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University of Michigan Campus Farm and MDining Lead Sustainable Food Movement

  • University of Michigan (MI)

With the first delivery of Campus Farm fresh produce to Mosher Jordan dining hall in the summer of 2017, the University of Michigan’s MDining’s sustainability goal of using ...

University of California Merced 2020 Project

  • University of California, Office of the President (CA)

In 2012, UC Merced launched the “2020 Project”, an initiative to add a significant amount of new teaching, research, housing, recreation and support facilities to the campus that would accommodate ...

Deep Energy Retrofits at Humber College's Building N

  • Humber College (ON)

In 2015, the College developed an Integrated Energy Master Plan (IEMP) with impressive goals to greatly reduce energy and water use by 2034. Specifically, Humber’s IEMP sets the following ...

The WaterHub at Emory University – Engaging Campus & Community in Water Reclamation

  • Emory University (GA)

The WaterHub at Emory University is an on-site water recycling system, utilizing biomimicry, or engineered processes that emulate natural ecological systems, to reclaim wastewater for heating and cooling buildings and ...

Clean Plates at State: Michigan State University

  • Michigan State University (MI)

Michigan State University is continually striving to build a sustainable culture on campus and in the Spartan community. Clean Plates at State helps students and members of our community understand ...

Sustainability Activation Program at the University of Dayton

  • University of Dayton (OH)

The Sustainability Activation Program (SAP) is an innovative, large scale, and peer-to-peer education program that began in October of 2016 with the intent to better educate our student body about ...

Campus-wide Zero Landfill Waste Policy Implementation & Outreach Program - Emory University

  • Emory University (GA)

In January 2018, Emory University implemented a completely redesigned waste policy as a leap toward the goal of zero landfill waste (defined nationally as diverting 95% of waste from municipal ...

Mississippi State Community Garden

  • Mississippi State University (MS)

In the spring of 2017, the Student Association at Mississippi State University secured funding to further sustainability on campus. This funding was used in part to hold a proposal competition ...

A Behavior Based Energy Conservation Program at Suffolk County Community College

  • Suffolk County Community College (NY)

Suffolk County Community College (SCCC) is the largest community college in New York State, with over 26,000 students enrolled across three campuses and two extension sites. As a large ...

Sustainability Action Planning Program

  • Yale University (CT)

In 2017, the Yale Office of Sustainability launched a cohort-based sustainability action planning program that offered students, faculty, and staff members from 10 Professional Schools and three Officer Units the ...

Sustainable Nation Podcast

  • Swarthmore College (PA)
  • University of California, Office of the President (CA)
  • University of California, Los Angeles (CA)

This podcast releases three new episodes every week, consisting of interviews with global sustainability leaders in higher education, business and government. This can be a great resource for any sustainability ...

The Applied Student Research Toolkit

  • McGill University (QC)

This Applied Student Research (ASR) toolkit is designed to help students complete an impactful ASR project. ASR related to sustainability is an opportunity for students to address the needs of ...

SIMAP: Sustainability Indicator Management and Analysis Platform

  • University of New Hampshire (NH)

SIMAP™ is a carbon and nitrogen accounting platform that can track, analyze, and improve your campus-wide sustainability. Our proven algorithms, based on nearly two decades of work supporting campus inventories ...

A Comms Plan for Running a Waste Reduction Engagement in your University

  • University of London

Over the last three years at Reduce the Juice we’ve learnt a lot about running successful behaviour change engagements and now want to share what we’ve learnt with ...

Using Technology to Motivate and Quantify Behavior Change: My Cardinal Green

  • Stanford University (CA)

In today’s increasingly technological and personalized world, sustainability professionals must provide opportunities to engage their community in a way that is relevant for them, while also quantifying the impacts ...

Southern Oregon University Dish Loan Program

  • Southern Oregon University (OR)

Southern Oregon University's Ecology and Sustainability Resource Center launched a Dish Loan Program in fall 2017. The Dish Loan Program is a free alternative for campus clubs, organizations, and ...

Integral inclusion of sustainability to the curriculum

  • The Universidad Tecnologica Metropolitana (Metropolitana Region)

It shows how the Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana de Chile integrated sustainability throughout the curriculum for all its programs

Improving office recycling

  • Raritan Valley Community College (NJ)

Every semester, the Environmental Science and Sustainability (ENVI201) class studies recycling on campus and comes up with ideas for improvements. Student Deidre Supple had the idea of improving recycling in ...

Designing a Proxy Carbon Price Strategy for Smith College

  • Smith College (MA)

This thesis to Design a Proxy Carbon Price Strategy for Smith College was written to internalize the social cost of carbon emissions into financial decision-making. A proxy carbon price is ...

Assessing the Energy and Water Use of Vertical Farming at Princeton University

  • Princeton University (NJ)

Research in sustainable solutions for harmful large-scale agriculture will help preserve the earth’s ecosystems and natural resources. Hydroponics is a method of farming that is shown to use considerably ...

The Meat of the Matter: Behavioral Science Nudges for a More Sustainable Diet

  • Princeton University (NJ)

Current levels of global population growth and meat consumption are putting unprecedented demand on agriculture and natural resources. From a sustainability standpoint, the environmental impacts of excess meat consumption, coupled ...

Food Lab Compost Project

  • West Chester University of Pennsylvania (PA)

This project aims to reduce food waste produced by the West Chester University Food Lab. First, food scraps from the the Food Lab are collected in a sealed bin. Then ...

Renewable Energy for Campus Facilites Services

  • Black Hills State University (SD)

Demonstrating the effectiveness of the use of renewable energy at low costs in campus facilities services vehicles will help Black Hills State University reach its carbon and waste reduction goals ...

UC Merced's 1st Annual Earth Month Celebration

  • University of California, Merced (CA)

Earth Month was an opportunity for UC Merced organizations and departments as well as Merced Community members to come together in an effort to increase student engagement with our campus ...

Dismantling a local School to Prison Pipeline with Education for Sustainable Development

  • University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (TX)

UTRGV’s collaboration with an alternative school and its subsequent integration of education for sustainable development has been transformative for the country’s most vulnerable and marginalized youth.

Armed guards ...

Northwestern University Comprehensive Building Energy Data Audit

  • Northwestern University (IL)

Northwestern University is committed to fostering environmental and ethical stewardship. The University’s Strategic Sustainability Plan establishes a vision for reducing environmental impacts. In terms of the University’s built ...

The Efficacy of Third-Party Certifications and Memberships: Bridge to Institutional Sustainability at Colleges and Universities

  • Messiah College (PA)

This study researches the effects of third-party certifications and memberships on decision-making pertaining to environmental practices at higher education institutions (HEIs). A survey containing up to 22 questions was sent ...

Students' Perception of and Engagement with Sustainability at Humber College

  • Humber College (ON)

ProjectSustainability aims to explore Humber College students’ perception of sustainability, and their engagement with the Office of Sustainability - including the effectiveness of current sustainability initiatives, as well as improvement and ...

Implementation of a Green Labs Program in Campus Laboratories

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham (AL)

UAB Green Labs Program is an institution-wide, voluntary program designed to reduce the university’s carbon output while simultaneously reducing operation costs of research buildings. The program accomplishes its goals ...

Michigan Tech Sustainability Demonstration House

  • Michigan Technological University (MI)

The goal of Sustainability Demonstration House (SDH) project is to retrofit the former University President’s residence, built in 1953, titled the Kettle-Gundlach Building into a sustainability demonstration house. The ...

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Upgrade Project

  • Northwestern University (IL)

Northwestern University is committed to fostering environmental and ethical stewardship. The University’s Strategic Sustainability Plan establishes a vision for reducing the University’s environmental impacts. In the area of ...

Adding Recycling into Individual Offices

  • South Dakota State University (SD)

2017-2018 has been the year of recycling for South Dakota State University. We looked at recycling levels and determined there was room for improvement. It was determined that availability of ...

Where does it go? Composting at GWU

  • George Washington University (DC)

In February 2018, the George Washington University’s Office of Sustainability and Campaign GW embarked upon a new, risk-taking endeavor to expand access to composting and sustainable food waste across ...

  • Posted May 8, 2018
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Earth Week at Universidad de Monterrey

  • Universidad de Monterrey (NL)

During Earth Week at UDEM, students and staff have the change to participate in different workshops, keynotes and activities that promote the three main topics for this year's Earth ...

Northwestern Promotes Recycling during Earth Month

  • Northwestern University (IL)

Northwestern University celebrates Earth Month throughout April. One of the highlights of the month is Mount Trashmore, and event that calls attention to the amount of waste generated on campus ...

Arbor Day Tree Planting

  • University of Illinois at Chicago (IL)

UIC is a Tree Campus USA and on crisp, cool and sunny morning, we celebrated Arbor Day with many UIC students, staff, faculty, and other tree enthusiasts. We planted two ...

Emory Pollinator Protection Program

  • Emory University (GA)

Concerned about the plight of bees and other pollinators, which are essential for two-thirds of the food crops we eat every day, Emory University developed a comprehensive Pollinator Protection Commitment ...

Making Bike Powered Smoothies on Earth Day

  • University of Iowa (IA)

On Earth Day, The University of Iowa Office of Sustainability set up a bike with a blender attachment at the Iowa Physicians for Social Responsibility's Earth Day event at ...

Earth Tones - Earth Day Concert and Expo

  • Appalachian State University (NC)

Appalachian State hosts an annual "Earth Tones" concert, with bands powered by solar panels, on the Duck Pond Field. Sponsored by ASUSES, the festival includes representatives from the SDSA, ASUREI ...

Trash Fashion Show 2018

  • Appalachian State University (NC)

Appalachian State and community partners put on a Trash Fashion Show in the new university/Community HOW space. The designers made clothing from items that would have otherwise been discarded ...

Green Industries Career Fair!

  • Suffolk County Community College (NY)

During the Month of April Career Services and Office of Sustainability joined together to host a Career specific Job Fair, called “Green Industries Job Fair”. Our goal was to connect ...

  • Posted April 30, 2018
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Greener Grant Week! Earth Week 2018

  • Suffolk County Community College (NY)

A week of Earth Day Events!

Students watched a seed library demonstration and then were able to take home whichever seeds they pleased. They also planted sunflower seeds. Volunteers for ...

  • Posted April 30, 2018
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PCC Earth (Extended) Week events across the district!

  • Portland Community College (OR)

A look at a couple great moments from this years extended Earth Week! There were so many events, service projects, and good times to choose from that I'm going ...

  • Posted April 30, 2018
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Earth Day 2018 at Chemeketa Community College

  • Chemeketa Community College (OR)

Earth Day 2018 as put on by the Associated Students of Chemeketa with support from Student Retention and College Life, and Chemeketa Sustainability.

We want to thank our exhibitors: 350 ...

  • Posted April 26, 2018
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DePauw University hosts Earth Week keynote Ian Cheney, filmmaker and founding member of FoodCorps

  • DePauw University (IN)

DePauw University's Earth Week keynoter, Ian Cheney, is a founding member of FoodCorps, a food justice nonprofit focused on equitable access to healthy food in public schools, and a ...

  • Posted April 26, 2018
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Earth Day 5k

  • DePauw University (IN)

Participants at DePauw University's Earth Day 5K ready to start the race. Students and community members participating in the DePauw University Earth Day 5K. Participants at the finish line ...

  • Posted April 26, 2018
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Suffolk County Community College's Arbor Day Celebration!

  • Suffolk County Community College (NY)

Celebrating being recognized as a Tree Campus USA for the second year in a row. Students gathered as the award was presented to the Campus Dean. They then took advantage ...

  • Posted April 26, 2018
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Sorority Volunteers at Environmental Racism Panel, UW-Madison

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (WI)

As part of Earth Week, UW-Madison Office of Sustainability (OS) and Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated partnered to present a documentary screening of Slawomir Grünberg's "Fenceline: A Company ...

  • Posted April 25, 2018
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Bike Ride for Earth Week, UW-Madison

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (WI)

As part of Earth Week on the UW-Madison campus, the Office of Sustainability partnered with the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin to run a ride that focused on teaching safe biking ...

  • Posted April 25, 2018
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