • University of Illinois at Chicago (IL)

This project was set to evaluate the student residence restrooms of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) East and West campuses and to provide viable solutions to any problems ...

  • Posted Aug. 29, 2018
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Carbon Neutral Campus: Solar Research

  • University of Illinois at Chicago (IL)

This project was set out to analyze two UIC buildings, the Student Services Building and the Pharmacognosy Field Station, in order to determine their potential for solar energy along with ...

  • Posted Aug. 10, 2018
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UIC Campus Bike Rack Inventory

  • University of Illinois at Chicago (IL)

In the summer of 2018, this project was undertaken to inventory all bike racks at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Knowing for certain the capacities and locations of the ...

  • Posted Aug. 10, 2018
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Meeting the food waste challenge in higher education

  • Montana State University (MT)

Purpose: Food waste represents a major sustainability challenge with environmental, economic, social and health implications. Institutions of higher education contribute to generating food waste while serving as models in championing ...

  • Posted Aug. 10, 2018
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1 MegaWatt Battery Energy Storage System

  • California State University, Long Beach (CA)

In 2017, California State University, Long Beach installed a 1 Megawatt energy storage system on campus as part of a multiphase project with Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS) made possible through ...

Princeton University Vertical Farming Project

  • Princeton University (NJ)

The Princeton University Vertical Farming Project, led by Dr. Paul Gauthier, uses a hydroponic and artificial lighting growing system to study the viability of feeding a rapidly growing world population ...

Environmental JustICE Cream Social - part 1

  • Washington University in St. Louis (MO)

As the semester opens in early September, the Environmental Justice Initiative hosts an ice cream social that features a facilitated "speed networking" circle to connect students from across campus who ...

Emory University supports local community project and skilled job training with commitment to purchase lettuce

  • Emory University (GA)

Emory University and the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta partnered on a project to create green jobs in a low-income area of Atlanta and help Emory achieve its 75% local ...

Emory University adopted a Pollinator Protection Policy in 2014

  • Emory University (GA)

Emory University adopted a comprehensive Pollinator Protection Policy in 2014, a first of its kind policy at U.S. colleges and universities that bans neonicotinoid application, plants pre-treated with neonicotinoids ...

UConn ECOCoin Program

  • University of Connecticut (CT)

In 2017, the University of Connecticut bookstore rolled out its ECOCoin initiative, through which customers are given an ECOCoin each time they forfeit a plastic bag at the register. The ...

Colorado College Net-Zero Library

  • Colorado College (CO)

Main entrance of Colorado College's net-zero energy/net-zero carbon Tutt Library. Sustainable features highlighted in the photo include a rain screen, open design and natural lighting, green roofs and ...

Colorado College Net-Zero Energy/Carbon Tutt Library

  • Colorado College (CO)

Balcony view of Colorado College's net-zero energy/net-zero carbon Tutt Library. Highlighting rainscreen, shading structures, black locust domestic hardwoods, green roofs and planters, photovoltaic shade structures, and open views.

University of Dayton Energy GPA

  • University of Dayton (OH)

The Energy GPA program provides students in University-owned student neighborhood houses with a grade of their monthly energy use. Monthly "report cards" include electricity and gas usage and a monthly ...

Connecticut College Lending Library

  • Connecticut College (CT)

The Lending Library at Connecticut College allows students to rent a textbook at no cost for the duration of a course, and is an attempt to address the issue of ...

UC San Diego Sustainability Alumni Network members get a tour of Birch Aquarium on campus during alumni weekend in June 2018.

  • University of California, San Diego (CA)

The Sustainability Alumni Network (SAN) at the University of California, San Diego was founded by the Sustainability Programs Office in May 2017 to bring together alumni who are working in ...

Temple Tiny House

  • Temple University (PA)

The Temple University Tiny House project is a student designed and student constructed sustainable building located at Temple Community Garden on main campus. Completed in spring 2017, the 175 square ...

University of Dayton Energy Team

  • University of Dayton (OH)

Since its founding in 2016, the green revolving fund has funded over 30 projects. The completed projects have reduced emissions by 980 metric tonnes of CO2 (MTCO2) equivalent, or 1 ...

University of Dayton Composting Bins

  • University of Dayton (OH)

Students in the University of Dayton Hanley Sustainability Institute built two 4’x6’ bins to compost campus food.

Food Waste Composting Bin Construction

  • University of Dayton (OH)

Student leaders in the University of Dayton Hanley Sustainability Institute work with campus Master Carpenter to build two 4’x6’ bins to compost campus food waste.

Food Waste Composting Bin Construction

  • University of Dayton (OH)

Student leaders in the University of Dayton Hanley Sustainability Institute are building two 4’x6’ bins to compost campus food waste.

University of Dayton Green Roof Installation

  • University of Dayton (OH)

Kennedy Union Green roof

In September 2017, HSI, in collaboration with facilities management and Enterprise Roofing, led the installation of UD's first green roof on the Kennedy Union patio ...

Johnson County Community College Green Circle Certification in Cosmetology

  • Johnson County Community College (KS)

In February 2017, Johnson County Community College’s Center for Sustainability began to develop a certification protocol for the campus’ cosmetology program to become Green Circle certified. This third-party certification ...

Vassar Groveville Hydro Project

  • Vassar College (NY)

Photo Credit: Karl Rabe/ Vassar College In Fall 2015, Vassar College signed a 20-year agreement with Gravity Renewables to establish a purchasing partnership with a small scale hydropower project on ...

Delta College Living Wall

  • Delta College (MI)

The campus Health Professions Building North atrium at Delta College showcases a living wall, an architectural feature and natural ventilation system that acts as a bio filter to improve air ...

From Farm to Fork at Rice University

  • Rice University (TX)

Rice University chef Martin De Santiago shops for locally-sourced ingredients at the Rice University Farmers Market to use in a Farm-to-Fork dinner. The dinner was organized by the student club ...

Farm to Fork Dinner, Spring 2018

  • Rice University (TX)

Rice University student group Real Food Revolution teams with Rice's Housing and Dining department once a semester to host a Farm-to-Fork dinner, featuring a full menu of locally-sourced food ...

Motivating and Quantifying the Impacts of Behavior Change

  • Stanford University (CA)
  • AASHE (PA)

In today’s increasingly technological and individualized world, how do sustainability professionals provide opportunities to engage their audience in a way that is relevant to them, but still quantifies the ...

  • Posted July 19, 2018
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Inclusive Sustainability: Environmental Justice in Higher Education

  • University of California, Santa Cruz (CA)

The aim of this paper is to demonstrate why and how efforts at UC Santa Cruz have begun to shift from sustainability as a technical, expert-oriented activity focused on aspects ...

  • Posted June 28, 2018
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ANSI/LEO-4000, The American National Standard for Sustainable Agriculture

  • Leonardo Academy (WI)

The ANSI/LEO-4000 American National Standard for Sustainable Agriculture empowers the entire agricultural supply chain, from producers to consumers, to decisively advance sustainability in agriculture. It is a benchmarking standard ...

Analyzing Ecological Integrity: An Assessment of Princeton University’s Natural Areas

  • Princeton University (NJ)

How can aerial images be used to interpret land use-changes? What can lake sedimentation tell us about erosion patterns? To what extent do forest patches act as stream buffers? How ...


  • Princeton University (NJ)

This semester, Princeton's EcoReps launched “Mend Monday,” a bi-weekly clothing repair initiative in Frist Campus Center. Cecilia Shang '18 and Nico Viglucci '17, the group's organizers, believe that ...

Sustainability Strategic Planning

  • University of California, Merced (CA)

The University of California Merced (UC Merced) within the next five years will undergo significant infrastructure expansion to accommodate student, faculty and staff growth. The acceleration of the university’s ...

Francis Feast and Learn: Sustainability Teach-In and Local Foods Dinner

  • Loyola University Maryland (MD)

The Francis Feast and Learn is a sustainability teach-in and locally sourced meal, inspired by the life’s work of St. Francis of Assisi and Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si ...

Ditch the Disposables

  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA)

Ditch the Disposables is a WPI student-run campaign that was started in 2016 to reduce single-use plastic items at WPI. The project began with a reusable container program in the ...

A Joint Student/Staff Eco-Reps Program Led by Students: Swarthmore’s Green Advisors

  • Swarthmore College (PA)

The Green Advisors (GAs) are a growing student group that works to encourage sustainable lifestyles among all Swarthmore community members. The GAs facilitate environmentally-friendly behaviors in the residence halls, oversee ...

Plastic Entanglements: Ecology, Aesthetics, Materials

  • Pennsylvania State University (PA)

The exhibition, PLASTIC ENTANGLEMENTS: Ecology, Aesthetics, Materials was on view at Penn State’s Palmer Museum of Art from February 13, 2018 to June 17, 2018 with additional commissioned and ...

University of California Irvine's PUMP2PLUG Electric Vehicle Adoption Program

  • University of California, Irvine (CA)

The UCI Pump2Plug Electric Vehicle (EV) Adoption Program is widely recognized as the first university incentive program for EV adoption through the replacement of gas-powered vehicles with electric vehicles. With ...

Tackling it Together: A Framework for Assessing Climate Vulnerability in the Pioneer Valley

  • Smith College (MA)

In Western Massachusetts, stakeholders are engaging with vulnerability in different ways. While some are planning at the campus and city levels, others have engaged only in areas specific to their ...

Sustainable Choices

  • Chandler-Gilbert Community College (AZ)

Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC) is a fast growing community college in a suburb of the Phoenix Metro area. As one of ten colleges in the Maricopa County Community College District ...

American University Achieved Carbon Neutrality Two Years Ahead of 2020 Target

  • American University (DC)

In 2018, American University became the first university, first research university, and first urban higher education campus to achieve carbon neutrality. This major goal was reached two years ahead of ...

Making Climate Commitments into Climate Action

  • University of Illinois at Chicago (IL)

The Climate Action Implementation Plan (CAIP) is the sustainability action plan for the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). The UIC Climate Commitments, announced in April 2016, form the basis ...

Portland State University: Driving Rigorous Sustainability through Top-Level Policies

  • Portland State University (OR)

Portland State University (PSU), situated in the University District of downtown Portland, Oregon, is the only public urban university in the state located in a major metropolitan city. A recognized ...

University of Michigan Campus Farm and MDining Lead Sustainable Food Movement

  • University of Michigan (MI)

With the first delivery of Campus Farm fresh produce to Mosher Jordan dining hall in the summer of 2017, the University of Michigan’s MDining’s sustainability goal of using ...

University of California Merced 2020 Project

  • University of California, Office of the President (CA)

In 2012, UC Merced launched the “2020 Project”, an initiative to add a significant amount of new teaching, research, housing, recreation and support facilities to the campus that would accommodate ...

Deep Energy Retrofits at Humber College's Building N

  • Humber College (ON)

In 2015, the College developed an Integrated Energy Master Plan (IEMP) with impressive goals to greatly reduce energy and water use by 2034. Specifically, Humber’s IEMP sets the following ...

The WaterHub at Emory University – Engaging Campus & Community in Water Reclamation

  • Emory University (GA)

The WaterHub at Emory University is an on-site water recycling system, utilizing biomimicry, or engineered processes that emulate natural ecological systems, to reclaim wastewater for heating and cooling buildings and ...