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Solid Waste Characterization and Recycling Potential for a University Campus in China

  • University of Surrey
  • Henan Agricultural University (Henan)

Waste characterization is the first step to a successful waste management system. This paper explores the trend of solid waste generated on a university campus (Longzi Lake Campus of Henan ...

Managing in turbulent times: The impact of sustainability in management education on current and future business leaders

  • University of Calgary (AB)
  • University of Surrey

During modern times of economic and political turmoil, we ask how we should be educating current and future business leaders to navigate periods of global turbulence. The paper suggests that ...

  • Posted Jan. 11, 2019
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MSc in Environmental Psychology

  • University of Surrey

The MSc in Environmental Psychology programme helps students gain advanced knowledge and understanding of theory and practice in environmental psychology. Students will also acquire a range of research skills to ...

  • Posted Sept. 26, 2016
  • Academic Programs
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